Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hearable and the Bragi, The Dash

The Dash has a touch sensitive surface that lets you control either what your smartphone or what the embedded music player does. You can control The Dash with sliding motions and taps. It is easy to do, even while running or biking.
While active noise cancellation is only good at reducing continuous reoccurring sound, noise isolation reduces all sounds. Active noise cancellation is good at reducing noise from the air-con and airplanes. Noise Isolation reduces noise from screaming kids, dogs barking, wife/husband yelling, airplanes, speeding cars, drunken sailors, neighbors playing basketball. Just about everything. Best thing is, that great noise isolation has increased battery time versus active noise cancellation.

Amazon Wearable Technology Store, Open for Business

It is now mainstream. Amazon is seeing the light and cashing in. Now go get your great deals, better if you are a Prime Member.

Monday, April 28, 2014

FreeWavz, Very Nice Earphones!

Whether they have been listening to my post or not, but FreeWavz, has gotten very close to making one of the best sports headphones out. One thing that is not clear from watching the video, where is the iPhone? Does it need to be with you?

Lets hope that it is phone free. I do wish they would send me one so that I could test it out. Maybe next time.
FreeWavz $199

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dreamscience Propulsion Thrusters, AMAZING!

Being unable to simultaneously control a power-kite and board, I figured a thruster system would be more controllable allowing me to focus my efforts on controlling the board.
The thruster system allows the user, not only to get more air in an extreme sport, but also get more forward speed - I've had to get friends to test this as I haven't got the bottle! And most impressive is uphill skiing and pulling up using reverse thrust to slow down !

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Non Technical, Amazingly Strong! Victorinox INOX

Victorinox Swiss Army is proudly launching a new product collection this year: INOX, one of the most trustworthy and resistant watches ever built. It is a true companion for life, crafted from a solid stainless steel block in homage to the 130-year heritage of Victorinox. Additionally protected by a removable bumper of nylon and silicone, it is built to pass the test of time. In total, the INOX has undergone and passed an unprecedented 130 homologation tests, 30 of which were conceived exclusively for it. These ensure, for example, that every INOX can withstand a 10-meter drop onto a concrete surface, or even have a 25-ton truck and a 64-ton Swiss Army tank drive over it! INOX supremely showcases the values ​​that have made the brand world-famous: quality, reliability and functionality in all conditions. To choose it is to enter into an enduring relationship of confidence and trust. INOX, the highest quality standards for ultimate functionality!
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