Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfect Pushup, Navy SEAL's

Trying to perfect the one thing that people have been doing for fitness since 1905, the pushup, is not an easy task. That being said, The Prefect Pushup does just that, our Military (best in the world) does some pretty basic fitness routines to see if you have what it takes and have been doing it for quite some time. Stew Smith a former Navy SEAL and now fitness writer and trainer has outlined the standard requirements to pass the fitness test. Some of you will look at this and say hey I can do that, remember they are called on each on they do, all the way down and up, but not completed until the instructor calls it out.
So when the The Prefect Pushup came out, also developed by Alden Mills, a seven year veteran of the Navy SEALs, people tend to give it a little more credibility, I do.
"As a SEAL Team TWO platoon commander, LCDR Mills' platoon was chosen for a one year study to determine why SEALs suffered unusually high injury rates during their careers. (73% of SEALs were on disability after 20 years of service) After learning the injuries were linked to their training methods, SEAL trainers switched from age-old body building techniques to Functional Training.

Functional Training mimics the natural movement patterns a person employs at work, playing sports and in daily life so they become stronger for the things they do. LCDR Mills learned that many muscles have a natural rotation in their movement, and the more these muscles are allowed to rotate, the more fully the muscles get engaged and the better the results. Just as you rotate your arms when swinging a baseball bat, a golf club or throwing a punch, your muscles and joints want to rotate when you do a pushup. We like to say, “From Rotation Comes Power!”™

Very few people in the world do more pushups than Navy SEALs. The pushup is the primary exercise for all three phases of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. Even to earn the right to start BUD/S, candidates must meet minimum pushup standards. And long after SEALs graduate from BUD/S, they are tested semi-annually on their ability to perform a number of pushups in two minutes. It's a proven exercise, but it's one that can put undo stress on joints and prevents muscles from following their natural rotation. Thanks to Alden Mills and his BODYREV teammates, the code for the perfect pushup has been cracked. Which means, you get more muscles naturally engaged for better results faster."

Enough Said!
Now get out of the gym and build your body right. The Prefect Pushup

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