Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Earth Browser (Google)

This program in totally addicting, earth.google.com . I thought it was just me being a Geek, but I showed my buddy who does a lot of Enduro racing and he could not be pulled away from the computer. You are amazed by first the detail that you can see house, roads, mountains, etc.. After you find your house and your friends and family you start to really notice the features that it has and can be download to you computer. GPS, Elevation, distance, locations and these are the ones that I find useful. There is city and state boundaries, gas stations, directions, water ways, you will find yourself spending hours with the FREE version and for $20+ you can get a more advanced version. I could keep going and for the ones that are saying what does this have to do with Fitness technology, imagine printing out your whole routes and marking then up keeping a binder and referencing them. Yea this is cool.

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