Tuesday, April 30, 2013


What is not to love, big, thick, Swiss internal movements, oh and the price is perfect $700.
ARMIDA A5 1000m Diver ETA 2824-2

The Armida A5 1000m is a functional diver watch.
Its movement is a Swiss ETA2824-2

- 316l stainless steel case
- Black dial
- white hands
- C3 lumed bezel dot, hour markers and hands
- 42 mm case diameter
- 43mm bezel diameter
- Lug to lug 53mm
- Lug distance 22mm
- Height 17mm
- Double domed sapphire crystal 3.5 mm
- Anti reflective coating on the inside crystal
- 22mm steel bracelet and rubber strap
- Waterproof to 1000m/3300feet
- Screwed and signed crown 7mm
- 1 Year International Warranty

Monday, April 29, 2013

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept by Jose Eduardo Sanchez � Yanko Design

Why do concept cars look so great, then when produced well not so much! Designer: Jose Eduardo Sanchez, has a great concept for the Citroen, Clean Tech! How about this for Triathletes car!
The Citroën DS BiRotor is a hybrid concept that merges aerodynamic coupe styling with 4-door hatchback versatility to form the sportiest Citroën compact yet. It uses the latest in internal combustion and electric power for optimal fuel efficiency and immediate implementation to the current infrastructure. All that squeezed into a superlight carbon and aluminum modular chassis for optimal weight, rigidity and safety.

As for the tires, the Michelin Variable Response is designed to provide both perfect grip and fuel economy. The VR consists primarily of two carbon fiber covers pressed against each other holding the tire in place. The tire is made from a soft colored rubber and black vulcanized harder rubber surrounding it. The wheel features a servo motor that varies the width of the tire depending on weather conditions and driving demands. It works by expanding the rubber and shifting the gaps to direct water more efficiently. When the ground is dry, the tire closes to become flatter, bigger and harder, improving fuel economy .It will also respond to sudden and violent maneuvers in order to increase stability. The carbon covers keep weight low and allow the wheel to have a bigger diameter to cover larger distance with each rotation.

The power train is one-of-a-kind. It features a 600cc Wankel engine that produces 140hp mounted over the rear axle and connected to the rear wheels via CVT transmission. It also features two 30hp electric in-wheel motors at the front to improve performance and fuel economy. These are powered by a bank of supercapacitors that are recharged constantly by the engine. The onboard computer manages the power delivery according to the driver’s demands, being able to function as a fully electric vehicle without the need of batteries or recharging. The typical disadvantage of the Wankel engine, such as lower pressure and oil consumption are rectified by the use of a turbocharger, organic biodegradable oil and hydrogen-on-demand system. The latter uses a water tank and stainless steel plates to generate hydrogen gas and injects it into the engine to improve combustion and lower emissions.

Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2013/04/26/citroen-clean-tech/#PRihLPitFEEueqwT.99

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 Best Dive Watches

You have to love watches, the best is when Timex rates among one of the best. You don't have to have a $5,000 watch to reach the depths, and most of the time they are overrated. Omega Seamaster is one of my favorites. But after a service, it is running fast 1 hour a day fast. never heard of a Timex doing that!
7 Best Dive Watches - Gear Patrol

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Man's Best Friend Gets Its Own Action Cam Mount Courtesy Of Sony

Get ready, having your dog follow you while running can provide some interesting footage, or when he/she chase a squirrel, that could be pretty cool. Well Sony has made a harness for their action cam, that attaches to a dog larger than 33 pounds.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SmartCrossbars™, Easy and Fast!

SmartCrossbars™, manufactured right here in the USA, make it fast and easy to put any attachments like boxes, bike racks and ski racks onto your vehicle.  Thanks to the patent pending quick release system, you can change out components in literally a couple of seconds instead of minutes and hours with Yakima® and Thule® crossbars.
SmartCrossbars™ fit right into the towers made for round Yakima® or square Thule® crossbars.  If you’re buying a new rack, get the recommended towers for your vehicle, and buy SmartCrossbars™ that are at least the width of those they recommend.  If you have an existing rack, just replace the existing crossbars with SmartCrossbars™.
This system is made of extruded, 6065 aluminum and CNC machined for precision. Top that all with military spec hard anodizing and you have a product that is built to work flawlessly and stand up to the elements for decades!

Monday, April 01, 2013

LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment by David — Kickstarter

LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment by David — Kickstarter: LoopAlien - Rapid Cord Attachment
The size is nice, from the initial images it looks larger. This is a must have make cinching up on a line easy and simple.  

The LoopAlien is very easy to use as shown in the video and pictures. To adjust, simply release the tension on the cord and reposition. Once the tension is reapplied the LoopAlien will hold fast. This small, efficient design has been tested to well over 100 pounds using a 1.75 mm cord with no slipping. In fact, the more tension you put on the rope, the more the LoopAlien grips it. The LoopAlien works with cords all the way up to paracord size. The 1.75 mm cord is easier to adjust than the larger paracord sized cords.