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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back Country Access, Stay Afloat on the Slopes

Safety on the slopes is important, first we all started to wear helmets, great move. Now if you are going back country and hucking yourself off cliffs, well BCA (Backcountry Access), they have what you need.

Preventing or minimizing burial depth is the key to reducing avalanche fatalities. That’s because the majority of time in an avalanche rescue is spent on excavating the victim. An airbag is designed to keep you at or near the surface, minimizing excavation time.
Our Float avalanche airbags are the first airbags that are both affordable and easily reusable. A wide network of BCA-authorized refill centers provide unmatched service to Float purchasers. A small 2,700-psi (186 bar) compressed-air cylinder, single-chamber 150-liter airbag, and super efficient venturi system make the Float systems easy to refill, light and affordable.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SnowMiner Headlamp/Lantern

This simply small and powerful headlamp is what you have been looking for. Not that you needed another head lamp this one can be converted to a lantern, really we would have never thought of that!

Snow Peak’s new headlamp, the SnowMiner offers a high quality headlamp that easily transforms into a hanging lantern. The backpacker can now light up the trail and the tent in a compact and lightweight solution.  The SnowMiner’s smart and patent pending design allows for the lens to be easily removed with a single hand, converting to an amazing ambient light spanning 180 degrees.  The multi-function, sleek design, and long battery life are all included in this new product, the SnowMiner. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sugru, Hacking Things Together!

Very science-y indeed

Extremely clever scientists have been working on sugru for over 5 years to give it as many great physical properties as possible, so it can be as versatile and useful as possible for you.

Makes your stuff perfect (for you)

Why are so many products just so bad? Uncomfortable tin openers, leaky trainers, they get our goat! Why should you have to spend $30 on a designer tin opener? You shouldn't! Hack the one you have instead. Power to the (handy) people!

Makes your stuff last (really long)

sugru can help you dramatically prolong the life of your stuff. By applying in some cases even a teeny tiny bit to your things, you get to keep them for much longer and decrease your impact on our wee world. Repair with gusto!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Six One Long Sleeve Protection, Subgear Compression

Compression + Padding = Subgear Compression 

In a never ending pursuit of innovation in protection, SIXSIXONE introduces Subgear. Subgear combines the advantages of anti-microbial compression top garment with the protection of Intella-foam and EVA foam. The result is the perfect undergarment for motocross.
  • Mesh window in the upper back area for added breathability
  • SubGear utilizes an anti-microbial 4-Way compression fabric called Dri-Kool.
  • Wicks moisture off skin while keeping the rider cool, even on hot days.
  • Strategic amounts of Intella-Foam are light and absorb sudden hard impacts more than traditional EVA foam four times its thickness.
  • Flat-lock stitching eliminates irritating seams.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hindsight 30

Many times you wonder why things take so long, well I guess since it takes so song this is a good thing, even great.

Cerevellum is the ultimate riding companion that allows a cyclist to clearly see what is behind them without rotating to look or using cumbersome clip-on mirrors. Potential hazards can be all around you, but now you can keep your focus on what's ahead. In competition, just imagine how nice it would be to know that you're gapping the peloton.

A 3.5" Transflective LCD display is featured for easy viewing in direct sunlight. It is illuminated for low-light conditions.

The Micro-Camera Lens with Integrated LED Tail-Light is attached directly to the seat post. The streamlined design affords a clean, integrated aesthetic. The tail-light can be set to steady on, flashing, or off.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wearable Safety

Safety is seen in many different ways, but when it is worn and not seen even better. MCDAVID TECHNOLOGY is doing just that by covering up your protection and making it functional. Compression shorts provide a performance advantage. Compression material keeps the major muscles of the legs warm, decreasing the loss of energy from unnecessary motion and vibration, and reduces muscle fatigue and cramping. They have something called HexPad, what is hexPad;

Hexpad® Technology is a patented padding system that permanently bonds dozens of individual athletic pads into fabrics. Because the pads are individually applied, they move with and conform to the body for continuous protection that isn't bulky or restricting like other pads on the market.

Hexpad® is even machine washable allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into undershirts and pants, unlike anything seen before.

Hexpad® Technology allows the replacement of your existing undershirts, pants, and pads with true performance products.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Straight Razor, How Shaving Was Meant To Be.

A straight razor is a fixed blade razor, the most common men's razor until the 1950s when safety razors became widely available. Once you master the art of straight razor shaving, you will be able to get a far smoother shave than you can get from any modern method. However, shaving with a straight razor is dangerous and has a long learning curve. Even honing and stropping the straight razor require time and patience to learn; you need to acquire a certain touch to do it correctly. While you are climbing up the learning curve, the quality of your shaves may be significantly worse than you can do with a disposable. You will also probably cut yourself at least once, despite repeated warnings to go slowly and carefully. Most of the men on the straight razor forums have. But once you have mastered the straight (which typically takes around 100 shaves), you will be able to consistently give yourself a shave that's far better than any shave you've ever had before.


The Art Of Shaving

The Art of Shaving is a unique concept guided by the expertise and hands-on attention of our founders. We are passionately devoted to the very best in men’s skin care, and have created an innovative path to optimal shaving performance. We call this The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave. —Prepare… LatherUp!... Shave… and Moisturize.

Our dedication to the science of aromatherapy is the foundation of our product philosophy. We formulate our products using high quality botanical ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. These
ingredients provide therapeutic properties to the skin and mean that razor burn and ingrown hairs are avoided, while nicks and cuts are prevented and healed. We are committed to eliminating even a trace of alcohol, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or other ingredients that can be harmful when absorbed into the skin.

To achieve the perfect shave The Art of Shaving re-introduces you to an essential shaving tool, the shaving brush—the only tool designed to absorb water and deliver a rich, warm and protective lather to the skin. To complete
the experience The Art of Shaving creates beautifully handcrafted shaving razors. These shaving instruments are carefully designed to offer proper weight, balance and grip to ensure the best results.

Once men begin using The Art of Shaving products, they tell us they experience, day after day, far more comfort than ever before along with healthier, smoother skin.

The Art of Shaving brings art and passion to a daily routine.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LED Escape Light, Brilliant!

The Future Of Escaping

Keeping your wits during an emergency evacuation of a building is easier said than done. If it’s a hotel or an unfamiliar mall, following the leads can be difficult and even confusing at times. The LED Escape Light is a portable LED electric torch meant to tackle this issue of unfamiliarity. It comes with a built-in projector that projects a map to guide you out accurately. I like the handy stand that it is housed in, with an easy grab-and-run vibe.

The LED Escape Light won a Liteon Award as well.

Designers: Li-Yu Chiao, Cheng-Cheng Chun, Ming-DaYang, Kung-Yi Kuang, Huai-Yi Hsieh, Ching-Chang Chuang, Yu-Hung Chien, Shaio-Chung Cha & Yu-Hung Chien

Flank Legs, Wow finally better leg protection.

Protection from the elements, meaning pedal bit back, rocks, falling down. Anything to help protect one of the most valuable body parts.

A bold combination of lightweight fabrics and impact protection, the Flank Leg is the evolution in Race Face protection. Tapping the industry shift towards lower profile, innovative protection, driven by DH racers and free riders.

The construction of the knees ensures they stay put throughout the entire range of pedaling motion but lock on impact to protect critical areas. Behind the heat debossed Durable
Nylon cover lies d3o™ Intelligent Shock Absorption™ technology. A PU based cellular polymer - flexible in its relaxed state, engaged on impact. Award-winning Race Face armour design, unsurpassed freedom of movement and lightweight construction; the evolution
of protection.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fix it Fast!

If something breaks when you are out and about, yes you could call for help or you could reach into your pouch and pull out Sugru. break the seal and patch your problem. Now this is a quick fix but it will get you home. Extremely clever scientists have been working on sugru for over 5 years to give it as many great physical properties as possible, so it can be as versatile and useful as possible for you. Sugru can help you dramatically prolong the life of your stuff. By applying in some cases even a teeny tiny bit to your things, you get to keep them for much longer and decrease your impact on our wee world. Repair with gusto!

Now the downfall is that you have to use it within 6 months, now if you have kids I am sure this will be used up in a sec.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Oil Spill Live!

In todays age with all that we have it oil has leaked in the Gulf since May 2, 2010. How is this not the top priority of the U.S.A., let alone the world. We can pull wine bottles of the deck of the Titanic but we can't cap gushing oil. I guess they should send in James Cameron, he can then save the day and make millions of the movie right, come on, someone fix this mess before all ocean life is ruined.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wet Phone Emergency Kit

Dropped your phone in a sink, toilet, puddle, river rapids, or off your boat the Dry-All might be able to save it. A bag a rice can help but having a couple of these babies around can't hurt.

DRY-ALL is one of the most effective drying agents (desiccant) in existence. It is not a silica gel.
DRY-ALL is a mixture of indicating blue beads and stationary white beads. When all of the beads have turned white/tan they have absorbed all the moisture they can hold.

@ $10 dollars a bag it sure seems worth it if you can save your iPhone.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rescue Ballon Kit, Simple!

Simple, give designer Jaeseok Han a million buck right now. He point out the obvious and easy solution that millions of us wish we had as a back up, either in the streets of NYC or in a jungle.

And you’re lost in the jungles…deep forest where GPS doesn’t work and you are stupid enough to leave your satellite phone at home! Aren’t you glad that you packed the “Rescue Balloon Kit” in your backpack? The handy kit contains a helium gas cylinder and a long string balloon. Fill it, seal and send it skywards. When you’re missing and rescue mission is on, hopefully this red tube will get spotted, hovering above the dense foliage.

This can be sold many different ways depending on where you live and where you are going. have a nice stash of some Paracord 100 feet $7 dollars at Cabela's.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Glove Gets Exoskeleton

So things are getting a bit safer in the motocross/motorcycle area. Knox is releasing a glove that has an exoskeleton to help protect your hand. Immediately visible is the hard-but-flexible exoskeleton that cushions impacts. No more slip Handroid ratchets up to give you a perfect fit, like a snowboard boot.

Friday, October 23, 2009, Inform Motorist!

Many different reason to wear something like this, one for attracting attention, the other to let motorist know that at times you are actually going faster than the speed limit. SpeedVest has LCD's on the back and illuminates like Radar signs that you pass on the road, the difference is that it displays your speed, letting all know how fast you are traveling.
• Increases awareness of the bicyclist and bicycling as an efficient way of getting around
• Educates drivers about overtaking bicyclists safely
• Illuminates that an average person can easily bike 10-15 mph (15-25 km/h)

Monday, September 21, 2009

ABS-Avalanche Airbag

Fall is upon us and that means switching gears, mountain biking, trail running, and yes skiing starts to creep in the picture. Well feel a little more secured with the ABS-Avalanche Airbag system, wears like a back pack, then pull to inflate.

Once activated, the ABS equalizes the volume and density of the victim relative to the surrounding snow by working on the principle of "inverse particles" .

...and you are ontop within 2 seconds.

As with a life vest in the water, the victims swims on the surface of the avalanche. The added volume of 150 liters has been calculated to be needed for cold, dry and loose snow. If the snow is denser, wetter and heavier less volume is needed. The statistics show that all victims carried down by a moving avalanche stayed on top and survived the incident (see the statistics) .

So be safe get prepared and hey have an advantage if you are playing out of bounds.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Moji, The Smart Icing Alternative!

Moji, got the icing right, instead of having to stay in one place, Moji, got you on the move while icing. It wraps around you like a ace bandage would or even a knee brace, what a concept. They also make one for the back.

Moji was founded with the overarching goal of keeping active people active. Our unwavering dedication to becoming the expert source for injury prevention, warm-up, and recovery is core to our ongoing mission. Moji founder, Victor Viner, established the company in 2007 with a vision of creating best-in-class products while also becoming the leading consumer resource on injury prevention, warm-up, and recovery. Victor has surrounded himself with a passionate, forward thinking, experienced team that brings industry expertise to the Moji brand in the areas of design, marketing, manufacturing, operations, technology, and content development.

Price $85 for the knee, but for the average weekend warrior this should last for years, think of what your buddies will say after a game of football and you can ice the joints while watching the game, and getting the drinks.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Marine Life Protection Act

TheSurfrider Foundation is currently working with a wide variety of individuals and organizations on the Marine Life Protection Act –or MLPA. The MLPA is a state law that requires establishing a “network” of marine protected areas along the California coastline. This law is currently being implemented in Southern California.

The Clean Water initiative is primarily focused on protecting water quality in coastal watersheds and in the near-shore marine environment. Consequently, the Surfrider Foundation advocates for strong water quality regulations, adequate marine recreational water quality monitoring, reporting and posting, reduction of polluted discharges into the ocean and education regarding personal responsibility for the reduction water pollution. We also support smart land use planning to ensure that coastal environmental resources are protected and healthy watersheds are maintained.