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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bobble Bottle

Bobble aims to make water better and become the Britta of sports/water bottles. A great idea why wait for water to filter then pour into a bottle, just fill and go. It is also BPA free and reusable, how nice.

With it only costing $9.95 for an 18.5oz, what do you have to lose, when normal water cost $2 at WAWA. They say you should replace the filter after 40 gallons thats 640oz 34.59 refills. so at roughly $2 for 24oz that is 26.66 bottles @ $2=$53.00 seems like a savings.
Really you can't loose.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

LifeSaver Bottle

Best of the year 2007 Men Journal, that says something, LIFESAVER bottle – Solves Drinking Water Needs of India’s Flood Victims.
This is a great device PERIOD, not unlike the LifeStraw this is a bottle that has the filtration built in, it will remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine which leave a distinctive foul taste. Soldiers use this device, flood victims are using this, every household should have one of these.
The LifeSaver bottle could not be easier, dip, suck, filter, drink. Image below show how easy the process is.

Now go get one.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ultimate Survivor in a Bottle Kit

Not sure Bear Grylls carries one of these, but the rest of us should. Since it is shatter resistant it might not be BPA, but would you care if you needed this to survive, every thing has perspective.
Prepare for life's unexpected adventures with this compact survival kit – in a bottle.


1 32 oz. water bottle
1 carabiner
1 multi-function tool
1 multi-function whistle/compass
1 flashlight
2 batteries
1 survival blanket
2 hand warmer packets
1 candle
1 box of waterproof matches
1 emergency poncho
1 20 piece first-aid kit
1 reusable zipper-lock bag
This 32 oz. shatter resistant water bottle contains essential items for any emergency.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


OK summer is almost here and what better way to kick it off, no matter what your age, then a SUPER SOAKER. There are so many models to choose from, but when they start to look like Paintball guns you have to appreciate getting wet. Store up as many 2 Liter bottles as possible fill them with water and when one runs out screw your reserve on. No more running to a pool of water or facet to get things going again.
"Make almost any plastic bottle (not included) your water supply! No more trips to the hose for a recharge – fill as many plastic bottles as you can carry with clean, clear tap water. Attach bottles (up to two liters!) to the blaster and launch a soaking blast to targets up to 20 feet away with every pump! It’s non-stop soaking fun, anytime, anywhere!"
Also at $7.99 you can't lose just don't buy that triple shot mochachino at Starbucks for one day and problem solved.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Learn to Kayak

Kayak Paddling is a multi language, several chapters, just a wealth on information for the paddler in you from beginner to advanced. You would find a site like this on most corporate intranet sites, even Lynda but just for general knowledge, Kayak Paddling is incredible. Full flash based so it's just not one image to the next, the kayak actually bobs in the water. Each Chapter has many sub chapters that you can run right through. Explains boat dynamic, parts, nomenclature, even keyboard controls.
Just plain Awesome.

Friday, March 21, 2008

UV Water Treatment Device

Treating water while you are out and about just got a little easier. Remember when you had the old filter that you would suck up through a pump and into your container, well those days are done.
"The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier is a spectracidal treatment solution appropriate for use in all climates and settings. Campers, hikers, emergency crews, and families who depend on having clean water, depend on Aquastar. Using a pair of standard camera batteries, the AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier can safely and quickly treat a liter of water in about a minute. Lightweight -- less than 4 ounces (106 grams), rugged and simple one-button operatation, everyone should have an AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier packed in their survival kit.

Reduces bacteria and viruses through UV light deactivation."
Now you have know excuse not to be drinking water and staying hydrated.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drink from the Hudson

So you need a drink, and you are stuck in the urban jungle called NYC. Contrary to belief, city water nowadays is quite safe and clean to drink. What you smell and taste are trace minerals in pipes. It won’t kill you but the stigma is damning. The BottomsUp concept is a portable water purifier. You fill any PET type bottle with water, screw on the top and like Brita (or Pur), what comes out is a whole lot better tasting.

Now this is just a concept but everyone from kids to the elderly will own one if it really works. It seems to be better then spend a couple dollars on bottled water.