Thursday, November 02, 2006

Slipstreamz cycling earwear for iPods

Would have, Could have, Should have, this is one of those pieces of equipment that all of us wish we would have thought of, Slipstremz a functional ear cover that you can plug your iPod buds into and still be able to hear what is around you. Slipstreamz attach/fasten to a bicycle helmet's straps, keeping the buds away from your ears, enabling your to hear cars coming upon you. If you already ride with your Apple iPod (which is a very bad idea) then you are aware that they keep coming out unless you tape them onto your ears. Then you have too turn the volume way up tp hear anything, the Slipstreamz is the solution it is like having the music playing in the background at home. A nice way to listen to your music while ridding for hours at a time.
Check it out! Slipstremz Purchase! MacFriends

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