Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cape Fear - The Coastal Aventure Outfitter

It is always nice when you see new stuff come out. The market is flooded with jackets by North Face and Columbia Sportswear, these companies are great and dump millions of dollars into testing which in turn trickles down to the lesser known brands and of course the just starting out. Remember Mountain Hardwear was just a tiny shop back in 1993, and look 20 years later they are a powerful force in the outdoors clothing game.

So Cape Fear a company based on the east coast and is dedicated to the true outdoor enthusiast, not the mountain climber or adventure racer but your every day Joe. Boating, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Exploring and what most do in there jackets is RELAXING, bumming around, shopping. Cape Fear could have a very good niche if they play their cards right, get the everyday layman, outfit them with good clothing at a great price. They are not trying to get the Volvo Ocean Racer or maybe they are, but a safe bet is for the general enthusiast, who want to keep warm and dry.
"CapeFear Sportswear was developed for those who want to experience both the adventure and the tranquility of the coast. We are committed to delivering the highest in comfort, quality, and protection to all who want to live the coastal lifestyle to its fullest."