Thursday, July 28, 2016

TRAK, For A Runners Safety!

TRAK is a safety device that all runners should have with them. You never know and being prepared, today, is extremely important.
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TRAK is a patent pending, titanium knife designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of conditions or environment.  TRAK was originally created to be used as a back up dive knife for commercial divers entangled in fishing lines.  TRAK has been adopted by runners due to it being lightweight, easy to carry, and rust proof.  The new TRAK was born. 
At less than 1/2 oz, TRAK is the perfect choice for individuals with an active lifestyle that need an ultra lightweight knife. TRAK is the perfect knife for those running alone, biking, hiking, camping or just walking your dog.  Regardless of the environment, TRAK can handle it!  We found that TRAK not only came in handy in a marine environment, but found ourselves wearing it on our daily runs.  With TRAK, you're never alone.