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Monday, October 31, 2011

Augmented Reality, Good Use

There are many uses for Agumented Reality Game companies are trying to figure out a good use, The Daemon, has some good examples of this as well, along with heads up display. This would fall into both. One delivering info while another updating items as you pass. 
European Satellite Navigation Competition in Munich and this beautiful system won the competition. This is a True3D GPS navigation system designed by Making Virtual Solid (MVS-California). In this solution the images are projected onto cars’ windshield to provide a non-distracting and transparent route guidance. With True3D a 3D surrounding is projected over the real world keeping drivers’ eyes on the road. There are virtual road signs for potential hazards and an opportunity that advertisers would love to get their hands to display business logos floating over them. 

Virtual Cable™

Virtual Cable™ is an augmented reality (AR) application for automotive navigation. The system, using our breakthrough
true-3D technology
, presents a wayfinding line visible right through the windshield; presenting the information as a natural part of the landscape. As you can see in the video below, the line appears to be stretched over the road for several hundered yards in front of the car, above the street-level activity of traffic.
Current GPS systems distract the driver's gaze from the road to animated two-dimensional maps, with a distinct lag as the brain interprets the map information and applies it to the route. Often several glances are required to resolve the differences between the "cartoon version" of the GPS data and the real world. The Virtual Cable™, with its naturalistic perspective and foreshortening, appears to the driver as a solid overhead cable, showing turn-by-turn information way before the driver needs to act on it.
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