Monday, April 20, 2015

Torch T2 Bike Helmet With Integrated Lights

Great! Perfect!
Designer are producing great stuff. The Torch T2 is a perfect bike helmet for those who commute, live in a city or just going into town. It also has blinking red lights on the rear of the helmet as well.

Following the heritage of the T1, the T2 is the latest in cycling tech for urban commuters. It not only includes 10 integrated LED lights, but two rechargeable batteries offering up to 36 hours of continued use in a weather resistant design for safe riding in any type of weather, day or night!
The T2 helmet is fully CPSC and CE certified. We will also be using the funds of this campaign to test for the AS/NZS standards so that it will become available to the Australian market in 2015.
The T2 lighting system is protected by shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses. The lenses not only protect the LED lights from damage, but act as a diffuser making the rider just as visible from the side as the front or rear. The lenses also happen to be an integral part of the impact structure of the helmet's front and rear.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Garmin, Can They Kill GoPro

Garmin has a lot of ground to cover and the price is not going to help them. The good news is that there is another player in the market and they understand the playground. If nothing else this makes the market a little more choosy and hopefully easier to get into. Garmin is a trusted brand for many watches and GPS devices, so if the quality and care is put into the VIRB then you can bet that this will be a outstanding device. 

VIRB XE is the only HD action camera with G-Metrix™. So not only does it shoot rich, high definition video at 1080p60fps, it captures even more detail with G-Metrix sensors. Powered by Garmin GPS, G-Metrix allows you to track and overlay how fast, how far, how high, and how intense the action truly was.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


These watches are monsters, big, powerful and bullet proof, not that anyone would like to test that theory. Citizen has been making dive watches for awhile and they always are big and bad. Now with Eco-Drive, well no winding or batteries, perfect.

Ready, Set, Dive. CITIZEN® Promaster Aqualand 200 Depth Meter watch with 70M depth display, ISO compliant, 8h pusher maximum depth and 10h pusher reset, power reserve indicator and auto start dive mode you won't want anything else when headed to the ocean. Stainless steel case compliment the black polyurethane strap and black dial.

$950 0 buy now!