Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let There Be Light, A Lot Of LIGHT! Trail LED

Well biking in the daytime is of course the best way to ride the trails, unless you have a TrailLED. Let's just say that daytime is now anytime you switch this head mounted light system on. The downfall is the price $1200, ouch, the cost of the sun ain't cheep.

The Halo is quite simply the most revolutionary bike light on the market in both design and output.  The Halo houses ten of the highest performing CREE LEDs available and emits a wicked 6000 lumens.   (In fact, it is so bright that you should probably have to sign a waiver .)  We deliver those 6000 lumens in a solid, anodized aluminum light-body weighing less than 200 grams.  We have maintained tight control over both output and color temperature to give you maximum output with the best color rendition available in the industry.

The unique, low-profile, arched design and multiple lenses of the Halo produce what we like to call MPSD (multi-point shadow definition), rendering unparalleled depth perception.   The unique integrated mounting system also allows unmatched flexibility and convenience in mounting.  And if all of that isn't enough, our battery packs boast a 1:1 charge ratio, meaning you only need two battery packs to run continuously.

With all Trail Led lights, no compromises have been made in materials, design or construction.  Trail Led lights are all handmade in the USA, by bikers for bikers.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Iron On Micro Fiber Lens Cleaner, AMAZING!

Well the Holidays will rush in great products, PhotoJoJo micro fiber lens cleaner will not disappoint. Carrying around cloths to wipe your glasses, phone, iPad is a bit annoying, now all you need to do is iron one into your bag, shirt, pants, etc..

A lens cleaning cloth is like gym motivation – it just never seems to be there when you need it.

The Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches are totally here for you in your time of need. These fun patterned patches easily iron on to your duds, so you can rock that cleaning power at all times.

The extra soft micro fiber material is way better for your lenses than whatever scratchy (albeit stunning) shirt you have on.

Simply iron the patch onto the inside of your favorite sweatshirt, camera bag, coat or tie and use it whenever you need to clean up your lenses or phone.

Iron one to your favorite sweatband, and clean your lens before that gym mirror selfie. Use the patch to wipe the smudges off your phone screen obsessively every five minutes, finally!

If only gym motivation was this accessible.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Titin weighted Compression Gear!http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0300/7993/t/1/assets/logo.png?3158

Meet the worlds only weighted compression gear. The TITIN Force™ Shirt System is a three part hyper gravity system. The first part of the system is weighted hydro-gel inserts. The second part is a 14-pocket inner compression shirt. The third part is the outer compression shirt. Gels are strategically placed over large muscle groups evenly distributing the weight throughout the upper body.

The TITIN Force™ Shirt System  can help boost the efficiency of workouts, improving speed, balance, endurance, and vertical leap.

The TITIN Force™ Shirt System allows you to move naturally without stressing or abusing your body’s joints and can be worn during most workouts and training programs. The TITIN Force™ Shirt System can also be heated or cooled for use during or after workouts. The hydro-gel inserts will stay hot or cold for 35-45 minutes.

Product features: Provides HyperGravity Training experience - Helps improve speed, endurance, strength, vertical leap - Can be worn heated or cooled - Made with moisture-wicking A.M.Y.® antimicrobial materials to block odor & germs. (TITIN Force™ Shirt System)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Qlipter, Clip To Anything!

This simple device is what everyone wants. Simple and just like a bathroom stall, you can hook and hang just about anything, weight restrictions apply.

  • Hang your backpack, lantern or gear off the ground when you're outdoors.
  • Hang your bag over a chair or off of a table when you're out on the town.
  • Keep your luggage bundled together when you're traveling.
  • Keep your tools close when you're working.  
  • Hang your diaper bag off of your stroller, shopping cart, diaper table or bathroom door when you're out with the kids.  
  • Use the tapered nose of the qlipter for narrow openings when they are all you have available for your stuff.  

Best Gift Guide Around, GP100!

Excellence, innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering desire to challenge expectations.

Trending is our new religion. Not that anyone should act surprised. The desire for understanding amidst an unprecedented explosion of new information is natural. It’s what separates us from everything else with a metabolism. For a species supposedly#doomed to forget the lessons of history, there’s also a comfort in systematically mining the past and present for a hazy peek at the future. It’s proof to ourselves that we’re finally paying attention.
Some of it has tangible value for sure, but just how much of our faith should we place in the hands of the hive mind? It’s a question we circled often while honing the second annual edition of the GPI00 — our own salute to products that embody “excellence, innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering desire to challenge expectations.”
Reinforcing the “smart” and “crowd-funded” narratives saturating the headlines today would have been easy. If you browse through this year’s winners, though, we hope you’ll walk away with a different point of view on the world of gear in 2014. Some of our picks stubbornly eschew progress out of homage for the past. Others brashly dismiss what’s established or venerated in pursuit of something bigger. What unites them both is an understanding that all great ideas deserve to be pursued to their full potential, regardless of whether they align with the whims of the many. It’s the difference between creating movements and following them.