Monday, October 31, 2005


Burton, leading the way to how to use the latest technology (what's hot) and built it into their products. From helmets, jackets that control the ipod and Bluetooth built in, their newest release is the RONIN ESPIONAGE JACKET, bullet proof and made for the cold war counter-intelligence, it has a low profile digital camera to give some more of the 007 feel. A interrogated vest that's removable, an oversized game pocket on the upper back and a Welded Sound/Communication Pocket. Another well thought out great product from a company on the cutting edge. Burton

Friday, October 28, 2005

Nike and Adidas going mainstream

Well millions of dollars, more importantly millions of people wanting your product for things other than playing sports. They want to look as though they are playing sports. Nike and Adidas have a real foot hold in the sporting market so why not try to capture the whole market. I prefer Adidas so I will talk about their fashion plate symbol, Stella McCartney, who was awarded in june of 2004 the best Designer of the year in London, is now designing a line for Adidas. September 2004 Stella McCartney and Adidas announce a long term collaboration, a sports performance collection for women. The styles are fitting, technically advance from the fabric to physical performance. One part in particular is the Torsion system, which provided lightweight arch support while allowing the forefoot and rearfoot to move freely, much like Nike free. This activity-specific systems support the midfoot and serve as a platform for extended control. Adidas-Stella McCartney

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

CrankBrothers: Speed Levers

Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant, this lever works just like PEP boys taking the tire off of your car rim. You put in under your tire just like the old way, the brilliant part from there it bends back pops the tire off the rim and then stays under as you attach the other end to your hub. Spin in around and off comes the tire, no more pinch flats. To put the tire back on well do the opposite. CrankBrothers inspiration comes from some of the cutting edge companies, Apple, bang & olufsen, smart car and marc newson. Well done I must say, pick one up you will be surprisingly satisfied.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

WaterWear Shuffle: Swim Tunes

Little things make me happy, one of the hardest thing to do is train for a triathlon in a pool. Endless laps, flip turns and trying to keep count of your laps. I started to no care about the laps but time, and if I could listen to music while I swim, this would be great. TuneWear makes a portable case for Apple's Ipod Shuffle. Water proof and controls built into the case so that you can navigate not moving parts the case also adds a headphone isolator plug so that you get to use your own headphones. Made of hardened plastic, it is tough enough to be stepped on by an adult or even thrown against a wall. Check it out TuneWear

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Better than Insurance: STUFFBAK

Well with all the high tech goodies that are being bought, you think that someone would have thought of this sooner! Gold's gym and I am sure many other used to have this key faub, if you lost you keys then people could just mail them back to the gym and with the serial number on the faub, they were able to match who ever lost their keys. Well now you have this for all your devices, they advertise an-
ON THE GO PACK: A great introduction to StuffBak's service. Covers 5 essential items, from MP3 players to digital cameras to laptops. NEW! Free returns for 2 years! $9.95.
Once you get the StuffBak labels enter them at the site and you are done. Now they can't guarantee that people return your laptop but they will give you $20 if you do. I know it's hard to return a $3,500 Mac 17 inch laptop but hey some protection is better then none.
Check it out. StuffBak

Friday, October 14, 2005

A new dimension in cycling!

Well interbike has come and gone, and some new technology for biking has unfolded. Not only are the bikes better technology smarter but the prices have dropped, giving the consumer some great bang for their buck. By measuring power output in the bottom bracket, the Ergomo Sport allows you to ride and race with any wheels you want, no longer will you have to sacrifice performance in order to get your valuable racing data. It's not the cheapest solution Mavic has a pretty nice one also, but if you consider hiring a coach then this seems like a no brainier.
Ergomo Sport

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Breathing Resistance Exerciser

Training in high altitude increases your lung strength and capacity but not all of us live in the rockies. Well this little device helps with lung strength and capacity, just put it in your mouth like a snorkel and breath. To exercise, simply set the breathing resistance level with the adjustable valve, and then inhale, hold and exhale through the comfortable silicone mouthpiece. easy simple and cheap, yes cheap, $24.95 and a 30 day money back guarantee. Don't be fooled by the site, the product is what you are really after.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tracking Your Training Partner or Kids

Sometimes products cross over and find uses in different areas, being active with your kids will help decrease obesity in our country, obesity in kids and adults is reaching into the billions of dollars for our health insurance. If you are scared to have your children wondering outside then this device from Ion-kids could be the solution.
"Base Unit:
This small, easy to use device is used by the parent or guardian to monitor the location of the Wristag wearer. The Base Unit, a handheld device, allows parents to monitor up to four Wristags simultaneously.

This specially designed, tamper- and water-resistant bracelet is worn by the child. The Wristag is designed to be fun to wear and requires no interaction on the part of the child. ionKids Wristags adjust to fit snugly against your child's skin, and contain a strong locking mechanism that cannot be easily opened without a key, which comes with the Base Unit.

How They Work Together:
Wristags transmit a signal to the Base Unit from up to 350 feet when outdoors and up to 200 feet indoors. Because it uses a point-to-point wireless communication system, the ionKids Wristag does not rely on cell towers or satellites to locate your child-so cloud cover or a building's roof will not prevent you from finding your loved ones.

Additionally, every few seconds, ionTechnology simultaneously changes the transmission frequency, Wristag ID and corresponding information in the Base Unit, significantly reducing the chances that a third party can scan or monitor a child's Wristag. In addition, each communication between an individual Wristag and its Base Unit will be transmitted on a different frequency, making it possible for multiple Wristags to be used in the same close environment without transmission interference. "

Goto Ion-kids to see the falsh interactive demos and learn more about how to track your kids.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bike camping: THE BIKAMPER

Topeak has done it again, another wonderful and useful product the ultimate in biking/camping, the Bikamper. Pitching a tent was never so easy, hook up the rain fly to your seat the main tent hooks to the handle bars and everything extends from there. The materials are of the tent are constructed of light, durable and waterproofed 45D rip-stop nylon. The separate fly is made of a fully waterproofed 70D nylon construction, offering an additional layer of protection from the elements along with two ventilation windows that double as a skylight for a little star gazing. TOPEAK

Monday, October 03, 2005


Great concept from Times Ironman watches, puts the watch face in your natural line of site, just brilliant. Why did they not put a heart rate with it. I am not sure about you but I wear the heart rate monitor when I train and race, Timex has one of the best watches and interfaces with a GPS, why would they not try to make it work. The watch is designed to be worn on small, narrow part of wrist for optimal viewing at all times without turning your wrist, it has all the other Timex goodies, INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature, Water-resistant 100m and a slew of other features. This could be a great road racing watch for training I would rather use the Polar or Times Bodylink systems. Check it out. Ironman OVA