Monday, October 31, 2011

Augmented Reality, Good Use

There are many uses for Agumented Reality Game companies are trying to figure out a good use, The Daemon, has some good examples of this as well, along with heads up display. This would fall into both. One delivering info while another updating items as you pass. 
European Satellite Navigation Competition in Munich and this beautiful system won the competition. This is a True3D GPS navigation system designed by Making Virtual Solid (MVS-California). In this solution the images are projected onto cars’ windshield to provide a non-distracting and transparent route guidance. With True3D a 3D surrounding is projected over the real world keeping drivers’ eyes on the road. There are virtual road signs for potential hazards and an opportunity that advertisers would love to get their hands to display business logos floating over them. 

Virtual Cable™

Virtual Cable™ is an augmented reality (AR) application for automotive navigation. The system, using our breakthrough
true-3D technology
, presents a wayfinding line visible right through the windshield; presenting the information as a natural part of the landscape. As you can see in the video below, the line appears to be stretched over the road for several hundered yards in front of the car, above the street-level activity of traffic.
Current GPS systems distract the driver's gaze from the road to animated two-dimensional maps, with a distinct lag as the brain interprets the map information and applies it to the route. Often several glances are required to resolve the differences between the "cartoon version" of the GPS data and the real world. The Virtual Cable™, with its naturalistic perspective and foreshortening, appears to the driver as a solid overhead cable, showing turn-by-turn information way before the driver needs to act on it.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

New Vision, Kayak!

Interesting take on Kayaking. I see that the body is secure but how about the legs. Design is wonderful and if this could transform into a workable solution I am all for it, especially when surfing in the waves.
Freestyle kayaking is a relatively young offshoot of the canoe sport, where athletes perform maneuvers similar to those of skaters, snowboarders or surfers. This freestyle kayak design by David Laudert aims to improve upon the ergonomics, appearance, and overall user connection to the kayak. The athlete “fuses” with the hull and is fully supported within the interior without the use of straps that normally hold an athlete in place, relieving the fear of getting stuck under the boat in the event that it turns over and simultaneously enhancing the adrenaline-pumping experience.
Designer: David Laudert

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Each piece in the DemonBell line started individually with an ornamental design inspired from various global and cultural influences. Through extensive testing and evaluation of working prototypes, we have finally produced the fully functional works of art you see here. Each directional weight carries its own unique modifications, from anatomically designed handle grips and specific weight distribution for balance, to specially angled backs to match forearm angles during snatch movements. We designed each DemonBell while paying as much attention to function as we did form.

In blending these ergonomic improvements with the art and tradition of warrior cultures around the globe, we’ve created a new brand, a more performance-oriented bell that truly represents the aggressive and competitive nature of our shared communities—CrossFit, Navy SEAL, Military, Fire Department, Law Enforcement, MMA. You know what it takes to excel in your arena, you know what it takes to dig deep within yourself, to find that motivation to complete that one last rep, that one last step.

We created DemonBells to reflect that mentality, and to inspire you as well as enable you to push yourself even more. There is beauty in movement, elegance in form, and aggression and passion in art. Move and be moved. This is Art in Motion. These are DemonBells.

SnowMiner Headlamp/Lantern

This simply small and powerful headlamp is what you have been looking for. Not that you needed another head lamp this one can be converted to a lantern, really we would have never thought of that!

Snow Peak’s new headlamp, the SnowMiner offers a high quality headlamp that easily transforms into a hanging lantern. The backpacker can now light up the trail and the tent in a compact and lightweight solution.  The SnowMiner’s smart and patent pending design allows for the lens to be easily removed with a single hand, converting to an amazing ambient light spanning 180 degrees.  The multi-function, sleek design, and long battery life are all included in this new product, the SnowMiner. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dumbbells Pull Back!

The ReCoil Workout System combines two existing fitness products: a dumbbell and a resistance band. A resistance band is coiled up inside each pod, which are color-coated based on their level of resistance. Each pod can screw onto either the specially designed dumbbell or curl bar, allowing the users to customize their own dumbbell by screwing on the desired pods.
Credits: Emron Jackson Henry and Professor Bryan Howell, IDSA of Brigham Young University
Contact: Emron Henry:

The ReCoil is a 2011 IDEA Awards entry.

Sugru, Hacking Things Together!

Very science-y indeed

Extremely clever scientists have been working on sugru for over 5 years to give it as many great physical properties as possible, so it can be as versatile and useful as possible for you.

Makes your stuff perfect (for you)

Why are so many products just so bad? Uncomfortable tin openers, leaky trainers, they get our goat! Why should you have to spend $30 on a designer tin opener? You shouldn't! Hack the one you have instead. Power to the (handy) people!

Makes your stuff last (really long)

sugru can help you dramatically prolong the life of your stuff. By applying in some cases even a teeny tiny bit to your things, you get to keep them for much longer and decrease your impact on our wee world. Repair with gusto!

Bouncing Together

Monday, October 03, 2011

Give the Shirt Off Your Back!

Today through November 27th, MK is rewarding you for donating the shirt off your back to a local charity. 

Here's the deal: donate a new or gently-used shirt to your local MK Retailer. For your generous donation, you will receive $20 off one MK Original MountainTop. Plus, the more shirts you donate, the more Original MountainTops you'll receive at $20 off (1:1). All donated shirts will be given by your MK Retailer to a local charity of their choice. 

Also, share the spirit of giving & win on Facebook! Post a picture of yourself donating a shirt on the MK Facebook page, and you'll be entered to win free MK apparel. 

Details, details. Offer valid only at participating MK retailers nationwide. For each shirt you donate, you will receive a $20 discount toward an MK Original MountainTop. The discount applies only to MK Original MountainTops (Stagecoach Jacket, Stagecoach Vest, Old Faithful Sweater, Original Mountain Denim Shirt, Teton Flannel Shirt, Teton Twill Shirt, Trapper Henley) and only one discount can be redeemed per item purchased. MK t-shirts & hoodies are not eligible for the discount. The discount(s) must be used the same day you donate for in-stock merchandise only. Promotion ends November 27, 2011.

Facebook Contest: (5) lucky MK fans will be chosen each month at random to receive a $75 MK Teton gift card to be redeemed online at (10) winners total for the two month promotion. Winners will be announced October 31st and November 30th.