Friday, December 22, 2006

KtraK: Ultimate all-terrain Machine

Well if you thought that Mt. Bike season ended when the snow fell, wrong again. KtraK cycle has come up with a snowmobile looking device that attaches to your bike. The KtraK kit comes with a front part and rear. The Rear-Drive Kit is a universal attachment that replaces the rear wheel with a track drive system. The Front Ski Kit replace the front wheel and mounts like a wheel would attaching to your forks. Great but expensive. Check it out. KtraK cycle

Friday, December 15, 2006

traineo | Fitness & Weight Loss Community

As the days draw closer to 2007 and New Year's resolution of losing weight, joining a gym, running a marathon, doing a Tri, get into full swing, we all seem to lose the reason that why we do this, TO GET IN SHAPE, not for anyone else but yourself! I understand that it is not easy but hey adding a few more years to your life and cutting down on global obesity is a good thing, right! Well try Traineo, it might not be for all but it will help you stay motivated by using close friends as motivator's. You sign up and have 5 people in your inner circle, those people get email notifications on how your progress is going, they can then push you, yell at you, or just congratulate. Seems to have a good hook.
"Motivation, Support and Accountability are the keys to achieving a weight loss and fitness goal. Our mission is to create the most effective weight loss and fitness community on the web by combining the latest software technology with sound information and services from the world’s leading health and fitness experts. traineo is the culmination of over three years of development, testing and focus group studies in partnership with leading experts in weight loss, health, sports and fitness."
Check it out if you need to be motivated a little more.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Polar RS800sd Running Computer

It's new and strutting it's stuff, Polar's new running watch or should I say computer. Now the Polar S625X is a great watch already, so how do you improve, team up with adidas. Nike has teamed up with Apple to come up with their version, which talks to you and keeps you on pace, great in it's iPod circle. The RS800sd is in it's own league. This is for the serious athlete who is looking to improve their performancee by crunching the data at the end of the workout. The one part that hurts is the price, $470.
Here is the short list of what it has to offer:
Running Cadence and Average Stride Length
Running Index
R-R Intervals / Online HR Variability
Speed/Pace and Distance
Polar sport zones
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
Check it out! Polar USA