Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bone Exercise Monitor: Osteoporosis

We all know people that are getting old and Osteoporosis effects over 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan alone. This amazing little beauty help keep track of your bone exercise. You ask what is bone exercise, it is any form of daily physical activity were your body is moving and working, jump, jog, run or walk, these are all good for your bones. The device is a small unit that you wear from one activity to the next. Recording the data that is useful for physicians, physical therapists and fitness instructors as it offers a new method to follow up, instruct and motivate women to engage in bone exercise. Check it out. NewTest

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SlopeTracker GPS Ski Tracking

Heading to Park City, Copper, Keystone or Telluride to carve some powder if so then make sure you pick up SlopeTracker so that you can tell how many runs that you have made and where you have been on the slopes. GPS technology has become small enough and developers are coming out of the woodwork. You pick up the armband and start tracking detailed statistics of your time on the mountain or lodge. At the end of the day return the 3-oz armband and receive a poster quality frame ready printout of your days statistics. Here is what is tracked, number of runs, vertical footage, distance, top speed, steeps, hours resting, calories burned, difficulty rating (based on the trails skied), run details and database comparison. See examples, check it out SlopeTracker

Monday, November 28, 2005

Outdoor Sports Computer

Well another great device for monitoring outdoor activity, FRWD started by a couple of Fins, the inventor was left behind by his Mt. Bike buddies, thinking he was in great shape he started to think about how he could improve, what went wrong, how he could compare results from one workout to the next. FRWD is an Outdoor Sports Computer, it show and records all information geared towards exercise.
"This is how it’s done:
1) Record the information with the FRWD Recorder Unit.
2) Wear the Heart Rate Transmitter Belt to collect heart rate data.
3) Look at performance graphs and numbers real-time on your mobile phone with the FRWD Mobile Player software.
4) Relive, replay, analyze and compare sport performances afterwards on your computer with the FRWD Replayer PC Software."
It even has a mobile player through Nokia, who in my opinion is pushing the ground in mobile technology and sports, any way check it out.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Nalgene Coffee Press

I am really surprised with all the coffee drinkers that exercise and really enjoy their morning jolt that this was not thought of sooner. Working in the dot com age I had a French press and was turned on to good coffee, I wish that I had one of these. I have 4 Nalgene bottles, this is one gift that I am going to give and if not get, buy. Press-Bot is the first and only coffee press for the Nalgene water bottle. No need for a separate coffee press, just carry this little add on and boil hot put the coffee into the Nalgene bottle, insert the Press-Bot press and then we all know what to do after that, enjoy good coffee while on the trail. Check it out. PRESS-BOT

Monday, November 21, 2005

NEMO AirSupported Tents

I know that most of you are thinking that this might be full of hot air, well from what I have read and the awards that Nemo has won that well they might have something here. Nemo is also Times best invention 2005 award winner. So how does it work and does it, well there are no rods to assemble the tent with, throw it on the group us the pump provided to save time or do it yourself in a little more time and you are done. "The heart of NEMO AirSupported Technology is the use of patent pending twin-shell redundant airbeams to create remarkable strength and reliability at very low pressures. Every airbeam has a rugged outer fabric which gives it its shape and strength and a stretchy inner bladder which holds the air. Redundant means that the airbeam is actually a pair of inflatable beams, allowing you to disconnect a damaged beam and still enjoy a good night's sleep." Check it out

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Again another must have for any serious athlete that is pushing themselves to the next level of fitness. The Ski Speedometer is the only product to measure ground and speed distance for snow sports. It has a multi-purpose radar sensor for sledding, skiing or cross country skiing. Here is a list of some of the features, Speed, distance, heart rate, wireless coded RF transmission, 3 speeds mode, calorie counter and a huge list of other feature. Check it out Silva USA

Friday, November 18, 2005

Weather Station: Outside or Gym

Talk about helping an athlete out, it's dark, cold, snowing, raining or just miserable out, here on the east coast. If you are like other fitness buffs, you get up early to exercise whether it at the gym or running outside. Well Oregon Scientific has made it a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning. They have come out with the Complete, Real-Time Regional Weather Data Without Sensors. This thing is great, as we know or don't Fossil and MSN Direct came out with a watch that updates itself using radio waves. A nice idea but not for a watch, MSN has now teamed up with Oregon Scientific giving athletes a chance against the weather. You can now wake up and get a good picture of what is happening in your area, so that you can plan your fitness/training goal for the day. "This weather console uses the MSN Direct service to receive regional weather information without the use of any outdoor sensors. For the first time, weather enthusiasts can get real-time, 3-day weather forecast information, including the chance of precipitation. By just plugging in the weather station within specified MSN Direct coverage areas, users can receive regional wind, rain, temperature, humidity, and even NWS warning information from MSN Direct’s FM signals." To see if you have coverage in your area, then check out the weather station and a boat load of other cool devices offered from Oregon Scientific

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


reddot design award winner 2005 and I can see why, how many of you have had cold privates in the winter, run with socks in your pant, extra padding, well this should help. X-UnderGear have thought of everything from the "ribs" that protect knees from the cold even when they are bent. In contrast to conventional underwear, X-UnderGear can effectively prevent loss of heat from the elbows and knees. "X-UnderGear is the first underwear worldwide to incorporate 37°CCR-Technology. This technology is based on the observation that the body consists of different climate zones that react differently to physical exertion. Whereas some areas are highly prone to hypothermia (e.g. thighs, knees, calves), others quickly produce excess heat. Accordingly, this means the body has to regulate its heat balance differently in these different zones in order to
maintain an optimal core temperature of 37°C. For example, some areas typically perspire heavily and others quickly feel cold, while others do not." Check it out

Monday, November 14, 2005

Endless Pool, Swim in Place

This takes a turn on the regular "technology" post dealing with fitness currently viewed but I thought this was worth mentioning. I have seen this in the magazines and even read about it in the New York Times, you can swim endlessly in place without turns, counting laps and dealing with the crowds. You can adjust the in speed from a gentle flow to a racer's pace by simply turning a knob, as you advance turn it up. The Standard System includes an 8'x15' free standing Pool (7' x 14' x 39" swim area), 5 HP stainless-steel Water Propulsion System, Water Quality System (cartridge filter, circulating pump, timer, 5.5 kw electric heater, pool water purifier), Floating Thermal Cover, Dark Blue Liner, Pool Vacuum, and Aqua Aerobics Exercise Bar. They even have testimonials from triathletes, Tim DeBoom, Barb Lindquist, Heather Fuhr, Ken Glah: and Nicole DeBoom to name a few. Check it out.
Endless Pool

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hit the Wall: Adjustable Boxing Glove

These designer out of the UK are doing some pretty cool work, here is one by designer Robert Jones, he has come up with a device that can be used anywhere against any service. As most men out there can relate, hitting a wall is so satisfying, imagine being able to do so without breaking your hand, well this device called Junzuki Boxing System allows you to do that. It gives you the feeling of striking a heavy bag, the glove has sensors in it, the device can also be calibrated to suite multiple users. Check it out
designer Robert Jones

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Snowboard system (Nokia): Map it

Another device that I want for the holiday, being able to find my way around the ski slope without having to be at a map point somewhere on the mountain. "A snowboarding system designed for Nokia, which enables riders to download maps to a flexible screen where the location of other riders can be viewed via GPS. All images taken or received can be viewed either on the screen or on the goggle lens itself. All commands and calls are carried out verbally through the zip and received through wireless digital headphones."
My thoughts are that if you use social GPS your friends can then all show up on the screen. Cool stuff way to go.
designer: Ben Cornelius

Monday, November 07, 2005

Windsurfing Speedometer

Well this is great I am not sure why no one has thought of this sooner, hey never to late. It is a device that attaches to the back of you windsurfer and a digital readout on your arm (like a watch). "The sensor unit mounts to the rear of the board, with a small paddle wheel trailing in the water. The speed of the board is then updated on the large display strapped to the upper arm." Not to bad! I guess if I buy the Garmin ForeRunner 301 it might do the same thing. I like this device, called the "Saber" because it's simple, attaches right to the board so the only thing you need to remember is the digital readout that you wear on your arm. Pretty cool, this goes in my basket of cool toys to have.
designer Michael Rees

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cateye Commuter

I came across some cool technology that in the next couple of post that I will share but the Cateye Commuter is great for those who bike to work or bike everywhere and since here in the northeast the time change has made commuting a bike light and flasher a must on your bike, here is how it works, a wireless RF cycle indicator & backlight system. Commuter allows the rider to communicate turn signals clearly as well as increasing the cyclist's visibility. Now this iscompletelyy a design comp but I am hoping that a company picks it up soon, based on the response that I got before I did the post "I want one" was the first thing out ofeveryone's mouth. Designer Jane Cheung way to go.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The 70's with a iPod shuffle twist

Not a bad idea if the iPod shuffle came out in the 70's. I think the concept is a good and can be applied to other devices like helmets and hats, but not headbands. This would be great to see someone in the gym wearing the uSport. Ok this is simple a headband like they wore when playing racketball with the iPod shuffle attached to the back in neoprene, with headphones built in. As the site claims, it is the "first iPod Shuffle headband accessory on the market" and I am sure there are reasons why! Maybe I am wrong, and this is the next thing big thing. uSport

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let me Enter Train you: The Entertrainer

Not sure how to start this post, I could go into how fat america is, how we are consumed by TV, fast food, movies and video games but that would be stating the obvious. I could talk about the healthcare business and obesity being in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year, so I won't, what I will do is tell you about this little device that does not take you away from the things that you love to do but makes you want to do them more because you have too, if you want to continue. What is this you ask well it is called the Entertrainer, great name and idea, it is a heart rate monitor and device that hooks up to your TV. Simple idea if your heart rate drops below the programed beats per minute then the TV shuts off.
"Here’s how it works…
Set TheEnterTrainer® to the exercise program you want (Fat Burn, Cardio, Aerobic or any doctor approved workout regimen).  Strap on The EnterTrainer® heartrate monitor (an $89 value – included!).  Then start exercising.  This ingenious fitness device samples your heartrate and controls your TV in direct relation to your workout goals.  Not working hard enough – the volume goes down…and if you don’t get back on target the TV turns off!"