Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

Amok Draumr 2.0, Cool Sleeping Place

I love new cool stuff, especially when it changed the way you look at things. Camping for instance, the Amok Draumr is one of those changes. 
The presidental suite to nature´s own hotel, including an outstanding view. Wanna sleep with nature? Come hang with us!
Amok Equipment is an outdoor equipment company that redefines the way people camp.After being sold out to over 15 countries, the patent pending hammock, Draumr has now reached its second generation.
The idea behind Draumr was to create an adjustable bed you can take anywhere. Draumr is customized for outdoor sleeping and camping and it's only requirement is nature itself. Its adjustability quickly turns it into a recliner, bug free area or a flat bed, with or without tarp.

the second generation of our patent pending hammock comes in colors blue and green. Suspension and bug net included. Available with and without tarp.
Green (new) and blue
Hammock weight:
1.46 kg / 3.22 lb (without tarp)
2.05 kg / 4.52 lb (including tarp/stakes)
150 kg / 330 lb max weight
22 kN carabiners
Tree distance:
minimum 2.5 m, maximum 6 m.
Use of the hammock:
The hammock requires an inflatable sleeping pad - you can read about size recommendations here.
The hammock fits most people. We have created a foot bag that makes it comfortable for those as long as 190cm (large inflatable sleeping pad required). The maximum load is 150 kg / 330 lb. 
The hammock is intended for 1 person and normal use.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blue Freedom | The World's Smallest Hydropower Plant

Interesting, now I just need to get this for my house, wind powered. Not that you should be bringing your smartphone camping, enjoy the outdoors, but the concept is great.
Utilizing the power of flowing water, Blue Freedom produces portable energy to charge all your electric devices.