Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Paddle-board or Paddle-Craft?

A NEW CATEGORY OF PADDLECRAFT that sets previously unknown standards for comfort, stability, dry ride and versatility. Deck mounted on fore and aft tracks, the patented adjustable ergonomically designed seat and leaning post combination allows you to PADDLE OR FISH from a supported standing position or from a seated position. Whether you want to FISH - CRUISE - EXPLORE, you must try the CRUISERBOARD. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT on the water! Easier to paddle than a SUP and dryer and more comfortable than a kayak. Multiple Uses: Fishing: Fishing from a CruiserBoard in a seated position is much more comfortable and far drier than a flat-water kayak. Leisure: Cruising is enjoyable for all ages and abilities because of the board's extreme stability, comfort and ease of paddling. Resort Rentals: The CruiserBoard is very popular with rentals & schools because of its' versatility and user friendliness. Yacht Toy: The multi-functional CruiserBoard will appeal to a wide range of guests' skill levels making for a more enjoyable time.
$2500, a bit steep but great idea