Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Fun: dig&sit

Doing triathlon's, spectators get the short end of the stick, until now! I am hoping to get into the Block Island Triathlon and what a great way for a family to sit and watch the swim portion of the race, dig&sit is a great product coming out of Europe, and it was a finalist at the ISPO Brand New Awards and I can see why!

"The dig&sit® is a flexible beach sofa. Ideal for a quick visit to the beach or the complete beach holiday. In combination with sand the seating possibilities are endless. In no time you (literally) dig the perfect 3-seater on your favorite spot!

The Dig&sit® is made of two layers of damp proof, PVC coated nylon. Quilted foam zones give the necessary comfort in the back- and seating areas. Around the seating area there is a 40 cm wide edge which prevents sand coming onto the seating area. Built-in stainless steel eyes in the corners secure the Dig&sit into the ground to prevent it from blowing up.

The sophisticated dividing zones make it easy to fold up the Dig&sit and the stitched foam zones force the Dig&sit into a compact roll. With the accompanying rucksack it is easy to take the dig&sit everywhere. Spade and security pegs are included."
All I can say is I WANT ONE...dig&sit

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