Monday, September 29, 2014

Tree House That's a Tent!

The Tentsile Connect is the ultimate 2 person portable treehouse tent . With a removable fly sheet, available in a choice of colours it offers you and your partner the chance to connect with each other and nature, but can also connect to other Tentsile Connect tents to create suspended super-camps of 3 or more tents creating additional central communal space!  Lighter, cheaper, modular, versatile and truly the best in arboreal camping. Now you and your friends can all hang out together with no limit to the size of your crew.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best Jackets for Winter!

Here comes the fall, it really never felt like summer arrived. It was one of the best summers I can remember, cool and just fans in the house. Well we are at fall now and it is time to start to think about Jackets. Outside Magazine has the 5 best for 2015.

Bergans Utakleiv ($189)

Arc’teryx Ceres ($750)

Dynafit Denali ($400)

Black Diamond Front Point $599

Patagonia Wind Shield ($139)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stop, Tail-light & HD Camera!

Watch out, fall is here and winter is coming. This is the time of year that motorist forget about cyclist and bad things happen. The Fly6 takes some of the worry out of what is coming up behind you, alerts other drivers and records in real time in case something bad does happen. 
Feel safe and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Upgrade to the latest cycling accessory designed by cyclists. Fly6 replaces your existing tail-light and records in real-time what happens behind you, so you can now ride worry free.
  • HD video (wide angle)
  • Nano-tech protection
  • USB rechargeable
  • 5+ hrs record time
  • Incident protection
  • Lightweight/compact

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Paddle-board or Paddle-Craft?

A NEW CATEGORY OF PADDLECRAFT that sets previously unknown standards for comfort, stability, dry ride and versatility. Deck mounted on fore and aft tracks, the patented adjustable ergonomically designed seat and leaning post combination allows you to PADDLE OR FISH from a supported standing position or from a seated position. Whether you want to FISH - CRUISE - EXPLORE, you must try the CRUISERBOARD. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT on the water! Easier to paddle than a SUP and dryer and more comfortable than a kayak. Multiple Uses: Fishing: Fishing from a CruiserBoard in a seated position is much more comfortable and far drier than a flat-water kayak. Leisure: Cruising is enjoyable for all ages and abilities because of the board's extreme stability, comfort and ease of paddling. Resort Rentals: The CruiserBoard is very popular with rentals & schools because of its' versatility and user friendliness. Yacht Toy: The multi-functional CruiserBoard will appeal to a wide range of guests' skill levels making for a more enjoyable time.
$2500, a bit steep but great idea