Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swollow a RFID Tagged Pill to prevent Over Heating

Would you take a pill that would monitor your vitals during a race, or even training? Could tell you when your body is starting to overheat, muscles are breaking down, etc.. For race organizers this could be the next thing, making sure you are staying hydrated and not collapsing. Here is how us at TubaDuba see this working.
You take the pill before the start of the race, step on a pad to make sure that it works. As you compete in a Marathon or Triathlon you would cross over pad/readers along the way, on a monitor your stats could show up, if the system saw that you needed to be hydrated a water station would follow the readings. In case a runner showed a potentially dangerous reading, nearby medical teams were given access to the data so they could reach the runner, stop him, and treat him immediately. Simple safe and completely harmless.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Easy, Simple, Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

image via Uncrate
Easy, Simple, Light and affordable the Lawson Camping Hammock is a great solution to sleeping on the ground. It even let's you simulate hanging off the side of a cliff. The best thing it is for is the backyard, keeps the bugs away so you can enjoy the outdoors. Plus at $150 what more could you ask for!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Locate Your Bike, RFID Device

Ok since gas is getting so expensive, more and more are taking to the road via peddle power. Hey this is great for the bike industry, terrible for ole Detroit. Oh well they reap the benefits by over charging and shady salesman. I guess what come around goes around.
Well now we all have to protect our bike, cars have alarms so why should a bike not. Immobilise has come up with a RFID that helps locate your bike, the ImmobiTAG is installed the only way to remove is to cut the bike frame. The TAG has a unique ID number you registered on Immobilies website. If you bike is stolen and recovered, the police can scan the TAG and contact the rightful owner. Great!
The one thing that I would include is a high decibel pitch on the TAG that ties into your lock once the lock is cut the siren goes off. Might help deter some.

Mavic Clothing Line

Mavic has some light great products that most have used or been past by. Their venture into the clothing arena should be exciting. Their triathlon shoe, not cheap $250+ is a good example of making something strong and light. Halters Cycle had the salesman in and he was showing us some new 2009 products as well as this shoe. First Glance LIGHT and STIFF, easy entry and well thought out with mesh keeping the foot cool.

They even have a new logo. September 1st is the release but take some time and view the flash demo.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone Apps, Fitness

The iPhone as we all know is making a big splash with their newly released 2.0 upgrade. Whether you have the 3G version or not. Apps as Apple is calling them has a whole section geared towards health and fitness. From a pedometer to gym locations, tracking food and weight, BMI and a Clever one called Gyminee, Gyminee is the premier fitness social network for detailed tracking, online accountability, and motivation. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get fit, it's time to start taking your fitness seriously.
Hey if anything check out the apps you might find something you like.