Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfect Pushup, Navy SEAL's

Trying to perfect the one thing that people have been doing for fitness since 1905, the pushup, is not an easy task. That being said, The Prefect Pushup does just that, our Military (best in the world) does some pretty basic fitness routines to see if you have what it takes and have been doing it for quite some time. Stew Smith a former Navy SEAL and now fitness writer and trainer has outlined the standard requirements to pass the fitness test. Some of you will look at this and say hey I can do that, remember they are called on each on they do, all the way down and up, but not completed until the instructor calls it out.
So when the The Prefect Pushup came out, also developed by Alden Mills, a seven year veteran of the Navy SEALs, people tend to give it a little more credibility, I do.
"As a SEAL Team TWO platoon commander, LCDR Mills' platoon was chosen for a one year study to determine why SEALs suffered unusually high injury rates during their careers. (73% of SEALs were on disability after 20 years of service) After learning the injuries were linked to their training methods, SEAL trainers switched from age-old body building techniques to Functional Training.

Functional Training mimics the natural movement patterns a person employs at work, playing sports and in daily life so they become stronger for the things they do. LCDR Mills learned that many muscles have a natural rotation in their movement, and the more these muscles are allowed to rotate, the more fully the muscles get engaged and the better the results. Just as you rotate your arms when swinging a baseball bat, a golf club or throwing a punch, your muscles and joints want to rotate when you do a pushup. We like to say, “From Rotation Comes Power!”™

Very few people in the world do more pushups than Navy SEALs. The pushup is the primary exercise for all three phases of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. Even to earn the right to start BUD/S, candidates must meet minimum pushup standards. And long after SEALs graduate from BUD/S, they are tested semi-annually on their ability to perform a number of pushups in two minutes. It's a proven exercise, but it's one that can put undo stress on joints and prevents muscles from following their natural rotation. Thanks to Alden Mills and his BODYREV teammates, the code for the perfect pushup has been cracked. Which means, you get more muscles naturally engaged for better results faster."

Enough Said!
Now get out of the gym and build your body right. The Prefect Pushup

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Polar Cadence Sensor Set

A must have for all cyclist. You may feel as though you are turning in a good pace and the MPH is up in the 20+ but nothing is like tracking your Cadence. one of the best places to get triathlon gear has the Cadence Sensor set for $45.95 a great price for knowing your Cadence.
What is you Cadence you ask:

When cyclists talk about cadence they are referring to the number of revolutions that they crank makes each minute as the pedals are turned. This in layman’s terms simply is the speed at which the cyclist pedals or turns the pedals on the bike as they ride.

Most cyclists will have a certain cadence speed which they feel comfortable with when they are out riding. Today a lot of bicycles come with a large number of gears so it makes it possible for a cyclist to stick to a cadence that they prefer through a wide range of different speeds at which they are traveling. Normally a typical cyclist will look at having a cadence of between 60 and 80 revs per minute (rpm), whilst professional (racing) cyclists will look at theirs being between 80 and 120 rpm. However sprint cyclists will normally be able to manage 170 rpm for very short distances. Lance Armstrong one of the worlds well known professional cyclists is able to produce a cadence of 120 rpm. Read more at Ezine! So get into Cadence and ride faster for longer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

New York Triathlon is Upon Us!

With all that is going on how could one miss the New York City Triathlon, in my opinion this is right up there with New York City Marathon. I am really excited to be a part of the race and Toyota's Engines of Change team. The technology and effort to put events like this on are incredible. You have Nautica one of the main sponsors, Toyota's Engines of Change , Janus, Accelerade, GHI, ORBEA great bikes by the way, Lifetime Triathlon Series, Vitamin Shoppe and Ameriprise. With out all these sponsor and the money they put up events like this would never happen. Thanks All and get ready for the fastest swim in a Triathlon, I am not sure if that is current or the desire to get out of the Hudson!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heated Wetsuit

A Heated Wetsuit! Hotsuits have come out with a way to keep you warm in the water, a kidney belt that emits heat for up to an hour. It seems as though Rip Curl has a heated wetsuit, and a pretty cool video to show it off, hey if you have the money to make a music video to promote your product go for it and YouTube has helped all sorts of inventor get their message out, but I digress.
Hotsuits claims that providing heat to the kidney region helps maintain core temperature, and warm blood flow to the rest of the body. The thing that I like the most about this is that it is portable, unlike Rip Curl's, it is not just limited to wetsuits, how about skiing, climbing, sailing, openwater swimming, you get the idea. Hotsuits is also the winner of ISPO, Brand New Award! I am sure Rip Curl has a great product, but a young inventor like this you have to give them a shot, plus they might be cheaper plus you don't have to buy a new wetsuit. Hotsuits Heated Kidney Belt + 16.50AUD worldwide postage (regular airmail)=$105.50 AUD or $91.73.
Check them out! Hotsuits

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Fun: dig&sit

Doing triathlon's, spectators get the short end of the stick, until now! I am hoping to get into the Block Island Triathlon and what a great way for a family to sit and watch the swim portion of the race, dig&sit is a great product coming out of Europe, and it was a finalist at the ISPO Brand New Awards and I can see why!

"The dig&sit® is a flexible beach sofa. Ideal for a quick visit to the beach or the complete beach holiday. In combination with sand the seating possibilities are endless. In no time you (literally) dig the perfect 3-seater on your favorite spot!

The Dig&sit® is made of two layers of damp proof, PVC coated nylon. Quilted foam zones give the necessary comfort in the back- and seating areas. Around the seating area there is a 40 cm wide edge which prevents sand coming onto the seating area. Built-in stainless steel eyes in the corners secure the Dig&sit into the ground to prevent it from blowing up.

The sophisticated dividing zones make it easy to fold up the Dig&sit and the stitched foam zones force the Dig&sit into a compact roll. With the accompanying rucksack it is easy to take the dig&sit everywhere. Spade and security pegs are included."
All I can say is I WANT ONE...dig&sit

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coming to America: Polar g3 sensor (GPS)

Polar is adding to the US line it g3 sensor, which is a GPS unit for it's RS800 watch. This is great for Polar who had been lacking in the GPS department, both Garmin Forerunner 305 and Timex Bodylink have been doing this for quite sometime, making an uphill battle for Polar. If Polar could incorporate it into existing watches through a software upgrade so users could just buy the g3 sensor that would be a slam dunk for Polar, and would catapult them over Garmin and Timex.
Here is what Polar is saying:
GPS (g3) vs. Stride Sensor (s3)
The RS800 training system was launched along with the s3 stride sensor. Both the s3 and the g3 units have distinct advantages for measuring speed and distance:

Worn on the foot (or in a cavity in the mid-sole of adidas adistar running shoes), Polar’s s3 stride sensor is the best choice for running; using sensitive inertial sensors to track the position of the foot 1000 times a second it is immune from signal dropout and gives accurate and highly responsive speed, distance, leg cadence and stride length measurements. s3 is the right choice for competitive runners who want to improve their technique and running efficiency.

g3 can be worn around the waist, the arm or even carried in a back pack and, as movement is tracked by the global positioning system, it tracks speed and distance across all terrestrial sports.

“Adding g3 to the RS800 training system enables athletes, who train and compete in sport categories additional to running, to benefit fully from the complete range of industry leading features incorporated in the wrist computer and accompanying Pro Trainer 5 PC software.” says Marco Suvilaakso, Product Manager, Polar Electro Oy.

On sale through authorised Polar resellers during the second half of 2007, g3 will be available for purchase as an upgrade for existing RS800 owners, or as a complete set in the RS800g3 Training System.

Let's hope we don't have to buy a new watch...Check it out!
g3 Sensor

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vital Monitoring System by Dan Bishop

In my gym there is an area where I can sit down, put a blood pressure cuff on and get my statistics. Nice but how many others have put their sweaty arms in that cuff! This Monitoring system designed by Dan Bishop is aimed at ease of use. With only a few steps to get the reading it really is that simple, plus from the look of it, plastic, which can be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe, nice touch.
How it works:
• First, a baseline vitals reading is taken manually, to reference future readings from.
• Then, whenever a new reading is needed, the patient is informed via light vibration that their vital signs need to be measured and recorded.
• Next, the patient swipes the temperature sensor, located on the bottom of the monitor, across their forehead.
• This activates the blood pressure/pulse sensor on the inside of the monitor, next to the wrist.
• The data collected by both sensors is then complied and sent wirelessly to a paperless charting system that records and logs patients vitals.
All done, reducing stress and work load on staff. Vital Monitoring System
Check it out