Friday, February 26, 2010

Training Peaks

Outside magazine, America’s leading active-lifestyle publication, today announced that it will launch the Outside Fitness Planner, an interactive web/mobile fitness and training tool powered by The new program will allow readers to access the same expert health and fitness advice they have come to rely on from Outside Magazine along with world-class tools to track exercise, diet and map routes.

To create the Outside Fitness Planner, Outside collaborated with some of the world’s top coaches to develop a series of one-of-a-kind, comprehensive fitness regimens. The fitness programs will be delivered to users directly through a variety of platforms –via email, text, and online— offering flexibility and freedom to follow a plan no matter where you are. Training programs range from ‘how to train for a marathon’ to ‘how to get in the best shape of your life’. In addition, diet and exercise plans designed by renowned experts will be available. Outside readers can also upload workouts from more than 80 popular GPS, heart rate, pace and power tracking devices; search, map and share routes; track and plan nutrition; and get daily emails with their next day’s planned workout.

“By combining our award-winning health and fitness content with, our readers have access to the same unparalleled software tools used by our favorite athletes and coaches to track their progress and monitor their overall fitness,” said Outside’s editor, Christopher Keyes. “It’s the perfect platform for achieving any fitness goal, whether it’s just trying to get back in shape or attempting to set a new personal best in a marathon.”


Friday, February 19, 2010

MyNextFit - Keychain Trainer

MyNextFit is changing the way that we exercise. Some of us have iPods, some employ trainers, we watch DVD's, this is all of those wrapped into one. This is great and getting closer to capturing the essence of getting into shape.

The NextFit Keychain Trainer is the world's first anywhere, anytime personal trainer.

Using the Keychain Trainer is simple: plug it into any internet-connected computer, and you're instantly connected to the first-ever technology behind NextFit, with dozens of coaches, thousands of exercises, and millions of possible workouts.

Each new session is automatically loaded to your Keychain Trainer for you. You just put on the headphones, press play on the Keychain Trainer, and listen as your trainer guides you to your fitness goals.

Since it's based on exclusive "Dynamic Media Production" technology, your Keychain Trainer creates each workout instantly, and adapts each day's session based on whether you're working out at home or at the gym, or whether you thought the last session was too easy or too difficult.

Put simply, you have to hear it to believe it; it's like having a fitness DVD that's different every time you play it. And this technology is patent-pending and exclusive to NextFit.

The technology inside NextFit is so unique, it's patent pending:

> The smart system inside NextFit recreates the actual experience
and expertise of having your own personal trainer

> Each session is custom-tailored for your day-to-day needs,
whether you're a beginner or a pro (your trainer even calls you
by name)

> 8 patents pending on the technology inside NextFit

What really makes NextFit special is that you get access to the best trainers and coaches in the industry:

> You can get fit with "America's Trainer" Kathy Smith, David Kirsch
(who trains Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway), running guru Jeff
Galloway, and dozens more "best in the world" coaches

> More than 2,500 exercises, hundreds of kinds of equipment, and
150,000 audio clips form the world's largest audio exercise library

> Unlimited access to every fitness category, from walking to weight
training to yoga
Your NextFit sessions are combined with fun, energizing music:

> NextFit includes over 100 tracks of professionally-
engineered fitness music

> No more boring workouts; just relax, move to the beat,
and enjoy your sessions

> Studies show your body actually works better with
music: you burn more calories and lose more weight

The end result is that NextFit makes it fun to start moving and get fit. Just follow your trainer, listen to your music, and reach your goals; it's that simple!

Bobble Bottle

Bobble aims to make water better and become the Britta of sports/water bottles. A great idea why wait for water to filter then pour into a bottle, just fill and go. It is also BPA free and reusable, how nice.

With it only costing $9.95 for an 18.5oz, what do you have to lose, when normal water cost $2 at WAWA. They say you should replace the filter after 40 gallons thats 640oz 34.59 refills. so at roughly $2 for 24oz that is 26.66 bottles @ $2=$53.00 seems like a savings.
Really you can't loose.

GoBandit GPS camcorder

Pretty clever, camera do the gps tagging so guess what time for GoBandit GPS camcorder. Hey when you get old and don't remember where you have been this might come in handy.

High Definition 720P (1280x720 Pixels) @ 30 fps
Standard Definition (640x480 Pixels) @ 30 fps

5 Megapixel, automatically at 2 or 5 second intervals

5 Megapixel CMOS image sensor 1/2.5''

Fixed Focus glass lens rotatable 135° Angle of view

20 channel low power SirfStar III GPS receiver

Speed: +/- 0.3km/h
Altitude: +/- 15m

2GB included
Removable SD, SDHC compatible

Removable Lithium-ion Battery 3.7V, 1200mA
Recording: up to 2hs (720P recording)
Charging via USB
Charge time: 4hs (average)

105 x 62 x 34mm (NEED INCHES SPEC)


IPX7 (immersed 1m under water for 30 minutes)

MAC/WIN gobandit wizard to cut video, apply skins and share video

gobandit GPSHD action camcorder, 2GB memory, helmet/flat-surface mount, rechargable Battery, USB-cable

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Napper – Sleeping In Public Hooded Shawl With Earphones and Bluetooth by Simone Wittmann � Yanko Design

Someone stole your bag, kids sitting next seat were screaming, the nap in the bus sucked and now you have a muscle pull in the neck! Ah so many reasons, but the situation still remains unresolved; how do you catch your forty winks during a commute? Easy, you need a Napper! It’s a set of comfy hooded shawl with concealed earphones (that work with Bluetooth), combined with a Bluetooth lock for your luggage, and NapApp. Intrigued? Hit the jump for more info…

Napper aims especially at sleeping in public transport.
It consists of a hood, whose padding makes it comfortable to lean against window panes.
It‘s wide cut and the scarf make it possible for you to shield yourself from the environment and create your own private cocoon.
Bluetooth headphones are integrated in the hood, which, together with software for the mobile phone, provide sound to fall asleep with.
The entire system is foldable into a compact bag and can be easily used for daily commuting as well as for longer.
The hood‘s inlay is padded with 3Mesh material, which has a soft cushioning effect and high shock absorption against the vibrating windows.
On the outer side of the headphones is covered in Sorbothane, a plastic foil which has noise absorbing properties.
Inside the hood, Napcap‘are integrated Bluetooth headphones which, together with the traveler’s mobile phone, play music, send the wake-up alarm and the warning signal, in case the traveler’s luggage is moved.
The headphones can easily be taken out of the hood, when you want to wash it.
Small LED lights on the headphones give information about the remaining battery life and Bluetooth connection. The headphones lithium-polymer-battery is charged via USB, which is integrated in the headphone and can simply be plugged into your computer. There is also a mini-jack on the headphones, if you want to use them with a device which doesn’t support Bluetooth.
To ensure a carefree sleep, the hood NapCap comes together with the luggage lock NapSecure. It doesn‘t only lock your luggage, but is connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If the luggage should be moved away from its owner further than one meter, he will be warned by an alarm on his headphones, his mobile phone and the lock itself.
The lock can be opened by using your mobile phone, but also through a mechanical lock, in case your battery is low or your phone is lost.
The Bluetooth lock is charged, same as the headphones, using an integrated USB port. The luggage lock and the headphones communicate via Bluetooth with the software NapApp which can be installed as well on touchscreen as on keyboard mobile phones.
Next to the control of the luggage lock, it contains a alarm clock which helps to wake up at according to your preferred time, location (if the mobile supports GPS) or sleep stage. With the help of a reaction game, which should be played directly after waking up, the software analyses how recreational your nap was and whether or not you should shorten or extend your next nap. Furthermore the software has a build in voice recorder, to capture the ideas you have just before dozing off.
Designer: Simone Wittmann

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

corbusBOARDS, Shaped Aluminum Boards

Boards shaped like fishes, skeletons and sea horses, oh and they are aluminum. You might not be doing a lot of tricks on them but cruising down the street, oh so cool.
Here’s the extra trick part: there are illuminated riser pads under the trucks to give the board an underglow effect at night.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So you have a bunch of old computer and not sure what to do with them, well take the drives out and plug them into PogoPlug and you can now connect, share, access those drives. What could be easier.

"Share Everything
The Pogoplug connects your USB drive to the Internet so you can easily share and access your files from anywhere.

The Pogoplug is the perfect accessory to your connected life. Imagine accessing all your files and media at home from any laptop or desktop computer, anywhere in the world, or sharing this content with friends and family without having to upload. There's even an iPhone application so you can always 'phone home' to get your files!

The 60 Second Setup
1. Connecting your Pogoplug is really that easy (opening the packaging may take longer than the install)! Once you connect it to your home network and your external hard drive, just visit our website to complete the installation. No need to configure ports, routers, IP addresses, firewalls, or any other complicated setup.

2. Plug your Pogoplug into a wall socket or power strip

3. Connect your Pogoplug to your router with the supplied network cable

4. Connect any external hard drive or memory stick to the USB port in your Pogoplug From your computer, go to and type in your unique Pogoplug registration code That's it! Your drive is now online and ready to use.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shackleton’s Whiskey Safely Recovered from Antarctic Ice at The Goat

Who doesn't want a sip of this, technology aside this should calm your nerves after a long day.

"A New Zealand beverage company has successfully recovered five crates of whiskey and brandy that were abandoned on Shackleton’s failed 1908-09 ‘Nimrod’ expedition to Antarctica. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Nimrod expedition?’ Who was their PR agency? The crates had been broken open by shifting ice and a few bottles were lost, but the recovery crew was surprised to find two cases of brandy alongside the three cases of whiskey they knew were there. I predict that some of these bottles will be sold at auction and bring in nearly $15k apiece. Then those people will drink them and die, but before they die, they’ll realize that Shackleton abandoned all the booze because it was poisonous."

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coolest Ski Goggles : Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS Goggles

Form besportier
"Some of the coolest ski goggles are definitely these Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS Goggles which combine function and style in a winning combo. These coolest ski goggles have been at the forefront of optic technology, especially in the manufacturing of ski goggles and with this latest product it seems like they will still be for quite a while to come. The Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS Goggles are the world's first direct to eye gps communications display ski goggle system which is able to supply you with altitude, speed, temperature, odometer, gps, time information and even a stop watch within your goggle's view. The integrated gps design is fully helmet compatible and permanent anti-fog. Buy these Zeal 2010 Transcend GPS goggles from $350."