Monday, August 31, 2015

New Tri Bikes

SlowTwitch kills it again with their review of the newest stuff coming into 2016!
The tri bike landscape is shifting. I hope that's clear. Companies are making some very fast framesets and by that I mean frames, forks, seat posts and brakes, though sometimes that means brakes you have to buy and retrofit to the bike to bring out the frame's best performance. But that's kind of fun in a way. We don't make motorcycles, where what you buy is pretty much what you ride. We make bicycles, and they are made to be fiddled with. 

I'm excited by the new generation of tri bikes but I am also frustrated waiting for the aftermarket to catch up. Can I list both the products that I can't find, that somebody ought to make, as well as further frame ideas sitting out there waiting to be developed?

Riviera, SUP or Surf, why decide. At 10'6" the board is perfect for small to large surf. One big thing is make sure you are back far enough on the board not to nose dive.

10'6" Riviera Original
The Riviera 10'6" is a perfect board for first time paddlers. Very stable cruiser that comes with traction, and a built in handle for carrying. Ideal for touring & surfs well.  It has a slightly pulled in nose and pinched rails for better maneuverability in the surf.  It has a 2 + 1 setup that give you the options for different paddling conditions.

We provide the highest quality Stand Up Paddle boards available from Ron House, Timmy Patterson, Jeff Clark, and our signature line, Riviera. Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert, we have a stand up paddleboard to suit your needs. We also manufacture Riviera SUP Paddles, Apparel, and Accessories.

Our selection of high performance stand up paddle boards are made of hand finished EPS core foam and glassed with Hexel Fiberglass, and Resin Research Epoxy resin. This method of construction provides the custom made look that has been traditional in the surf culture for decades, as well as the best response, glide, and maneuverability of any stand up paddle board on the market. All boards have a built in handle and integrated deck pad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

RinseKit Shower For Adventures!

I used to use a outdoor pressurized sprayer you find in any Home Depot. it was roughly about $40 and worked great. Now the RinseKit has a head like a shower that you can pick 6 settings. That's kind of worth it, but $50 more I'm not quite sure.

With no pumping and no batteries, RinseKit delivers a pressurized spray for up to three minutes. RinseKit stores the strength of a regular household spigot or sink (with adapter) and can be quickly filled with hot or cold water. RinseKit’s patented design features the eon™ pressure system that holds up to 2 gallons of water with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.  It comes packed with thoughtful features, including: compact design with a 2 gallon pressure chamber, built-in ruler to measure fish, folding handle for one-handed carrying, and easy-to-remove lid to stand on for changing. The RinseKit comes with a Hose Nozzle, 6′ Hose, Hose Bib Adapter, On/Off Valve, and Quick Connect.