Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Polar Cadence Sensor Set

A must have for all cyclist. You may feel as though you are turning in a good pace and the MPH is up in the 20+ but nothing is like tracking your Cadence. one of the best places to get triathlon gear has the Cadence Sensor set for $45.95 a great price for knowing your Cadence.
What is you Cadence you ask:

When cyclists talk about cadence they are referring to the number of revolutions that they crank makes each minute as the pedals are turned. This in layman’s terms simply is the speed at which the cyclist pedals or turns the pedals on the bike as they ride.

Most cyclists will have a certain cadence speed which they feel comfortable with when they are out riding. Today a lot of bicycles come with a large number of gears so it makes it possible for a cyclist to stick to a cadence that they prefer through a wide range of different speeds at which they are traveling. Normally a typical cyclist will look at having a cadence of between 60 and 80 revs per minute (rpm), whilst professional (racing) cyclists will look at theirs being between 80 and 120 rpm. However sprint cyclists will normally be able to manage 170 rpm for very short distances. Lance Armstrong one of the worlds well known professional cyclists is able to produce a cadence of 120 rpm. Read more at Ezine! So get into Cadence and ride faster for longer.

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