Thursday, November 20, 2008

keeping Heated while surfing. Rip Curl's H-Bomb

So things are heating up, Rip Curl has up the anti and made surfing a year round activity or at least the ability to keep you in the water longer.
The H-Bomb uses 2 lithium-ion 7.4 volt batteries they are rechargeable and last for 3 hours. The idea is simple a heating elements placed on your back warm up your core, allowing your heart to pump warm blood to your extremities.
The whole suit is made from E3 neoprene, lightest, warmest and most flexible neoprene. Their is a Fireskin lining that will wick the water away from your body and combines with the heaters to keep you warm.
Final a chest zip entry, moving it off to the side so not to impede your comfort while paddeling for a wave.

Way to Go Rip Curl - H-Bomb