Sunday, July 30, 2006

Profile Design Aerodrink Water Bottle

With all the technology improvements that have been made with about almost everything, I wonder how Profile Design missed the mark with the Aerodrink water bottle. Now when I first bought this water bottle I thought, hey this seem like a great idea open top and a yellow splash guard poly web plug to keep the liquid in. On my very first ride it came out over a bump, after I picked it up I thought that there must be something that I have done wrong, shame on me. Well after reading the instruction again and again, I came to the conclusion that I must have missed placed it in the bottle. Well second time out, bump, out it pops, so I pick it up and now just stuff it fully in and for the rest of the ride it worked great. Along comes the New York Triathlon and off I go up the Henry Hudson Highway, and proceed south on the Mosholu, when all I see all over the road are little yellow splash guard poly web plug, I laughed and laughed the guy next to me thought I must be nuts. My point is with all the testing that companies do before releasing products you would think, hey this might be a problem. Profile Design really missed the mark on this one, what a shame.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

IDEA Bronze Award Goggles for the Masses

Goggles for the general public, they are comfortable, adjustable for various faces/heads, the strap widens towards the back for stability and a big clip to adjust with wet fingers. There are numbers on the notches so you can remember the place you adjusted them till the last time and they have rounded the lens for an increased field of vision.
Check them out! X-Base Tribord

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Martin Keen is back: Miön Footwear

I noticed these shoes won an award from IDEA/Business Week, "The Best Product Design of 2006", then I noticed the name Martin Keen. Can this be the same person of the famous sandals company Keen Footwear, yes it is! He sold out a couple years ago and has been sailing ever since. Instead of starting another company he teamed with Timberland Co., which allows them to get into the water sports division. They have a hit, these shoes are every bit of what his original shoe was even better The Miön.
"It demands equipment; not fashion. It demands product that works. So with this new brand, I wanted to take advantage of some technology that has been used in other aspects of footwear, which is injection molded EVA. So I took that material and then incorporated a patented lacing system that I developed that produces a number of parts in the product and actually transfers a lot of the structure to this lacing system. The lacing system is actually a climbing-grade chord that travels all around the shoe several times and even around the back. So the lacing becomes a structural part of the product. One synch and the entire product closes around your foot. The primary target (for the product) was amphibious athletes, or people who like to experience their adventure around water. "
Check them out! Miön

Monday, July 10, 2006

Rent a Wetsuit: USAT Approved

This is a great service, since the New York City Triathlon is coming up this weekend (July 16th) and the water temp is still 58-63 degees I was thinking about getting a full suit. This service allows you to rent an Xterra Wetsuit for roughly $30 dollars and be able to put that towards the purchase of the suit. You can order within the week of the event. All wetsuits will be mailed and the cost of the postage will be added to the rental cost. Postage is $6. Please try not to wait until the last minute to request a wetsuit! I don't mind mailing the wetsuits out early so you can have time to try it out in open water prior to your event.
Check it out! Wetsuit Rental