Sunday, December 21, 2008

MotionX-GPS now on the App Store

iPhone has changed so much of what and how we work and play. MotionX-GPS takes it a bit further with an easy to use handheld GPS on your iPhone. You can use the virtual compass for navigation and the stopwatch to record time, distance, speed and average pace. Email your tracks and waypoints with your photos to share with your friends and family in Google Earth and Google Maps. Use MotionX-GPS while biking, running, hiking, walking, geocaching, in your car or on your boat. It has a stopwatch to time your ride, run, set way points and share with Google maps really great to see what in the next year the iPhone and others companies start to come up with.
Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy Spin Bike Design, We Can Only Hope

We can only hope that design starts to trickle down to the fitness industry. Having Frog Design or Mark Hagen a design student North Carolina State University College of Design, start to take a look at traditional exercise equipment would be a welcome change. Some people like CrossFit and some like more traditional almost surgical approach like Phrog Fitness. Places like Phrog could benifit greatly with a Apple design appeal. However the change is to happen it will and with forward thinkers like Mark Hagen the fitness industry should take notice.
happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cover the Noggin

In the winter the myth is that you lose 75% of the heat through you head and others studies show the cerebral blood flow is supplied via the carotid and vertebral arteries (4 in total) and is constant. The blood flow to the brain does not change as the demand for oxygen is constant. As a result, when you look at total heat loss, the head accounts for about 7% of the heat lost.
Any way that you shake it you lose some heat through your head and if you like wearing a hat and listening to music it seems as though we have another player to the game. The LimbGear® Noggin Net™ is an mp3 enabled skullcap that houses both the mp3 player and the earbuds. The soft, fleece textile is breathable and warm. The idea is not new but the interesting part is incorporating the mp3 player into the skullcap, hence hiding all the wires and the Nano in the cap itself. The downfall is that if you are like millions of iPhone users, putting one in your skullcap could be a bit heavy.
All in all it is a great idea, grab an old Shuffle and this is a great gift.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Expresso Fitness, A new spin on fitness.

Were not talking about coffee but we should be based on the ride that Express is going to put you on. As they put it "eye-popping virtual reality with a classic cardio workout". They really put their minds to it and re-thought some of the basic functions that got in the way on other bikes, like a real head phone jack and walk through design. Expresso talent really lies with in the computer system itself, bringing to life a true VR experience, motivate your members with over 30 Basic-to-Extreme rated interactive Tours – ride from the California Coast to the Peruvian Mountains, play a game while riding and where it really gets interesting, captures your individual workout data, allowing members to track and analyze performance online anytime, anywhere. Leader boards, personal trend reports and community challenges motivate riders to keep working toward their goals.

So if I were you demand one of these at your club, standard TV is so 2008.

This would be a great fit with Health Currency.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Innovations by Rossignol :: CHRONO METEO JACKET

When companies push the limit it should make you happy. Rossignol is one of those companies. It seems as though they took a good concept from Swatch, POP Swatch which just had the watch on it, but could be embedded in clothes. So it seems as though Rossignol is trying a similar approach but using high end technology to click in to its jacket.
It's not easy to check your watch when you're on the trail wearing gloves, a fleece, and a protective jacket . Rossignol has found the solution: The Gore Tex® stretch CHRONO METEO jacket with the Pure Mountain Station.
Used alone or slid inside a watertight thermoformed insert worn outside the jacket on the wrist, it combines all the vital features for skiers:
• Barometer mode providing atmospheric pressure, temperature, and weather forecasts
• Altimeter mode to display the altitude in real-time, calculate and record your vertical drop, and measure your performance using a computer
• Digital compass to determine your direction

As the watch is always subject to a fall or extreme conditions, it was designed to be shock proof and weather resistant. The intentionally oversized liquid crystal digits and numbers are easy to read at a glance. It includes a number of other practical features: timer, alarm, etc.
It comes with an accessory kit including leash, desk stand and clip for use in all situations, at home, touring, in the car, in the office, etc. More than just a watch, this is a genuine multi functional screen

Good Stuff Rossignol

Monday, December 08, 2008

SwitchBack, small, powerful and keeps you riding.

So since the gas prices have drop, Princeton Tech seems to want to keep them that way, introducing the Switchback 1 the smallest most powerful light. With lights like these coming on the market the only thing that will keep you from biking is yourself.
Burn time is 10 hours (of course on the lowest setting), that should get you to work and back and if not just charge up while at work. Working through all the setting on a ride will get you 5 hours, not bad. Hey is you are still doing the bike commute, training, riding the trails after 6 pm, this light will keep you out just a little longer and that is only a good thing. Put one of these on your holiday list.

Monday, December 01, 2008

ColdAvenger, Stay Out Longer!

Breath freely and without fear of freezing. Designed for a variety of winter outdoor activities where protection from cold is essential. Researched and developed in Northern Rocky Mountain winters and tested in snow and freezing weather, ColdAvenger™ keeps your face warm and dry while helping humidify inhaled air and allowing you to breathe freely. Hey it beat a snorkel and looking funny while skiing or snowboarding.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tracking technology, Heart, Speed, Calories, for the iPhone

Nice to see that companies are using mobile phones as the "one" device, the Garmin and other GPS systems are become useless as the mobile phones get smaller and smarter.

iTMP Technology, Inc. (iTMP), makers of iSPINNING, iNewLeaf and iRPM have a great solution using the iPhone and a smheart link to bridge the gap between your heart rate monitor and other devices. Allowing it to be stored in one place and view right away.
iSPINNING is a device you use along with your iPhone. SMHEART LINK is compatible with a growing list of products and sensors. SMHEART LINK utilizes ANT+Sport™ technology and iTMP is in the final stages of development with another market leader in heart rate monitor technology. ANT+Sport is a 2.4 GHz wireless network with standardized communication between devices including bike speed sensors, cadence sensors, power sensors and heart rate transmitter belts.
SMHEART LINK™, developed by iTMP Technology, is a wireless bridge that collects data from a variety of health and fitness sensors such as heart rate monitors, cycling speed and cadence sensors and power meters. Sending the data to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, SMHEART LINK enables iTMP’s suite of fitness applications, turning your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate fitness metrics monitor.
Cheers the SMHEART LINK will be available for the holiday and resolution seasons.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

keeping Heated while surfing. Rip Curl's H-Bomb

So things are heating up, Rip Curl has up the anti and made surfing a year round activity or at least the ability to keep you in the water longer.
The H-Bomb uses 2 lithium-ion 7.4 volt batteries they are rechargeable and last for 3 hours. The idea is simple a heating elements placed on your back warm up your core, allowing your heart to pump warm blood to your extremities.
The whole suit is made from E3 neoprene, lightest, warmest and most flexible neoprene. Their is a Fireskin lining that will wick the water away from your body and combines with the heaters to keep you warm.
Final a chest zip entry, moving it off to the side so not to impede your comfort while paddeling for a wave.

Way to Go Rip Curl - H-Bomb

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trek Stop

First special thanks to Bicycle Design for finding and alerting the general public to this type of support from Trek.

When you see this type of kiosk popping up, bike traffic must be on the rise. Great now lets hope it continuous since gas prices have fallen, bike commuting has been one of the reasons that the gas industry has drop their prices.
The Trek Stop allows you to put air in your tires, buy tubes, water bottles, patch kits, energy bars and chain lub out of a vending machine. Plus it have a bike stand, just like in bike shops so that you can work on your bike. Would be great if this sort of things caught on and they were popping up all over the place.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cape Fear - The Coastal Aventure Outfitter

It is always nice when you see new stuff come out. The market is flooded with jackets by North Face and Columbia Sportswear, these companies are great and dump millions of dollars into testing which in turn trickles down to the lesser known brands and of course the just starting out. Remember Mountain Hardwear was just a tiny shop back in 1993, and look 20 years later they are a powerful force in the outdoors clothing game.

So Cape Fear a company based on the east coast and is dedicated to the true outdoor enthusiast, not the mountain climber or adventure racer but your every day Joe. Boating, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Exploring and what most do in there jackets is RELAXING, bumming around, shopping. Cape Fear could have a very good niche if they play their cards right, get the everyday layman, outfit them with good clothing at a great price. They are not trying to get the Volvo Ocean Racer or maybe they are, but a safe bet is for the general enthusiast, who want to keep warm and dry.
"CapeFear Sportswear was developed for those who want to experience both the adventure and the tranquility of the coast. We are committed to delivering the highest in comfort, quality, and protection to all who want to live the coastal lifestyle to its fullest."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ring Training, Elite Rings

Sometimes cool technology and wonderful gadgets can be great to capture a workout but nothing beats Cross Fit or Ring Training both use tried and true methods of getting incredible results. Cross Fit is using natural movements, core strengthening activities and the desire to get fit. Ring Training is the take anywhere incredible workout that is humbling to those who think they are in shape, be prepared to start from scratch and feel muscle ache that you might have thought were strong. Ring Training is exactly that, RINGS the same ones that gymnast use, try doing a Iron Cross, dips, push ups,your arms start to shake just being in the pose. Every fiber is used to keep you in-line.
"At we use our own advanced designs, high tech materials and production methods to create the best quality fitness equipment that will last a lifetime. At one time, gymnastics rings were a fixture in nearly every gym. Back then, people were as strong as they looked! We were the first to bring gymnastics ring training back into the general fitness community and the results have been amazing. Our equipment has been used to train professional athletes and teams, elite military units, Hollywood movies and primetime TV shows. Our goal of bringing functional and effective gymnastics training to the masses has been a huge success. Thank you to everyone around the world who has used the Elite Rings and help spread the word."

Now Cross Fit, brings the whole world crashing down. Get ready for a new world of crazy. Cross Fit post a new workout on their site every day and some use just your body, others use weight, even kettlebells, the basic priciple is great, get some simple weights, Rings, KettleBells and you are good to go, open your garage door, or if you are hard core go outside, rain or shine.
CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.

Get to and be prepared to be humbled.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Polar's new body tunning watch - FT80

Wow Polar has really stepped it up with the new FT80, the FT80 is the most dedicated training partner for the most devoted fitness enthusiasts. This intelligent training computer helps you achieve maximum efficiency and reach your workout targets for both cardio and strength training, plus its stylish design is comfortable during a hot workout or in everyday use. You can hook up the GPS and Foot pod to make the watch a complete body tracker. The best thing is that it takes TWO heart rate functions and you can overlay them to see together. NICE

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Personal Health Records, Aetna Links Up With Microsoft’s HealthVault

So companies are starting to drive their stakes in the ground and Aetna with HealthVault is a good idea. Having the ability for an insurance company to transfer "YOUR" records so all can view, if you grant the right permissions, is a huge step in the right direction.
Now Personal Health Records have been the talk of the town for a while now. most people stay away from them for one reason or another. mostly because they think big brother is watching them, which is not the case. Health records are protect by HIPAA and have a better encryption than shopping on line, we all do that now. Many ears ago most of us would never think about entering our credit card info online or pay bills, have companies linked to our banking accounts but today it is the norm. The same thing is going to happen with PHR/EHR, soon everyone will be on board and going to the doctor and having them connect to "YOUR" records will be that easy. Since they will be "YOUR" records as they should be, going from one doctor to the next will be simple, no more transferring those records and waiting till the doctor receives them and reads them. You can grant permission, take away that right as well. At first PHR can be overwhelming but once you play with the system it is easier than looking at your cell phone bill. Now Microsoft has HealthVault and Google has Google Health, like most Google product the frills are gone leaving you with a clean and simple interface. Neither is better or worse but both could benefit from HealthCurrency, maybe they will call or email and this whole health system will change for the better.

So get on board and start to use the PHA, waiting will only be more data entry.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Be Safe, Down Low Glow!

So you look like a low rider, but the glow lets motorist know you are out and about. Most have a headlight and blinking tail light, which does it job, but Down Low Glow illuminates your whole surroundings. So worry less about not being seen and take back the night.

  1. The Down Low Glow comes with a lightweight NiMh rechargeable battery. It weighs 1 pound and is the heaviest component of the DLG system. It is weatherproof and has a high quality coaxial power connector that mates with our DLG chargers, and with the DLG light tubes. It also has a foam strip underneath the outer rubber layer, to prevent road vibrations from dislodging it.
  2. The Down Low Glow fits a wide variety of vehicles. Most bicycles, including kids bikes, recumbents, tricycles, fixed gear racing bikes with tight front-wheel clearances, and full-suspension mountain bikes can be fitted up with no problem. The Down Low Glow light tubes are 12.75" long and have approximately 10" of wire connecting them to our power driver box. Between the battery and the power driver box is another 12" of cable.
  3. We've been selling the Down Low Glow since 2003, and waterproofing has been the number one challenge, since day one. Each winter we learn a little bit more about what it takes to sell a product ready for bike commuters who will depend on it rain or (moon)shine.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

QuickSilver, Wiltern Beanie

So many hats so little time to wear them, the person who benefits the most from hats is a bald man or women. So QuickSilver has come out with a beanie that is micro fleeced lined has built in head phones pockets over the ears and is cable knit. So not only can you listen to music, your iPhone is ready as well. Hey the price is not bad either, $30.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bike Lock Exploding Dye System, just like money packs!

So for years banks have had exploding dye pack. You steal the money and the dye packs disguised as money explode leaving you with a nice colorful appearance. Well now bikes will have that same security, Michael Lambourn has developed the exploding bike lock. This is truly amazing that no one has thought or invented this sooner. This goes in the Brilliant category. Hey if the bike thief does not care about getting inked, surely the people around will take notice. Let's all take our hats off to Mike.

Michael Lambourn presents the Smart Lock: “‘17% of cyclists have suffered bike theft in the last 3 years; of these 24% no longer cycle at all, and 66% cycle less often’ (Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, 1997) Cycle theft is deterring people from using one of the most efficient forms of environmentally friendly transport. It is considered petty theft but can have huge emotional effect on the victim. Smart Lock is lightweight but offers additional protection. It’s quick and easy to use and allows the cyclist to lock both wheels and the frame. If breached, Smart Lock helps the authorities identify your bike, and links the perpetrator to the crime. It also stains the ground identifying areas vulnerable to theft. Smart Lock helps you keep your bike.”

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Champion Systems, Custom Teamwear!

Getting a triathlon singlet, tri top, shorts can be a pain, but Champion Systems seems to have it worked out. Prices are great and the products are very good. The Running singlet is only $29 (need to have a 10 piece order), hey with a 6-9 month season you really can't beat the price. If you are a club, team, bike shop, dishing out $290 Jelly Belly's is a good thing.
The system is painless, download the credit card PDF, email it back then they open up their ftp server. After you are approved or before you can download all the templates for use in Illustrator, once you have the design down upload and wait 48 hours, once approved the lead time is 4 weeks and express is 2. Easy simple and worth the wait.

Their sales department is top notch, polite and honest.

At these price you really have nothing to lose.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Intelligent Shock Absorption - d3o

And it just keeps going, this d3o lab is awesome. plain and simple if you are into outdoor sports or go at is rough you need d3o lab.
d3o(dee-three-oh) is a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules. They flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb the impact energy.
As you can see there is no shortage of what you could use this for, hey it's rough out there shouldn't you be protected.

Monday, September 29, 2008

CycleOps, Club Pro 300PT

Now back in late 1998 through 2003 Schwinn had a great Spin bike called the Johny G. Since then the bike world has taken a new look fitness, you have the people that will do the spin classes and you will have the avid triathlete who want a little more. Along came CycleOps, they added things like power, hr data, interactive display with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, time, cadence, and energy expenditure, stores data files on proprietary USB stick and Power Agent Software for a complete analysis of your workouts, best of all it is Mac and PC compatible, more than you can say about Polar.

If you are looking for the best off season trainer look know further the Club Pro 300pt is the real thing.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Victorinox - Rescue Tool - Knife of the Year 2007

Got to love it when old is new again. Victorinox (aka Swiss Army) the original multipurpose tool has done it again by winning the International Knife Award, Rescue Tool was picked among 77 knives from 34 exhibitors coming from 9 countries.
Vicorinox sort of missed the beat in the late 90 with the makers of Leatherman and Gerber making a name for themselves with the multipurpose tool. Now they are great at that and most people that do any sort of outdoors activity has one but look at the older generation and see what they might have laying around bet it is a Swiss Army Knife.
What is nice about this Rescue Tool is that it is small can work with your Ski's and Snowboards. The Rescue Tool has been developed by Victorinox in close collaboration with rescue and safety services. It can be operated with gloves and has luminescent handles. Crate opener and one-hand blade can be locked in place through Liner Lock.
Get back to the original. Victorinox (aka Swiss Army)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exercise while you work and get paid!

So exercising while you work, sound great. Well for some this is real, people working from home, call centers and even CEO have joined the trend of theWalkStation. A brisk 1.4 mph can burn up to 500 calories a day and 3-5 miles without breaking a sweat. Sounds great, no more tight muscle, sleepy days or even the need to have that third or forth cup of coffee. Exercise is know to release endorpin's or "runner's high. Hey this is great and instead of installing the play station in the break room get your company on-board to get a Walkstation.
Now of course this needs to be taken to the next level and head off any weight issues before they start. This would be great for high schools. many kids are being "classified" as A.D.D., let a kid that has trouble with their attention span be on one of these during class and let's see the results.
Really anything that keeps one active whether they are running at lunch, working out or walking around the neighborhood is always a good thing, doing it all day some might classify as nuts others as a health alternative to the "the water cooler".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bikes Going Chainless

So Trek is making the leap, putting a stake in the ground, chainless for urban bikes might be a great idea. Ridding around the block getting groceries, a couple miles here and there so why the chain. There is a minimal amount of stress on the cranks so a belt is perfect and now with technology going shiftless (Shimano Nexus 8 rear hub), hey this is a great time. Also at $990.00 MSP, you can't lose.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Timbuk2 is having a sale

Timbuk2 is having a sale. Now the leader and pioneer in messenger bags has got to unload all that unwanted inventory somehow. Well instead of paying the normally high prices they have have savings from 35%, 50% and 65%. So if you have been waiting and since the USAT stopped giving away Timbuk2 with membership this is a great way to get another or even your first messenger bag. Carry your tools, swim gear, sailing, running and even diapers, who cares as long as you have one.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

iPhone App; RunKeeper

When the iPhone has so much traction and a hug following apps like the RunKeeper are a sure win. Sure there are some drawbacks but being a pioneer like RunKeeper you have to accept those drawbacks, wooded areas, tunnels, tall buildings, etc. So the app is simple enough, have a 3G iPhone and for $9.99 you can have a full tracking GPS enabled fitness device. If you are saying well the iPhone cost $299 so the the real price is somewhere in the range of $310, still cheaper than the Polar s625x and the Garmin. Now the Polar is one of the best devices out their so yes their is know comparison, for the weekend warrior that is getting into the sport this is a great way to start. Also with Health Currency getting ready to launch the tie in with RunKeeper is great.

RunKeeper FAQ

What is RunKeeper?
RunKeeper is an application built for the new 3G iPhones that uses the built-in GPS to enable fitness tracking (duration, time, pace, speed, route on a map)

Can RunKeeper be used for any other activities besides running?

While it was built primarily with running in mind, some of our testing has involved additional activities such as walking, cycling, and even driving. It appears to work fine for these other activities as well, although the majority of our testing has been running-specific.

How much will RunKeeper cost?
The RunKeeper iPhone application will be a one-time download of $9.99 USD and will be available exclusively through Apple’s online App Store.

Will RunKeeper work with an original first generation iPhone?
No. RunKeeper needs a GPS signal to determine accurate speed, pace and distance. The RunKeeper application will not work properly on a first generation iPhone.

Can I see my route on a map?
Yes, you can see all of the routes you run on a map that will be displayed on your personal web dashboard at You cannot see your route displayed on the RunKeeper iPhone app initially, but we are evaluating including this functionality in future releases. You will be able to see the route through the device’s web browser at

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

IDEA Winner, Wed'ze RNS7 Helmet

Silver Medal winner, COOL, just plain cool. Safety enhanced "Recco" system that makes it easier to find you in case of an avalanche. Its exclusive goggle-fixing system is placed on the side for maximum efficiency; when not worn over the eyes, the mask is locked in place on top of the helmet. A fabric panel covers the ears and neck to keep the wearer warm and comfy, but is easily removed to be cleaned or if warmer conditions dictate.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swollow a RFID Tagged Pill to prevent Over Heating

Would you take a pill that would monitor your vitals during a race, or even training? Could tell you when your body is starting to overheat, muscles are breaking down, etc.. For race organizers this could be the next thing, making sure you are staying hydrated and not collapsing. Here is how us at TubaDuba see this working.
You take the pill before the start of the race, step on a pad to make sure that it works. As you compete in a Marathon or Triathlon you would cross over pad/readers along the way, on a monitor your stats could show up, if the system saw that you needed to be hydrated a water station would follow the readings. In case a runner showed a potentially dangerous reading, nearby medical teams were given access to the data so they could reach the runner, stop him, and treat him immediately. Simple safe and completely harmless.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Easy, Simple, Lawson Hammock Camping Tent

image via Uncrate
Easy, Simple, Light and affordable the Lawson Camping Hammock is a great solution to sleeping on the ground. It even let's you simulate hanging off the side of a cliff. The best thing it is for is the backyard, keeps the bugs away so you can enjoy the outdoors. Plus at $150 what more could you ask for!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Locate Your Bike, RFID Device

Ok since gas is getting so expensive, more and more are taking to the road via peddle power. Hey this is great for the bike industry, terrible for ole Detroit. Oh well they reap the benefits by over charging and shady salesman. I guess what come around goes around.
Well now we all have to protect our bike, cars have alarms so why should a bike not. Immobilise has come up with a RFID that helps locate your bike, the ImmobiTAG is installed the only way to remove is to cut the bike frame. The TAG has a unique ID number you registered on Immobilies website. If you bike is stolen and recovered, the police can scan the TAG and contact the rightful owner. Great!
The one thing that I would include is a high decibel pitch on the TAG that ties into your lock once the lock is cut the siren goes off. Might help deter some.

Mavic Clothing Line

Mavic has some light great products that most have used or been past by. Their venture into the clothing arena should be exciting. Their triathlon shoe, not cheap $250+ is a good example of making something strong and light. Halters Cycle had the salesman in and he was showing us some new 2009 products as well as this shoe. First Glance LIGHT and STIFF, easy entry and well thought out with mesh keeping the foot cool.

They even have a new logo. September 1st is the release but take some time and view the flash demo.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone Apps, Fitness

The iPhone as we all know is making a big splash with their newly released 2.0 upgrade. Whether you have the 3G version or not. Apps as Apple is calling them has a whole section geared towards health and fitness. From a pedometer to gym locations, tracking food and weight, BMI and a Clever one called Gyminee, Gyminee is the premier fitness social network for detailed tracking, online accountability, and motivation. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get fit, it's time to start taking your fitness seriously.
Hey if anything check out the apps you might find something you like.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Invent a Sport, Horney Toad at it again!

Horny Toad has been done a lot of thinking and produce great clothing, so when they sponsor a contest like Invent a Sport people come out of the woodwork.
There are things like Special Sumo Wrestling, Crazy Biking and WiFi Hunting, all these are doable some just a little more crazy then the next. Hey who would have thunk the XGames would have come as far as they have even getting sports like BMX into the Olympics.

Official Rules:
There are hundreds of sports out there with well-defined rules to follow (boring), but we here at Horny Toad, along with the good folks at Instructables, think rules are made to be broken. Horny Toad's mantra, "Everyday is an Adventure" has inspired countless crazy antics like lake biking, chair skiing and trampoline dodgeball - all in the name of fun and why the heck not?

So we're throwing down the challenge to invent your own sport! Make a good one and we'll hook you up with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes!

We want to see some creative new sports from you. The games can be variations on existing sports, but they need to be original. To enter the contest you need to explain how to play the sport to and how to make any custom equipment, if needed. A video showing the game in action is a major bonus, but not required.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NiteRider, see at night!

Gas prices have gone way up, Mini's are sold out for 2009, so bike commuting is getting more popular and summer is coming to an end. Which means it gets darker sooner. Clipping a NiteRider TriNewt to your bars means only one thing, daylight at night, plain and simple. The battery is big and can hold a charge for over 3.5 hours in full mode. Even the old systems from the 1990 are still going strong. If anything breaks just order up a new part.
The TriNewt was designed with cycling specifically in mind. As a result, no ‘off the shelf’ optics are used in the TriNewt.Instead the 3 high-powered LED’s are housed in a custom made reflector to deliver a beam pattern ideal for night riding. The TriNewt incorporates a cluster of 3 high-powered LED’s to achieve a retina searing real world output of 500 lumens! The TriNewt uses a Borofloat lens to greatly minimize light loss, when compared to a traditional glass lens or total internal reflector. A wireless remote version of the TriNewt is available, allowing light control without your hands ever having to leave your handlebars, regardless of where you are mounting your light. This added layer of safety is not found anywhere else. All of these features, combined with regulated run times ranging from 3:30 – 7:00 HRS and a lightweight Li-Ion battery, make the TriNewt the light by which all others are judged.

Now you have no excuses, light is 24/7.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

iPlay Jacket

Hey soccer is fun and warming up to your own iTunes library is everyone's dream no matter what sport you do. Well rain or cold weather come hand and hand in England so this type of Jacket was just a matter of time. Soccer, fashion and your music, it doesn't get any better than that. The iPlay jacket is made for iPod and with the finger tip controls you can combine all your moves on the field with the music that you love. This is one of those gotta have products that has you standing out in a crowd.

  • Sleeve forearm joystick controller
  • Ear phone access from control pocket
  • Ear phone loop to keep in place
  • Compatible with: iPod 30/60 & 80GB. U2 iPod. iPod Nano 2/4/ & 8 GB. iPod Nano Red
  • Outer chest and sleeve zippered pocket
  • Bungy sleeves and hem for wind protection
  • Ribbed inner cuff hand warmer with thumb slot for those cold days
  • Built-in thumb holes on cuff
  • Mesh lined
  • Two zippered side seam pocket

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cool Down and Fire Up, Artic Heat

Arctic Heat Cooling Vests work by the special crystals absorbing and retaining the temperature of the water that it has been placed in.

By retaining the temperature longer than other products, the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest can provide a significant advantage to the athlete or worker subjected to potential heat stress.

Cooling of the body can be achieved pre, during and post exercise. The chief benefits of using cooling vests include:

  • Drop in skin temperature

  • Drop in core body temperature

  • Improvement in perceived comfort level

Designed to be eye-catching and effective, Arctic Heat Cooling Vests can provide the athlete with a significant competitive advantage and the outside worker with an effective aid against heat stress.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wizard Evacuation Rescue Product

High-rises are tough to get out of in an emergency, this is only a design but what a relief it would be if you live in New York to have The Wizard stashed in your closet. “The Wizard” was dreamed up to make the high-rise lifestyle a little less scary by providing a quick exit in an emergency situation. The Wizard “caters for this necessity by providing automated public safety solutions with up to 250m of reciprocating lifeline technology.
Even if you don't have one the New York Fire Departments should.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Water Buoy For Keys

High tech solutions for keeping your keys. Employs the same technology that is used in PFD, once the sensor get wet and the balloon inflates. It can hold up 2.3 pound, hey that's a small dog or cat.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Intelligent First Aid

Whoever thought that putting a Band-Aid on a cut was so difficult. Well the makers of the IntelligentFirstAid must have seen a need. The IntelligentFirstAid "talking" kit, designed by medical and educational experts, combines supplies, visual instruction cards and now an audio module for verbal guidance to manage the most common injuries, at home, at work, or at play.
Well things just got easier in our very complicated lives.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Nike+ and Gym Equipment

Well it is happening and keeping all the info into a place is happening Nike+, Nike and Apple seem to really understand the consumers that use their equipment. Not all have Polar watches. So what do to powerhouses do, use their muscles and get the gym equipment manufactures to get involved. 24 Hour Fitness has teamed up and coming in July.

Friday, June 27, 2008

XRtainment Zone

I am all for the Wii fit and anything that will get kids and adults off the coach and doing something physical. Making working out fun has seen a rise in the last couple year. Monkey Bar Gym has done a great job of getting ride of the gym equipment and letting you use your surroundings to get a real workout. So when XRtainment surfaced what more can a kid or adult have to say workout and have fun doing it. With Funding from Robert Wood Johnson and some cool interactive workout machines this could be a huge success.

XRtainment Services
XRtainment Zone will provide its members with a wholesome environment that provides exercise, entertainment, fitness and nutrition counseling, seminars, year round family activities, and healthy snacks and drinks, among others. Most importantly, we will provide a fun and exciting opportunity for our members to form lasting, healthy lifestyle habits at affordable prices. A few of the things our members can look forward to are:
  • Superior Service - Small size allows more intimate and specialized attention to each member;
  • Emphasis on Family - The family that plays together, stays together;
  • XRtainment Games - The latest in video and computer technology;
  • Innovative Wellness Techniques – Tailored individual fitness programs, classes and seminars to treat the multiple causes of lifestyle related illnesses that currently plague modern families and society at large;
  • Dedicated Management Team - Committed to our mission and to our members;
  • Affiliations with Local Universities and Graduate Schools - Providing employees with superior knowledge and skill to assist in fitness and nutrition counseling and studies;
  • Working with Local Healthcare Providers - Creating a referral network for kids and their family members struggling with lifestyle illnesses;
  • Local Ownership - Local family ownership gives local insight and dedication to its community;
  • A Delicious Smoothie Bar; and
  • Safe, Easy and Local access.

Now that's working out!