Monday, February 27, 2006

onyerbike, the first folding full suspension bike

The first folding full suspension bike that only weights 36 pounds, not bad considering most full suspension bikes weight about the same. The onyerbike is made out of aluminum, firstly it provides the rider with a comfortable and safe ride over varying terrains and secondly it reduces the vibration and impact on the hinged frame. The Hawk the top of the onyerbike line has Teny Rims, Top Gun lock out adjustable fork, Kind Shock air suspension, Sram 27 speed cassette gears, Sram X9 trigger shifters, Shimano Accera front deraileur, Maxxis High Roller Semi Slick tires and a slew of other components. I have to say the folding bikes of the past have just been put out to the trash after seeing this puppy.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Powerweb Technology - Adidas

Thanks to Gizmag for blogging on this cool suit. Adidas is really starting to lead the way in technology improving exercise. In the past year Adidas has worked with Polar to bring the heart rate and mileage counter into one device that you wear. As I was reading this story about Powerweb technology this takes it to another level.
Innovative Technology "Powerweb bands link the legs and the upper body with the powercentre of the body. Through the interaction of all muscles, greater efficiency is achieved –the athletes feel a support function which automatically helps them to maintain a more upright position. The Powerweb technology serves as energy management. TPU power bands embodied in the suit along key muscle groups contract and expand together with the muscles and thereby store energy when stretching and return this energy again when contracting back. adidas equipped athletes will compete in the Turin with a completely newly designed range. Instead of having the classical Three Stripes the number "3" will be used as a new design element. By using a row of "3's" in a playful and creative way, the originator of this collection is clearly adidas."
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Performance Work Gear: gorging Gloves

Battery heated gloves, hand warmers, what ever happened to when you were a kid that you blew in your gloves to warm your hands. Well Gorgonz has gotten this version of their work gloves right! It has a vent on the top to release heat and sweat. Xhale Gloves provide extreme duty protection but still allows you to get the job done, you can even blow into the glove while still wearing them. They even have a sweat wipe and the palm of the glove has tactility for gripping, plus they have work hats, work shirt and ear warmers for the extreme conditions that we all find ourselves in, well done guys.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

d3o Shock Resistant Suit

Watching the Olympics they mentioned some cool technology, d3o is a specially engineered material that on impact attaches to itself, to absorb the impact energy. When a skier crashes the molecules bond together, this is way beyond "tech" stuff, this is pure wild stuff. Some of the applications that d3o is being used for is shoes, soccer gloves, hats and body suits used in skiing by Spyder.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Map My Run

It seems that right after the turn of the year all these tracking sites are popping up all over the web. The one that I seem to find the best right now is MapMyRun. You can search by your address and with Google Maps map out your run. If you register you can then share your routes with other. The site also allows you to view others routes, you can print, comment, copy and add it to your files. What I do like about the site is that you can upload your data from a GPS, also it has a workout calculator this allows you to calculate you workouts status for runs or walks. From your sex, age, weight, height, time, avg. pace, avg. speed and calories burned it will calculate your stats based on that run, this is a great feature. It is still in demo mode so it is all free, right now.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Body Bag, SELK'BAG

Ever felt like a mummy when you are in a sleeping bag, I have! I am calling this sleeping bag a body bag, Selk'bag has come out with it, who is this you ask, I don't know, I would have figured Mountain Hardwear would have thought of this and maybe they had but figured no one buy it. Well the time might be right and people will buy. The body bag is a sleeping bag that is like slipping into a Michelin Man suit. It has cinches in the right place to keep everything in place. Special thanks to The Cool Hunter for providing the link.
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Monday, February 06, 2006

White Instruments, Compass Connection

Well this is a post about old technology, I had an old Danforth Gunthrope compass and I let my wife use it for a demonstration and well it ended up broken. Now this was 30 years old and came off a Cal 40 sailboat, it was mostly catching dust and mine was powdered coated black. I had just cleaned it off and was thinking that it would look great in a coffee table, since the light illuminated red. So trying to find someone that could fix it was a trying ordeal, well my wife found Ridge White of Robert E. White Instruments since 1961 and he is fixing the compass. The problem was that he was not sure he could find 6" glass, they are made of acrylic today, Robert came through and found a 6" glass ball. So if you are looking for any sort of sailing instrument, this is my full endorsement to buy trust Robert White.
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Winter Riding Gloves: SealSkinz

Waterproof, breathable, close-fitting gloves recommended for cold weather riding. SealSkinz are suitable for cycling, walking, climbing, golfing, riding, canoeing, motorcycling, sailing, fell running, orienteering, gardening, fishing, rowing, caving, backpacking and general wear and tear. I have tried many gloves but these seem to stick to you hands like a second skin. Riding in the winter you need SealSkinz, they have socks, gloves, mittens and hats, I am sure that if the rest of their product line is like their gloves, you will be completely satisfied.
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