Friday, July 18, 2014

Safelet, A Safety Bracelet.

Safelet is a safety bracelet that allows you to send out an emergency alert to your friends, family and the police with just one click.
Safelet works with the Safelet app on iOS and Android. The Safelet app is used to establish a Bluetooth low energy connection between Safelet and your smartphone.

Once Safelet and your phone are connected, you can use the app to invite your friends and family to become your guardians.

If you want to be protected by an even bigger network, simply select the the option that enables your alarm to be sent to other people in the Safelet Community that are, at the moment of the alarm, close to you.

From now on you are connected and protected by people who will be there when you need help.
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I am not into the bids, but this sort of makes sense. I like the idea of having someplace to store my gear without the swinging motion of a backpack.
Great review from Vital MTB
  • VaporRize™ moisture transfer mesh fabrics
  • Five SWAT integrated pockets, patent-pending construction
  • Fold-over leg cuff
  • Body Geometry Mountain Chamois
  • 10" inseam-size medium

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Best Yet, Hexo+ Drone That Follows You! GAME CHANGER

Deciding how you want your aerial camera to frame your shot is ridiculously intuitive. A 3D model of your camera’s point of view lets you pinch to set the distance between your subject and your drone, slide laterally for panning and vertically for height. You can film yourself from the front, side, back and everywhere in between. All you need is your smartphone plus three intuitive gestures and you’re set.