Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Better Body Armor: POC LAB

Look at the things that hurt (back, arms, legs, and shines) us the most and then have a company like POC Lab take a look at how to protect them! What you end up with is a full line of Body Armor or Protective gear, that is built to function effortlessly while you play hard. If you are into skiing, Mt. Biking, Motor Cross and even rollerblading you will find a use for this gear.
"The body armor has been developed in close collaboration with our back specialists at POC Lab. The Spine back protector and its accessories assures that you get protection for the upper part of the spine, including vertebrae C1 to C7, and also for the lowest part including the caudal area. Spine forms the basis of a modular system that you can trust absolutely. It consists of a flexibly jointed back-shield in a special combination of the latest high-tech materials, anatomically shaped and generously ventilated. We have improved the design of the waistband by widening the bands, which are tapered towards the ends, to add support and comfort. The waistbands also use a new super-strong Velcro that will last for ever."
Check it out! POC Lab

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