Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping Track of your Training Online!

There are a truck load of online training programs, from Polar and Nike Plus so when Active Trainer emerges athletes should take notice. Active Trainer is a division of a website that athletes can search and register for events and activities, start online training programs or access nutrition, fitness and training tips.
With Active Trainer you get 24/7 online access to online training tools. Once you buy a training plan it dumps it into a calendar that you can manage.
Active Trainers Tools
• Easy to use calendar
• Detailed reporting
• Helpful training tools
• Daily email reminders (which is great)
You are in complete control of your training data using Active Trainer. Active Trainer gives you the tools to move, copy and delete workouts, add new workouts, and access training plans from the most respected coaches in the industry.
and more... Check it out!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nike Vision, these glass stay put!

I might be late to the game on seeing this, but no more glasses. I am in! I can't find the link on Nike but after doing a search I found the link from Sci Fi Tech, so thanks Now Nike in conjunction with Bausch & Lomb have developed special optics for athletes. They come in amber and green, both keep out UV rays but the amber lenses also filter out blue light, which is the part of the spectrum that has the most visual noise. Here is the catch you don't slip them on, they are contact lenses and you don't need a prescription.
Low Down
• Provides distortion free optics
• Covers your entire pupil, eliminating glare and enhancing contrast
• No frame or nose piece obstruction, no fogging or fit issues
• Blocks specific wavelengths or of light
• Filters out more that 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB

Here is the link to a free trial

Friday, June 15, 2007

Well now that Web 2.0 or Mashup has started to take off (not sure why now since bloggers have been doing this for quite sometime), sites like need to step it up a little. It is OK to tell us where the races are but when you have sites like Trimapper showing you where the races are, links to the website, hotels and a brief description of what type of triathlon is going on, all via Google maps. Now Trimapper get updates daily so if you do not see one that you know is coming up, go and add to their site.
About - Visual Triathlon Finder & Directory., the ultimate triathlon directory is providing a triathlon map that will help you locate local triathlon races or triathlons around the world. is powered by Google Maps to plot the races of all types. You are able to filter the triathlons by race distance/type (Ironman, Olympic, Sprint, Xterra,...), by race month, position the map on a geographical location, find near by hotels for each triathlon and automatically zoom in to the race site with a single click. The site currently has over 1100 triathlon races plotted on 6 continents from 54 countries.

As for Trimapper if they would like to team up with my idea Virtual TRI, I would gladly work with them. Well lets hope a meeting of the minds take place, until them use this site it's great and highly resourceful!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clif Bar for Kids ZBAR

OK, I know that this blog is about technology but I had to write this up.

The other day while in a food store I saw a overweight 8 year old girl and her very overweight mother standing in the deli line. The little girl was stuffing a muffin in her face, (I am saying this nicely as possible, so not to offend too many people) there was crumbs everywhere. The store was Whole Foods and it is one of the best places to shop for food. So this got me thinking that if we don't change the way that adults think about Obesity then kids are doomed before they can make their own choices.
So after a race awhile back I came across ZBAR for kids. Good ole Gary from CLIF, is starting to make healthy choices for kids. They even have the seal for USDA Organic along with SB19. Senate Bill 19 (SB19) is legislation that sets nutrition guidelines for California schools. I am not sure why this has not been mandated to all school systems, but it should!
Technology can always help and with many devices that are being developed to monitor heart rate, diabetes, etc., making sure kids and adults are exercising correctly can only help in the huge epidemic that healthcare and insurance companies are facing, OBESITY!!
Get your kids eating healthy. ZBAR from CLIF BAR, you have to start somewhere!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

iPhone and Training is it in Apple?

So the iPhone has released the date June 29, and I can't wait, now how are they going to work the Nike Plus into this little puppy, if they even have too. If or when they can connect the two boy will things get interesting, or should I say more interesting. A GPS, Google maps, Nike Plus tracking your millage, Map My Run so you have a place to store your runs and share with friends and community, wow I am sure I could keep going. Also they are opening it up to outside developers, so my idea of Virtual Tri can really take off (if you are interested in learning more, contact me at usiskin(Youknow)
So embrace this new standard set by Steve Jobs and the team at Apple, if anything love 'em, hate 'em, they have set the new standard many are trying to catch. From here on in how we store information and communicate and listen to music has changed.