Friday, December 22, 2006

KtraK: Ultimate all-terrain Machine

Well if you thought that Mt. Bike season ended when the snow fell, wrong again. KtraK cycle has come up with a snowmobile looking device that attaches to your bike. The KtraK kit comes with a front part and rear. The Rear-Drive Kit is a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. The Front Ski Kit replace the front wheel and mounts like a wheel would attaching to your forks. Great but expensive. Check it out. KtraK cycle

Friday, December 15, 2006

traineo | Fitness & Weight Loss Community

As the days draw closer to 2007 and New Year's resolution of losing weight, joining a gym, running a marathon, doing a Tri, get into full swing, we all seem to lose the reason that why we do this, TO GET IN SHAPE, not for anyone else but yourself! I understand that it is not easy but hey adding a few more years to your life and cutting down on global obesity is a good thing, right! Well try Traineo, it might not be for all but it will help you stay motivated by using close friends as motivator's. You sign up and have 5 people in your inner circle, those people get email notifications on how your progress is going, they can then push you, yell at you, or just congratulate. Seems to have a good hook.
"Motivation, Support and Accountability are the keys to achieving a weight loss and fitness goal. Our mission is to create the most effective weight loss and fitness community on the web by combining the latest software technology with sound information and services from the world’s leading health and fitness experts. traineo is the culmination of over three years of development, testing and focus group studies in partnership with leading experts in weight loss, health, sports and fitness."
Check it out if you need to be motivated a little more.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Polar RS800sd Running Computer

It's new and strutting it's stuff, Polar's new running watch or should I say computer. Now the Polar S625X is a great watch already, so how do you improve, team up with adidas. Nike has teamed up with Apple to come up with their version, which talks to you and keeps you on pace, great in it's iPod circle. The RS800sd is in it's own league. This is for the serious athlete who is looking to improve their performancee by crunching the data at the end of the workout. The one part that hurts is the price, $470.
Here is the short list of what it has to offer:
Running Cadence and Average Stride Length
Running Index
R-R Intervals / Online HR Variability
Speed/Pace and Distance
Polar sport zones
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
Check it out! Polar USA

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Better Body Armor: POC LAB

Look at the things that hurt (back, arms, legs, and shines) us the most and then have a company like POC Lab take a look at how to protect them! What you end up with is a full line of Body Armor or Protective gear, that is built to function effortlessly while you play hard. If you are into skiing, Mt. Biking, Motor Cross and even rollerblading you will find a use for this gear.
"The body armor has been developed in close collaboration with our back specialists at POC Lab. The Spine back protector and its accessories assures that you get protection for the upper part of the spine, including vertebrae C1 to C7, and also for the lowest part including the caudal area. Spine forms the basis of a modular system that you can trust absolutely. It consists of a flexibly jointed back-shield in a special combination of the latest high-tech materials, anatomically shaped and generously ventilated. We have improved the design of the waistband by widening the bands, which are tapered towards the ends, to add support and comfort. The waistbands also use a new super-strong Velcro that will last for ever."
Check it out! POC Lab

Monday, November 27, 2006

Brilliantly Simple Solution for Bike Storage: CYCLOC

If you are like most we all have a couple bikes and lack of storage. Now most people will hang their bicycles from a hook or lean them up against a wall, bumping into them and getting grease on their cloths. Cycloc is a stylish and great way to get you bike out of the way. In towns and cities, where cycling is the answer to your transport needs, Cycloc provides the practical solution to bike storage in your home. Buy a Cycloc and instantly free-up floor space, so you can win back your hallway.
Check it out! CYCLOC

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Energy Drink: FRS PLUS at it again

This stuff is great a energy blast from concentrate. I used it for about 5 months then thought hey lets see what happens. Well what happend was that my performance was off, so I'm back on and feeling great. In less than a year they have 4 new products, Concentrate, Chew, Powder and Ready to drink. Now I have only had the Concentrate, so I really can't judge the rest of New Sun Nutrition, LLC., (unless they would like to send me some) and it is great. 2 ounces with 6 ounces of water, and 1/2 hour later I am ready to go. FRS concentrate is the perfect solution if you drink FRS on a regular basis and prefer to drink FRS in beverage form. Each bottle contains 1-2 weeks supply of product and fits conveniently in your refrigerator. The concentrate is also great for adding to your favorite smoothie, seltzer water or juice blend. It comes in Orange Regular & Low Calorie.
Check it out! FRS PLUS

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Slipstreamz cycling earwear for iPods

Would have, Could have, Should have, this is one of those pieces of equipment that all of us wish we would have thought of, Slipstremz a functional ear cover that you can plug your iPod buds into and still be able to hear what is around you. Slipstreamz attach/fasten to a bicycle helmet's straps, keeping the buds away from your ears, enabling your to hear cars coming upon you. If you already ride with your Apple iPod (which is a very bad idea) then you are aware that they keep coming out unless you tape them onto your ears. Then you have too turn the volume way up tp hear anything, the Slipstreamz is the solution it is like having the music playing in the background at home. A nice way to listen to your music while ridding for hours at a time.
Check it out! Slipstremz Purchase! MacFriends

Friday, October 27, 2006

Burton, Audex Push To Talk Jacket

Burton has done it again, they have really hit the music in motion just right. Knowing their market and working with the top company Motorola. With the Audex they not only combined the ipod, but now Burton has incorporated Push-to-Talk, Two-Way Radio System. This is great and have really pushed the limits. The price is a different thing, whoever said technology doesn't cost these are $400. Hey if you hold onto it for more than a year it could see the justification. Targeting snowboarders who want to listen to music and take/make calls while on the slopes, the jacket has a set of controls in its left-hand sleeve which connect to a set of speakers and a microphone concealed in the hood. Bluetooth connect wirelessly to the Speaker and Micophone.
check it out!Burton

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nixon Snow Dork

Thanks to Outside Magazine for pointing this one out. It is called the Snow Dork and by the look of it you will know why. They best thing is that with a touch of the brim it screams out the time. How many times have you tried to roll up your jacket to un-bury your watch, what a pain. No velcro and no straps. Press, Listen catch the last chair!
Check it out! Nixon Snow Dork

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cranking out New Technology, Dr Martin Becker!

Special thanks goes to Gizmag for discovering this juicy piece of technology. Dr Martin Becker of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE, has developed a chip that uses sensors and actuators to help racing cyclists optimize their performance. There are many different devices out on the market that will measure cadence, speed and power but this one seems to have a different angle. Most of us know that if you want to be on the top of your game you need to be computer monitoring your activity, to see where you are falling short. "Ambient Intelligence will make it possible to constantly monitor and enhance the performance of individual riders and whole teams," says Becker of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern. "Each bicycle is fitted with equipment that constantly registers the forces acting on the pedals. Further significant factors are the riderÂ’s pulse andpeddlingg frequency, the speed and the gradient. All these readings are collected in a processor on the bicycle and radioed to a central processing unit where they are analyzed. The computer delivers individual training recommendations to each rider: He can view them on a display mounted on the handlebars or listen to them over headphones. To enable the cyclists to retrieve information on demand while riding, the Hungarian research team is developing an adaptive component that recognizes voice commands even when they sound distorted due to physical exertion."
Check it out! Smart technology for racing cyclists

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BodyWall Stretching Human Performance

Now wild as this may be, there might be some validate in the BodyWall. Seems as though this was used by the Auckland Warriors and team NZ at the America's Cup, not bad since they won the cup. Chris Toal the inventor of the BodyWall became frustrated at treating quite large numbers of injuries that were easily avoided by releasing tension within soft tissues. Research told him clients would only use it if the solution was easy to use fast and effective. It works with gloves, shoes and a mat that hangs on the wall. The surface (might be velcro) can hold ones body weight, from there you can stretch, hold moves even come up with ideas without having the impact of the ground or messing up. It is an interesting concept.
Check it out! BodyWall

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bern Helmets one for all sports

You have to love this and wonder why the big guys never came up with it. A helmet that is for all sports and all season. Bern Helmets have removable goggle clips, ipod integration, heat release, interchangeable liners for BMX, skate, snowboard, Mt. Bikes, etc.. They even have accessories for to help keep your head warm. They seem to have hit it big with the news that Andy MacDonald signed with them. I am really interested and would sell or through out my old helmets to have just one.
Check it out! Bern Helmets

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Profile Design Tri-Stryke Ti Saddle

Well Profile Design has redeemed themselves with the Tri-Stryke saddle, I have been using the saddle that came with my Cannondale and I was happy with it until I started really putting in the miles. The Tri-Stryke has relieved the pressure and there is no looking back. It has a padded nose where most triathletes spend most their time, transition rack friendly, Cut-away with vents for comfort and a price point that can't be beat, MSRP - $74.99.
Check it out! Profile Design

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Polar and the Treo 650, Great Together

VidaOne is some cool technology, they allow you to take the data from several Polar devices and transfer it to the Treo 650 or PocketPC seamlessly. At first they allow you to have 10 trial transfers then you have to pay a small fee, I understand that Polar sends software with their watches but the ease of use and set up compared to doing it on your PC is night and day (Polar should take notice).

Keep in mind I don't have to have the USB IR interface (the white wand), now I know that Polar has come out with a new device that works a little better but I have not had the chance to review it just yet. Straight and simple watch+Treo 650=data. NICE.
Also no more MAC vrs. PC problem.

MySportTraining Polar for Palm OS
MySportTraining for Palm OS 3.2.5 or newer

One of the following Polar heart rate monitors (all other Polar models, including the S810 and 820i models, are not supported):
One of the following Palm OS handheld models. Models that are not listed may very well work; if you've successfully tested on a device not listed below, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Thank you!
Handspring Visor Pro
Kyocera 7135
Palm Vx
Palm m505 (with S710 only)
PalmOne LifeDrive
Palm T|X
Palm Z22
Palm Zire 31, 72
Sony CLIE TJ-25
Sony CLIE TJ-37
Sony CLIE TH-55
Sony CLIE UX-50
Treo 650
Tungsten C
Tungsten E2
Tungsten T3
Tungsten T5:

Check it out!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kestrel 4100 Pocket Air Flow Tracker

If you are a complete gadget nut and need to have a device that does almost anything that you ask of it then the Kestrel wind/weather instrument is for you. Now I have been on the water my whole life and I have used many different devices to get the same read out's but I can tell you none fit in the palm of your hand. Sailing in the J24 class for the past 15 years this little device is going to come in handy, adding weight to a J24 can be hazardous to your health if you have a crazy skipper.

Let me give you a quick summary of what this puppy can do:
• Air flow in cfm, L/s, m³/s, m³/m, m³/h
• Air Velocity in ft/m, mph, m/s, km/h, kts, Beaufort
• Temperature in °F or °C
• Humidity in %
• Additional measurements of dewpoint, wind chill and heat stress index
• Data Logger (automatic and manual)
• Minimum, Maximum and Average values
• Multi-Function 3-line display
• Impeller can be replaced without tools
• Humidity sensor can be recalibrated in the field with our Relative Humidity Calibration Kit.
• Graphical Display for logged values
• Upload to a computer (with optional interface)
• Backlight for low light conditions
• Includes neck and wrist lanyards, protective pouch and 2 AAA batteries

What else can you say, oh yea it fits in the palm of you hand and weighs 3.6 oz..
Check it out! kestrel Wind Wind and Weather Instrument

Monday, August 14, 2006

Polar Speed Sensor Kit 2000

EASY, SIMPLE and works right away, one setting on the watch (Polar S625X Running Computer) and you are off. I installed this the other day and I am extremely happy. I am really only concerned with speed and time and HR and this is great. It came with 2 different spoke attachments, which was great since I have aero spokes and the handle bar mount I have installed right onto my stem. The hardest part was unpacking that crazy "new" packaging, once through that 15 minutes later and I was off and riding.
Check it out! Polar Speed Sensor Kit 2000

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sportsuit Sensor+ for Nike/iPod

I wrote about this a couple weeks back, I thought that Nike and Apple had missed the boat not allowing millions of other runners the chance to use this kit. Well Marware has come out with a case that attaches under the shoelaces and fastening it with a strong velcro closure. Not only can you now use the iPod kit on any shoe but you can protect the Sensor from the elements.
Check it out! Sportsuit

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Profile Design Aerodrink Water Bottle

With all the technology improvements that have been made with about almost everything, I wonder how Profile Design missed the mark with the Aerodrink water bottle. Now when I first bought this water bottle I thought, hey this seem like a great idea open top and a yellow splash guard poly web plug to keep the liquid in. On my very first ride it came out over a bump, after I picked it up I thought that there must be something that I have done wrong, shame on me. Well after reading the instruction again and again, I came to the conclusion that I must have missed placed it in the bottle. Well second time out, bump, out it pops, so I pick it up and now just stuff it fully in and for the rest of the ride it worked great. Along comes the New York Triathlon and off I go up the Henry Hudson Highway, and proceed south on the Mosholu, when all I see all over the road are little yellow splash guard poly web plug, I laughed and laughed the guy next to me thought I must be nuts. My point is with all the testing that companies do before releasing products you would think, hey this might be a problem. Profile Design really missed the mark on this one, what a shame.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

IDEA Bronze Award Goggles for the Masses

Goggles for the general public, they are comfortable, adjustable for various faces/heads, the strap widens towards the back for stability and a big clip to adjust with wet fingers. There are numbers on the notches so you can remember the place you adjusted them till the last time and they have rounded the lens for an increased field of vision.
Check them out! X-Base Tribord

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Martin Keen is back: Miön Footwear

I noticed these shoes won an award from IDEA/Business Week, "The Best Product Design of 2006", then I noticed the name Martin Keen. Can this be the same person of the famous sandals company Keen Footwear, yes it is! He sold out a couple years ago and has been sailing ever since. Instead of starting another company he teamed with Timberland Co., which allows them to get into the water sports division. They have a hit, these shoes are every bit of what his original shoe was even better The Miön.
"It demands equipment; not fashion. It demands product that works. So with this new brand, I wanted to take advantage of some technology that has been used in other aspects of footwear, which is injection molded EVA. So I took that material and then incorporated a patented lacing system that I developed that produces a number of parts in the product and actually transfers a lot of the structure to this lacing system. The lacing system is actually a climbing-grade chord that travels all around the shoe several times and even around the back. So the lacing becomes a structural part of the product. One synch and the entire product closes around your foot. The primary target (for the product) was amphibious athletes, or people who like to experience their adventure around water. "
Check them out! Miön

Monday, July 10, 2006

Rent a Wetsuit: USAT Approved

This is a great service, since the New York City Triathlon is coming up this weekend (July 16th) and the water temp is still 58-63 degees I was thinking about getting a full suit. This service allows you to rent an Xterra Wetsuit for roughly $30 dollars and be able to put that towards the purchase of the suit. You can order within the week of the event. All wetsuits will be mailed and the cost of the postage will be added to the rental cost. Postage is $6. Please try not to wait until the last minute to request a wetsuit! I don't mind mailing the wetsuits out early so you can have time to try it out in open water prior to your event.
Check it out! Wetsuit Rental

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Swim with Confidence and safety: SenTAG

If you have kids and you are afraid of them drowning or falling in, do you fear the water because you are not a strong swimmer then this is for you. Public pools are starting to use this device to keep track of the large amounts of people that go during the weekends. SenTAG has developed a practical and innovative bather protection system. The wrist unit monitors the '‘status' of the individual analyzingng their relative motion and depth the alarm goes off if the unit determines the swimmer is outside the set limits.
Great saftey device, should win a ton of awards. Check it out! SenTAG

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

adidas: +F50 Xite

Well adidas has done it again this time with Soccer. Always changing the way that we look at things, from the TANGO to the new F50 Xite built with triangular panels of varying sizes for an optimal round and smooth surface. What does this mean, well the way that it travels through the air, look for a more exiting FIFA World Cup. Goalies are going to be going nuts. Look at the header that the Czech Republics scored on the US, it goes right through his hands. They predicted that with less air restriction the ball would move faster and be unpredictable. Got to love it! adidas

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nike Plus+

Nike is hot on the heals of adidas-polar with incorporating a heartrate monitor and its shoes. Nike has defiantly take it a step further with incorporating one of the best selling and used devices of our time, Apple's iPod and installing it in their shoes, being able to pick song based on your running efforts at the particular time. Gives you feedback realtime, pace and how far you have scheduled to go, then sync to the Nike Plus website to see your runs graphed.
Here's how it works:
A. Grab an iPod nano, a pair of Nike+ shoes, and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.
B. Your shoes talk. Your iPod nano listens. Track your run in real time.
C. Connect your iPod nano, then connect with the world on
To work the device you:
Step 1.
Place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when you'’re not working out.
Step 2.
Attach the receiver to your iPod nano. The receiver fits snugly into the Dock connector, located on the bottom of your iPod nano next to the headphone jack.
Step 3.
Hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and an iPod nano that stays in tune with every step.

The only problem that I have is that I use Mizuno and since they are not produced to the masses, technology like this might take some time. I would like to see some sort of association that regulates this so that all people that are interested can buy the technology and install it in whatever they are wearing. Right now I am very happy that Nike and Apple are working together and I can't wait to buy the shoes and reciever so that I can really give an accurate review of the technolgy, pre order at Nike and the whole setup if you own a NANO is roughly $130.00, stay tuned. Nike Plus+

Monday, May 29, 2006

USA Triathlon

For those who have not joined or looked at the new USA Triathlon website should spend some time looking around. It has membership info, events, age groupers, coaching area, news, ranking, clubs, rules and merchandise. The membership is cheap, Gold is $200, Silver $100 and bronze $30, log onto the site to see all the differences to each group. I do the Silver and find that it works the best for my schedule. The calendar function shows you all the races that are USAT certified. Search by location, event or date. So if you have not had the opportunity to visit please show your support for one of the fastest growing sports and Check it out! USA Triathlon

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CamelBak: The Better Bottle

Now I have a couple Sigg bottles and I love them. Strong, original and well built but I have to give CamelBak credit for this little bottle. Spill proof , 9 colors, a little place to clip to your sack, dishwasher safe and a flip up bit valve just like little kids have today all for the perfect price of $12.00.
Check it out! CamelBak

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mizuno Wave Creation 7: Best Shoe EVER

I am now on my third Wave Creations and I don't think that I will buy another running shoe as long as they keep making the Wave Creation. Mizuno has really stepped up their place in the runners circle. The New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon held in Long Branch NJ this past weekend was put on by Mizuno and they did a great job, quick dry shirts and hat, but back to the shoe. It is for a neutral foot-types, light and durable. I have used them in the winter, summer and under wet conditions and they hold up. The sole on my second pair delaminated, it was after I had put in well over 500 miles on them so to me it was ok. I have used them for every triathlon I have done, the only thing that I have changes out was the laces with Lock Laces. Lock Laces make it very easy to slipped them on and off for the quick transition from bike to run.
Check the out!Mizuno Wave Creation

Monday, April 24, 2006

SweatVac performance Race Hat

WOW this thing really work I finally got my USA Triathlon SweatVac Performance Race Hat - in black and I am extremely satisfied. I read about it in the last issue of USA Triathlon so I thought I would give it a try. It has performed better than expected. Light, certified 40+ UPF sun protection, reflective technology, 100% machine washable and less than 2 oz.. "SweatVac products are engineered and designed using a unique blend of the finest technical fabrics. The SweatVac System is a multi-layer system which places Transpor fabric against your skin and wicking layers on the outside. Simply put, SweatVac is the finest athletic perspiration management system available. The SweatVac System allows your body's temperature regulating system to work efficiently, so you can perform at your peak, whatever the weather, humidity or activity level."
Check it out! SweatVac

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Waterproof Headphones

The swimming part of training for triathlons can get very boring and after 6000 yard can drive you nuts. I use my iPod Shuffle for running and biking. I have looked and searched for headphone that could take the punishment of hours in the water. These are great, I need to wear a cap but I can hear the music. It is not crystal clear but something is better than nothing. "Quality Headphones designed to be 100% waterproof with or without the ear bud covers. The headphones are completely submergible and in the water the ear bud covers keep the water out of your ears and hold earphones in. On dry land, remove the covers and use them as standard headphones - they are completely weather proof and even sweatproof - so nothing's going to hold you back from your workout or playtime."
Check em out! The Waves Waterproof Headphones

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hans Rey Indoor Park

Being a mountain biker at heart and a Triathlete for the extra added challenge when I came across this site I was extremely excited. Hans Ray former trials riding world champion, a showman, a stuntman and an adventure mountain biker. He has traveled the world extensively; riding his GT mountain bikes, over and through areas previously considered unrideable. All the while, capturing the cultural, scenic, and spiritual aspects of these exotic locations; and always in search of something mystical or historical. Hans has now opened a indoor mountain bike park that is incredible. It is in Cleveland OH the season runs from October 18th through April 16th, what a way to spend the winter months in Cleveland. I contacted Hans about franchising and unfortunately he was unavailable to offer franchising at this time. He would however come out and help set one up for a fee I am sure,but I really wanted to have his name on the side of the building to help attract young riders.
Check it out! Rays Mountain Bike Indoor Park

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Endurance system - Training Peaks

Training Peak is on too something, take all the data sources from the major heart rate watch manufactures have them be able to be uploaded into your Endurance Training System and you captue the market. Training Peaks accepts Garmin, Polar, Timex Bodylink, CycleOps PowerTap and several others. The products offered are Athlete Edition, Training Plans, Messenger, Coach Edition and Desktop Companion. The most popular is the Athlete Edition -- Track your training and your nutrition with fun, simple and powerful online tools. Our online subscription includes a powerful training log, nutrition tracker, detailed reporting, Joe Friel's VirtualCoach, over 475 custom designed workouts and so much more. Try it now, free for 7-days and get your training on track!
Check it out! Training Peak

Thursday, March 30, 2006

DARTFISH: Capture, Visual Feedback and analyze your performance

If you watched the Olympics then you saw this technology, DARTFISH- The home of sports video training. If you have a PC, video camera, and the Dartfish software anyone can improve the way they swim, bike, golf, swing, run, basically any form of sport that you which to excel at! The software lets you create a library of your actions, then at any point you can compare the two and see where your swing changed, your stroke or running stride. In the winter Olympics this year NBC used it on the downhill and compared the runs from one skier to the next and you could see the different lines, tucks and skiers position. For the weekend warrior looking to improve their performance this can be a simple solution. Personally I think that all gyms should carry this feature, it could be a hug increase in members paying extra to see how they are really doing against others or themselves.
Check it out! DARTFISH

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Simon Says, Climb - Digiwall

This is amazing a climbing wall that you can program routes into, I can see many different applications for this, speed climbing, tracking your routes, games (Simon says) or a variety of exercises. Here is how it works every climbing-hold is equipped with a sensor that registers your hands and feet. You can also program them to light up showing you a route. It is also instrumental, where behind the wall there is a large hi-fi system. The holds can also light up as you grab them showing others the route that just accomplished.
Check it out! Digiwall

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Swim correctly: Speedo Hydralign Goggles

Just ordered these goggles, Speedo has some pretty cool stuff but my other goggles just were not cutting it. I have used competition goggles before but thought that I would try something different, I was disappointed. The Speedo Hydralign Goggles from what I have read will help put the body in the correct alignment by manipulating your field of vision. The bottom half of the goggles frosted, the upper clear forcing your head to look straight. At $15.00 it is a bargain, and should be great for New York City Triathlon July 16. I'll let you know how they work!

Monday, March 20, 2006

17" Laptop Backpack

Most of these post have to do with how we can use technology to improve training, triathlon, marathon, Mt. Bike race or doing the Tour De France. This post is how we can transport the technolgy to those places. I have a 17' laptop and finding a bag that can carry it is/was limited to one, Timbuk2. Now I love this bag and I use the Cell Phone Holder also, made for bike messengers this bag holds a tune and is tough. Timbuk2 now makes 2 the Outtawhack and Commute XL but they now have competition (if you could say that) Velocity PRO SPYDER Laptop BackPack, featuring a thick rubber exoskeleton with rainproof PRO Grade Scuba-prene to provide a case that is lightweight, water resistant, never loses it's shape and provides excellent protection for your laptop or electronic gear. To me it seems a little bulky and the look of well lets say something out of the Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Check it out! Velocity

Sunday, March 19, 2006

1 bottle + 3 Modes = Gel-Bot

I find the Gel-Bot an interesting device, you can have your gel, water or both mixed. For training purposes this is great, but for racing I usually through my bottle once finished, as most triathletesdo and at $15.95 this is a bit steep to dispose of each race. Here is what Gel-Bot has to say, "GEL-BOT is the first water bottle available that has an integrated gel delivery system. Load up the patented ENERGY-CORE with your gel of choice pre-activity and head out. When you are hungry you can eat the gel by just squeezing the bottle or sucking on the valve. When you want water, just pull the valve out and it functions like a regular water bottle." Check it out! Gel-Bot

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Polar Fleece Buzz

From the research that I have done fleece starting to make its debut in the early 80's in campgrounds, El Cap and ski country. Since then fleece has gone mainstream, Old Navy has racks of it from socks to hoodies. Polartec has really pushed the limits with technology and fabric, put them together and some of the major brands start to bang out lightweight, comfortable, wool like fabric.
"At Polartec®, we do it by cramming a lot of big-brained engineers into a lab, then letting them push the limits of fabric technology. And they never stop innovating. Some call it obsessive. We call it Forward Fabric™".
North Face, ARC'TERYX and my favorite Mountain Hardwear seem to have been working overtime to make great shells and fleece products that give a wool like appearance but haveGore-Tex, Polartec and a bunch of other fabrics woven in that trap the heat and wick the moisture from your body. Check 'em all out, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am a little torn, SIGGthese bottles are one of the best kept secrets and now after reading a article in the New York Times they might become a little more mainstream. SIGG of Switzerland makes these aluminum bottles that are great. Having relatives in Switzerland gave me a 12 year head start, now it seems as though the secret is out. While the SIGG bottle may look much like any other, it in fact packs a lot of high-tech. SIGG bottles are extrusion-pressed from a one-piece aluminum blank, which results in uniform, seamless walls. Get one thing straight: the SIGG bottle is no ordinary drinking bottle. In existence for nearly a century, it has grown into a true design classic.
Check it out! SIGG Switzerland

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rollerblade Speedometer

Well Hammacher Schlemmer means many different things to different people, most would agree however that they do have cool stuff. This latest one is for Rolllerblades, now you could get a Garmin GPS and that would accomplish the same thing but would be a bigger device. The skate speedometer use wireless transmission between the wheel and a wristwatch-type receiver to accurately register and display your speed and distance as you exercise or cross-train. The Speedometer wheel replaces one of you regular wheels and starts to send data to the watch. A universal adapter kit is included to ensure proper fit on any skate.
Check it out! Inline Skate Speedometer

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Road ID

Road ID haas come along way and helped hundreds if not thousands of people. What I like that in a time where electronics dominate wearing this around your wrist, ankle or shoe is a sure way to be identified if something where to happen, like getting hit by a car. "In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will. " The concept is simple just like a dog collar, you print you contact info on a tag that is mounted to a wrist strap the you can velcro to your wrist. Road ID has Firefly, running at night? Cycling in the wee hours of the morning? If so, make sure you can be seen by motorists - it could save your life. Make sure you can be seen - take Firefly with you - whenever you go out in the dark.
Check it out! Road ID

Monday, March 06, 2006

iPod used to ID Hit-and-Run Victim: Use I.C.E

I.C.E. -----In Case of Emergency--- This acronym should be used as one of your contacts in your iPod, phone or any portable device that can except contacts. Now this next story I can't tell you if she had it stored this way or not, last Thursday March 2nd Ashlyn Dyer was jogging in San Francisco the Presidio when she was an apparent victim of a hit-and-run. A park official found her, they took her iPod to the nearest Apple store which turned it over to the company's headquarters, who helped identify Ashlyn Dyer. I feel that more and more people are biking, jogging or just getting on with their life hooked up and out of touch with their surroundings, please if you are going to be plugged in add I.C.E. to your contacts.
"It's time for a public service announcement, if you are into sports and extreme sports you should know this little tidbit that is circulating around the web, the idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency".
In an emergency situation, ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them."