Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Water Bottle - Spring 2010

Anything to help, this bottle from Stelton can only help. Simple, sleek and useful.

"My" water bottle from Stelton is your personal water bottle - just a bit more stylish than an ordinary recyclable bottle. The bottle takes 0.5 litres and you can find space for it in any bag. My water bottle is a container with a handgrip in a choice of colours, red, midnight blue and light blue. The bottle has a removable top formed like a bottle neck and a close-fitting lid. The top as well as the lid can be removed making it into a
drinking glass.

The bottle, top and lid may be washed in the dish washer and the grip may be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

- Easy to clean
- Perfect size for the bag
- May be used as a drinking glass as well as a bottle

Technical data
Materials - SAN, plastic, fabric
Height - 20 cm
Width - ΓΈ 7 cm
Designed - 2010
Content - 0,5 litre

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home - Tunebug with SurfaceSound Technology

Safety should be your first concern, no matter where you are at or what you are doing. TuneBug changes the safety issue of listening to music while you do your thing and puts it back on you to learn correctly.
Mobile music typically means listening through headphones, dangerously isolating yourself from others and your environment. The Tunebug Shake is an ultra-portable sound generator that can be connected to iPods, MP3 players or mobile phones or used wirelessly using Bluetooth®. When mounted on a bike, skate or snowboard helmet, the Shake creates a surround sound experience.
For more information about the Tunebug Shake click here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

S-MX Bionic 2 Protection Jacket

$299 for this much protection. Alpinestars S-MX Bionic Protection Jacket is high performance for the over protective rider.

Race developed S-MX external thermo-plastic shoulder protection.

Lightweight, technical stretch mesh construction with side zip entry, one piece chest panel.

One piece, integrated polypropylene chest plate.
CE certified elbow protectors.

Removable CE Certified (level 2) Bionic Back Protector.

Adjustable arm and shoulder straps for personalized fit.

Adjustable dual waist Velcro® closure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Marpo Kinetics - VMX multi-mode rope climber

Hey new workout and machines are released everyday, but if you can't have a climbing rope in your gym or garage then VMX Multi-Mode Rope Climberr is a great substitute.


VMX is a multi-mode rope climber with three exercise modes - vertical pull, diagonal pull and horizontal pull. Each mode delivers unparalleled variety of strength and cardio exercises that target your entire body.

Users can easily switch between modes with a simple and safe one-step carriage move.

The longer bench accommodates various positions closer or further away, for longer or shorter hand strokes and allows for seated or standing exercise positions.


- One unit enables strength, cardio or rehabilitation exercises.
- Tri-position sliding carriage enables quick and easy mode changes.
- 7 resistance settings with dynamic breaking system that adapts to each user.
- Bi-directional: pull down or pull up (in vertical mode).
- Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long-lasting.
- Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories.
- Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 81”x36”x92” (cm: 206x92x234)
- Unit weight: 170 lbs. (77 kg)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GPS technology on Rugby field

Wow, now why is it that the Uk is doing this for Rugby and American Football is not? American Football, those guys on the line are huge, sucking wind every chance they get. Imagine that on Fox monitoring the stats of a linebacker and the quarterback. The coach could take them out before they blow up and sub when needed. Wow this could completely change sports for the good. Would make it a heck lot more interesting to watch, cause why do they drink liquid every chance they get?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jumping Light Skipping Rope With Torchlight

img src="" width=350"
Carrying exercise over into the night during the summer is hard, how cool would this look at night, better than fire flies.
With all the energy you expend while jumping rope, imagine using some to power a handy torchlight fitted within the skipping rope handles. Torchlight in any form is a good idea, but the cool quotient in this Jump Light comes from the fact that you won’t need any batteries to power the bulb. It simply runs by converting the kinetic energy from your jumps to electric energy. Now if that isn’t motivational enough for you to skip just a bit more!

Designers: Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee

Monday, January 11, 2010

RoadRacer, Cool Mud Flaps for Road Bikes.

Everyone want to ride all the time, winter and rain sometimes puts a stop to that and who wants to have mud flaps on their sleek carbon road bike. Well RoadRacer by Crud products has put a stop to the way that we look at mud flaps. They have such a tight fit that they are almost undetectable.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Rambler Socket Built-in Wall Extension Cord by Meysam Movahedi � Yanko Design

I want to be able to recharge my gadgets and gizmos with this, what a great idea.
Rambler Socket maybe the solution most of us are looking for as far as extension cords are concerned. I mean if you hit “Extension Cord” on YD, for most of the posts you will see readers nitpicking and finding fault with the design. Here’s why Rambler Socket will knock your socks off. It’s this 1.5 meters cord that unfurls from a cavity behind its socket. When you don’t need extensions, it’s neatly tucked away. When you need it, simply pinch the sides and wind it out.

After the deed is done, you simply give the wire a gentle tug (activates a spring mechanism), and it recoils back into place. Ideal for using with electronics like vacuum cleaners, hair driers etc where you don’t need extension cords on a full-time basis.

Designer: Meysam Movahedi