Saturday, December 22, 2007

Myway Mapholder, get behind them!

If there is one idea that skiers should get behind this would be the first on the list, Mymap winner of ispo BrandNew Award.
"In today's complex ski resorts where the number of descents are increasing and the skier's need of finding the right path to explore the whole system is growing quickly, instant access to the ski map becomes a prerequisite. With myway map holder the skier has immediate access to the map, which can be viewed without any unfolding movements or hassle to avoid wind or rain. Myway map holder gives the skier a durable and waterproof map that is covered in a shell when not in use. The shell does not need to be opened in order to reveal the map; the skier merely pulls the map holder to the part of the map he wishes to view at the moment. When he is done studying the map, the map automatically returns into the waterproof shell. "
I can't see what the hold up is, big gloved fingers pawing at a folded map, impossible to open and once they get wet forget about it, shreds right away.

The best thing that I see with Mymap and you can say you read it here first, is once Electronic Paper takes off and you can power this little baby then it gets limitless. A GPS, speed, tracking, runs, altitude, decent, and even heart rate, you have to love technology, built in so that you can see where you are and not have to look for a sign on the trail head. Daylightagain, feel free to contact me anytime to use this idea.
Cheers and happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stick to it! Sucky Bag

Things like this seem like a no brainier, simple yet unbelievably useful. From sailing to kayaking to surfing to snowboarding, any water sports, the list keeps going. The Sucky Bag has a QuickSilver logo but it's not on their site.
Here are some of the features:
  • Lever-operated suction cups - attach and detach in seconds.
  • 100% water tight inner compartment.
  • Floats if dropped in water.
  • Works on all flat airtight surfaces, makes it possible to carry your belongings in ways you’ve never done before.
  • Silicone based rubber cups for all weather conditions.
  • Inside compartment is lined with foam fabric for added protection.
  • Neoprene bottom protects your board from being scratched.
Use it to for your money, mobile phone, snacks or anything you can shove in it. You can even use it on travel since the suction will stick to any flat surface. Hang it on your bathroom mirror as a functional toiletry bag or inside your school locker.
Check it out! Sucky Bag

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Head Protection, Simple and Warm

Haven't taken the leap to wear a bulky helmet, to macho to think that you can get hurt. Well breath a sign of relief, Head Protect is for you.


It was in Haute-Nendaz, back in 1999.
During a further training course for skiing instructors we were informed of the increasing importance of head-gear protection in winter sport.

Over the following years I began with the development of a new kind of head protection. It was to be a warm, head-protecting woolen cap, a snazzy accessory, light and pleasant to wear.

Together with a motivated and competent team, we sere able to put our ideas into practice and present our first collection at the ISPO 2005."

Just remember this is not a helmet but will keep your melon warm and cozy. Hey something is better than nothing. Pick one up for the kids, just to go sledding.
Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Triathlon Shopping, tiss the season!

What a great place to shop for some of the most updated gear, to bring out the best in you. has all the new 2XU Compression gear. What makes so great is that it can be found on searches with just putting in a product code (example for 2XU WA1122a). There are many sites that come up if you type in Triathlon gear, but to put in a product code and find the new gear that is impressive. Try it!
2XU Compression
"Utilizing our exclusive 50D/CK fabric we have combined a 50 denier Lycra together with a revolutionary circular knit high gauge construction, which provides the most compressive fabric on the market.

Whether this garment is used on the slopes, or participating in active sports, the graduated compression of the top is fundamental to remove all the waste by products the body produces during high active sport, which causes fatigue. The extra push of blood from the lower arms and back towards the heart allow this top to give you another level of performance and will allow you to perform longer with less fatigue.

It will support the muscles and graduates the compression from the lower back and at the lower arms loosening in fit as it approaches the heart." makes shopping and finding gear easy and fast. Check out was great and well done. and if you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 5% off your next 5 orders, it covers the shipping. If you spend over $150 you get a free One Tri Transition Mat. Cool!

Now go Shopping!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time for Fun, shock-absorbs the bumps

Starting to get cold and in some parts snow is falling, so it is time to get ready to be a kid again.Get some friends find the smoothest, hardest packed, bump filled ice field and get crazy. If you are in Arosa, Switzerland, then you can go down the whole mountain and even at night on lighted slopes. Wow how nice would that be in the states. Well I guess you have the Poconos where they have a seperate slope for sleding, but not the same as using the whole mountain. Any way the Alu Sled, built from aluminum, the shock-absorbent silver slider has plastic runners, a handbrake, and packs up into a sexy little carry case. What more can you ask for, just get ready to pay a premium, but hey you could pass it on to your children, or not. Price $636
Have Fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wheeled into Fitness, The Power Wheel!

Less Technology and more core fitness is next years fitness trends. This means using natural surroundings to accomplish your goals. Pus-ups, chin-ups, remember being a kid, gym class. This was used to build character and also core muscle strength.
You have people like Jon Hinds who is building workable bodies and has a certification (can't wait to get signed up), Certified Natural Training (CNT).
Course Description
The Monkey Bar Gymnasium Certified Natural Training course will teach you how to properly align, stabilize, and then strengthen the entire body through the basic movements patterns and 4 levels of progressions.

All CNT courses are led by Jon Hinds - Owner/Founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, NBA Strength Coach, NFL & MLB Strength Training Advisor, Eischens Yoga Therapist, Senior Instructor for the NASM for 7 years, Inventor of over 40 functional training pieces of equipment for Lifeline USA and author of all the workout manuals for this equipment.

With techniques and equipment like The Power Wheel you have want it. Work like you were in College and use your body and the muscle for good not just show.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Real World Muscles - Natural Exercises

Remember being a kid, you played and played outside until your were called in for dinner. It was the best, your were building your core muscle group and you didn't even know it. You watch these reality shows and say to yourself I could do that. Well now is the time to put up or shut up. Get into shape the real way, use the muscle the way that you would in the real world. Climb ropes, pushups, monkey bars, rings, kettleBells, jump rope, Indo Boards (balance), no weight machines, no treadmills real world exercises with personal trainers that run you ragged.
Problem with machines and gyms as they are set up today is that you push and pull in a straight line. Well life does not come at you in a straight line. You want a body that can handle the abuse and when you need to cut it won't let you down.
Check out the wave that is coming on strong. Monkey Bar Gym, P.S. I am looking for investors so that I can open one up as well, please contact me email in the blog (spam).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whippet Self-Arrest Pole - Black Diamond

For those who like to ski off trail, Snow shoe, heli ski, or even the back country, this Self-Arrest pole will come in handy. The redesigned, sleeker Whippet now permanently integrates the pick right into the grip top and the upper shaft for increased comfort and greater collapsibility. Comes stock with our BD Pick Protector. The Price on the it is relative to most poles that won't help save your life. $99.95 USD, Mountain Gear has it for $89.95, so what are you waiting for go get one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

RFID, Bluetooth tags for Gyms

Let's start by saying that having a key fab or or swipe card to get into the gym is useless. Get real, trainers have limited resources at there finger tips when really tying to evaluate a client. If each machine was encrypted with a USB, smart card, login, then real information could be stored about each client and interpreted by a smart trainer, not one that just read a couple books, one that is really interested in changing a client and making things better. The idea of a skin patch one that you can apply before you work out and then trainer could keep track of you and what you have done even if you don't have and appointment. Recommendations then could be done off clients time and delivered to them via email or to a gym login on each member. The on going model of part of a membership or trainer could be reduced from sessions to a general improvement fee and consultant meeting once a month with weekly progress reports. So instead of having drop off because they would have value contiguously over a longer period of time. Gym's lets get this right before Obesity gets much worse.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Whitewater Research and Saftey Institute, Hail Mary

Things seem to change on a weekly basis for some things and others it takes years. Take the traditional rescue ropes, they have been the same for 40 years give or take. The WRSI, Hail Mary has taken the ole college try and applied a football shape to through the rescue buoy.
The Hail Mary can be thrown over hand like a football. The bag is complete with raised threads just like a real football. Many of us grew up throwing footballs and are much more accurate throwing overhand. Much too often people without practice, throw their rescue rope underhand and are wildly inaccurate. With the Hail Mary everyone can choose to throw the bag in the method they are most comfortable with and that best suits the rescue situation at hand.
Check it out, Available in January 2008! The Hail Mary

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Run or walk while working!

Time magazine had this article about running or walking on a treadmill at work, actually they phrased it as "I'm so fat I need a treadmill at my desk"! Many of us have a hard time pulling ourselves away from the office, and having a treadmill in our own office could be a bonus. Now you would like to have a shower near by as well, remember you have other co-workers.

People with CFS will find this nice, being able to move all day, just walking? If you are fat and have wanted to do something about it for a while but work is a priority then this might be the solution.
You have to make up your mind!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Airbag for Avalanche's, SnowPulse

Ever wondered if you could escape a avalanche, you've watch the videos, seen countless people escape by hanging onto a tree, you have the Avalanche Beacon, but still not sure you could make it. Well hang tight here come a airbag for snow! Works like you think it would, one you are in the "bad" situation you pull the handle and like if you where under water, the bag inflates and the cream rises to the top.

The Life Bag is an airbag for avalanche designed for all winter sport addicts, and professionals. The airbag is triggered manually by pulling a handle. Once the handle is pulled, the 150 Liters of the Snowpulse airbag inflate in only 3 seconds.

The Life Bag can easily be reused and refilled. Professionals and resellers have the possibility to refill the air cylinder themselves. Training is therefore possible since you simply have to refill the cylinder after trying your Snowpulse airbag.

The Life Bag is designed to bring you the best protection, while still remaining light, compact and user friendly. Snowpulse airbags are a set of innovative solutions.

Hey you never know! SnowPulse

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There's a reason they call it, Slice!

We did not get to see what Faris Al-Sultan could do on the bike, but indications were for a fast bike. Cannaondale went back to the drawing board and crafted a fully carbon machine. With some Carbon bikes they will flex under pressure and many who can put the power to the peddles, feel as though this takes some speed away, Faris Al-Sultan being one of them. At first he was against Cannondale and the full carbon, but once in the tunnel and riding the machine, happy days.

The bike:
The frame and the fork of the Slice are designed as a system. The aspect ratio of the fork is designed for optimal laminar airflow, reducing drag.

The Speed Shadow seat tube design hides the rear wheel from turbulent airflow.

Allows both triathletes and TT specialists to optimize their position. Centered on the post, the saddle achieves either 78 or 730 and can be adjusted forward or back to accommodate rider preference.

Cannondale has demo centers set up, so get on one and check it out, the wait for Ironman Kona showdown will have to wait till next year.
Check it out! Cannaondale, Slice

Friday, October 12, 2007

2XU Compression system, money back guarantee.

You can't beat this for one of the best companies making performance gear for athletes, 2XU is giving a money back guarantee on their 2XU Compression Performance Base Layer System

The only way to truly experience the superior benefits of 2XU Compression is to try it. We are so confident that our product will surpass the capabilities of our competitors we are offering a money back guarantee.

Contact 2XU for more info:

Doing a endurance sport like triathlons you expect a lot from your gear, not to mention you put it through a lot. 2XU is one of the leaders in the field and with their new Kona Fusion Suit being introduced at KONA, worn by Michellie Jones expect a fast swim, but back to the compression suits.

Here is what it does:
  1. Superior Fabric: With circular knit technology for equal 360 degree stretch, anti-microbial treatment and highly durable 50 Denier Lycra Prime Yarn. Compresses stronger and lasts longer.
  2. Improved Recovery: Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit leading to faster muscle repair.
  3. Improved Circulation: Faster warm up and improved oxygen circulation. Encourage blood to the muscles and flush by-products away.
  4. Reduced Fatigue: Reduced muscle vibration (linked to muscle fatigue) thereby improving muscle endurance and strength.
  5. Reduced Damages: 2XU muscle containment can reduce soft tissue damage in contact and intense sports. Preventative support and aided recovery.
  6. Heightened Proprioception: Heightened body position sense for enhanced stability and agility.
With these types of claims, you can't go wrong. Go get em' 2XU

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

replug, the end of headphones being yaned from your ears!

Done, finished enough already, you move to the left, you stand up, get caught on your coat, whatever the reason replug ends headphone being yanked from your skull. Replug transforms any 3.5mm audio jack into a breakaway connection, protecting your audio jack from the rigors of daily use. When too much force is applied, Replug simply detaches from itself, preventing catastrophic damage to your audio device. Simply reattach plug to tip and you’re ready to go. Jack saved, and your ears will thank you as well.

Brilliant, just plain Brilliant. Check them out and get em' replug

Monday, October 08, 2007

iPhone, iPod listen to music through skullcap!

This gets filed under "I can't believe i did not think of this", wow got to hand it to Nike to really give consumers what they will buy.
People have been trying to keep the earbuds in while they run, a lot having no luck, When mountain biking they get bounced out. Wearing this Skullcap will keep all happy, not to mention many bald men who where a hat in the winter.

Keep your ears warm and filled with music thanks to the Men's Nike Performance Hatphones. This cozy, comfortable skullcap features a pocket for your iPod nano, clickable controls and built-in headphones that easily adjust to fit your ears.
  • Built-in pocket for iPod nano
  • Adjustable headphones
  • Embroidered Swoosh design trademark at center front
This double-brushed microfiber fleece retains energy and resists heat loss. It provides maximum insulation from cold and wind with minimal weight and bulk, and is ideal for any cold weather activities that require insulation. Can be worn alone or as part of a multi-layering system. Now when temperatures drop, workouts don't have to.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nike and Apple release the Amp+

Post comes from our friends at
Well this is pretty cool looking, Nike could have made a bit more fashionable watch but at least the made the watch. The Nike Amp+ Sport Remote Control is a watch and a remote for the Nike+ experience. Hear instant voice feedback of your time, distance, calories and pace when you add the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and Nike+ Ready shoes or the Shoe Pouch.
Now I am not a fan of the crazy new look but for the individuals that are wearing this at the gym or to do their daily run, Nike has hit the spot. Not being able to use a iPod or MP3 player while in a race, training with one becomes a crutch.
They built the controls right into the front of the watch along with a speaker so if you don't have the headphones you can still hear your results, smart since you don't want your headphones in while running on a crowded street or at night.
Nike and Apple are pushing technology further than most and other companies are just following at this point. The Polar is still the leader in high fitness, but with the middle market still needing a cool watch Nike + Apple are it. If they wanted to take this to the next level (which I am sure they have thought of) is the iPhone, let me have one device to do it all.
Check it out.
Nike Amp+

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interbike, Cool New, Shinny Toys

Everything you ever wanted to know, see, play with, ride, demo, experience is in Las Vegas, at least for everything biking or outdoor fitness.
You can look at the Interbike Blog or Wired's Blog to get complete coverage of what is going on. There is everything from Ceramic Bearings to Off Road Skates. It is truly amazing to see what changes or new additions that companies make. Orbea Bikes has a amazing redesigned triathlon bike that we will see highlighted at Ironman Kona, they have completely change the layout of the frame from the headtube to the integrated seat clamp.
"Ordu is totally new for 08, every aspect of the new model was evaluated in wind tunnel testing, resulting in a 7% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over the 07 Ordu. The new headtube is uniquely designed to reduce frontal area. The new seat mast, bottom bracket shell, integrated seat clamp, and aero dropouts show that nothing has been left untouched in making the fastest bike on the road."

The show is made up of curious people to small business owners, independent shops bloggers and whoever is left over fro the night before.
Check it out! INTERBIKE..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hitachi, Biometric Wristwatch

Thanks to Gear live

Hitachi, better known for TV's, DVD's, Projection, etc, is now taking a leap into the (ACE) fitness market. The Biometric watch will work 24/7 for 10 straight days, thats some good data. It is roughly the size of the Garmin 305 but weighs less.
"Based on a prototype they developed two years ago, the watch now has a lighter weight of 40 grams and is half the size at 43 x 35 x 15 mm. You only need to connect to your PC (wirelessly) to read the data. We think that we are already nervous about a device that tells us that we eat too much and exercise too little. Expect it to hit the market in 2008. "
Check it out! Gear Live: Hitachi Biometric watch

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Exergaming, keeping or getting kids active

Well this blog and most of the post are about getting you out and exercising. Well one of this countries biggest problem is Obesity, and with ideas like this, we might have a chance (I am still in favor or getting your butt and kids butts outside). Xrkade is taking all the interactive games and putting them into an environment that is condusive to exercising, not ot mention competition.

"The XRKade club is a new and exciting destination created for the Millennials and Generation G (“Gamers”). It is a cutting edge environment focused on offering the tech-savvy an immersive sensory based experience complete with the most advanced interactive games, exergaming, and entertainment systems. The XRKade club resembles a virtual reality type arcade with a futuristic, urban, and X games twist that is motivating and exciting. It is an experience offering entertaining and physical challenges that completely submerges the user in the XRKade games and activities. It motivates the user to be active with each activity and game they play while receiving the benefits of being physically active"

Not sure it will take off, but with winter coming it is a good time to launch and open places around the country. They should just rent space in areas for the winter then move to resort towns during the summer, so when it is raining or cold, kids have something to do. Give me a call we can work out the marketing of this offline.

You have something great. Xrkade

Thursday, September 13, 2007

See in the Dark: Street Runner LiteVest

GOMOTION a new company that is making running in the dark easy and risk free. The product, depending on your use, is a variation of itself.

The Trail Runner LiteVest features a low-profile, lightweight, breathable mesh pack with 3-Watt LED mounted at chest level for maximum trail visibility and comfort, and a hydration cell option. Adjustable features include shoulder strap adjustment from the lower back area and a LED chest-strap slider more maximum chest comfort and fit. The CoreBeam™ chest-mounted LED technology includes:3-level brightness control, wide range and adjustable beam width control via rotary dial, and barrel-mounted FluidDrive vertical-pivoting light. Fitting out the pack are two red tail-lights, 4 zip pockets for cell phone and other accessories, a compartment for a standard hydration pack and a low-battery signal light to alert the runner well in advance of low battery life.

The Street Runner LiteVest features a super-lightweight, adjustable mesh harness with padded straps, a 1-Watt LED at chest level for maximum trail visibility and comfort. Adjustable features include shoulder strap adjustment from the lower back area and a LED strap slider more maximum chest comfort and fit. CoreBeam™ chest-mounted LED technology includes: 3-level brightness control, wide range and adjustable beam width control via rotary dial, and barrel-mounted FluidDrive vertical-pivoting light. Other features include two red tail-lights, 1 center pocket for cell phone and a low-battery signal light to alert the runner well in advance of low battery life. The Street Runner can also accept the GoMotion™ re-chargeable battery.

And last the Sport Runner LiteVest features a contoured, waist-level running belt designed as a lightweight solution for walkers and recreational runners with breathable mesh construction. It features a 1-Watt LED with the same CoreBeam™ functions as the LiteVest including: brightness control, beam width and light direction adjustment. Two rear tail-lights, two zip pockets for cell phone and accessories, and has a low-battery signal light round out this easy-to-use LiteBelt™.

I have not found a price for them yet but rest asured I will have one now that we are running out of daylight.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Body Sensor give real-time monitoring

This is big news for anyone that is looking to progress to the next level without having to wear sensors glued too you. e-AR Sensixa has come out with a wearable device that can monitor, sports, wellbeing, healthcare and for gaming.

I don't think that I can say it as well as BSN:

The last decade has witnessed a rapid surge of interest in new sensing and monitoring devices for healthcare and the use of wearable/wireless devices for clinical applications. One key development in this area is implantable in vivo monitoring and intervention devices. While the problem of long-term stability and biocompatibility is being addressed, several promising prototypes are starting to emerge for managing patients with acute diabetes, for treatment of epilepsy and other debilitating neurological disorders and for monitoring of patients with chronic cardiac diseases. Despite the technological developments of sensing and monitoring devices, issues related to system integration, sensor miniaturization, low-power sensor interface circuitry design, wireless telemetric links and signal processing have still to be investigated. Moreover, issues related to Quality of Service, security, multi-sensory data fusion, and decision support are active research topics. To address general issues related to using wearable/wireless and implantable sensors and to bring together scientists from computing, electronics, bioengineering, medicine and industry, the term BSN – Body Sensor Networks was coined by Prof Guang-Zhong Yang of Imperial College in 2002 and after much preparation, the first International Workshop on BSN was launched in 2004. Some of the key research focuses of the BSN community includes the latest technological developments and clinical applications of:

  • Novel bioelectrical, biochemical, biophysical, and mechanical sensors
  • Hardware considerations: low power RF transceiver, energy scavenging, battery technology, miniaturisation, system integration, process and cost of manufacturing
  • Biocompatibility and materials
  • Context awareness and multi-sensor data fusion
  • Data inferencing, knowledge discovery, and prediction
  • Quality of service, trust and security issues
  • Autonomic sensor networks
  • Standards and light-weight communication protocolsIntegration with ambient sensing with applications in smart dwellings, and home monitoring
  • Wearable and implantable sensor integration and development platformsClinical applications of body-sensor networks
Check it out! e-AR Sensixa

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

easyglider, Get out and Get Around!

Hey sometimes fitness can include a motor! easyglider a company out of Bern, Switzerland, has come up with a great alternative to the Segway, plus it is faster. Yes it uses gas but those are some of the trade-off one has to make, to be stylish. It won the Best Invention and the Industrial Design Award, cool, and as they say "We are very proud to say that we have won them all."
They have 3 products:
easyglider X6
easyglider KIDS
easyglider ECO
and two in the works
easyglider WATER
easyglider X7

So this is really sidewalk surfing. Glide anywhere to the beat of your own drummer. The best part of this is getting you outside. I am all in favor of any product that gets people outside, the could however make one that is rechargeable, might not take so many hits from the environmental crowd if they had one in their stable.
Check it out! easyglider

Friday, August 31, 2007

Garmin Edge 705, Wireless Cycle Computer

Wow times are moving fast in the GPS world. Not only fast, but small and carrying a truck load of features. The Edge 705 pulls out all the stops, this GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions, power data (from ANT + Sport™-enabled third-party power meters) — the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride. All wireless with a color display, this is no ordinary cycle computer. When you start incorporating all the parts that make a triathlete or athlete smile. Too boot it is all wireless.
You can:
Navigate Your Ride
Get the Data You Need
See Your Power
Measure Heart Rate and Cadence
Swap Rides Wirelessly
Share, Store and Analyze via Garmin Training Center
All for the price of an iPhone!
Check it out..

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Polar and Education

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that obesity gained in 31 states with Mississippi being the first to crack 30%, Colorado is the leanest. So with companies like Polar trying to make a difference you have to give them Kudos. Polar has products like E600 Watch , the TriFIT, Software to manage your classes performance and a pocket PC called Compainion Pocket PC, with all these products in their arsenal schools should take a stand and start to make a difference. On Polars site there is even a link to help schools apply for Grants (PEP). Why wait help out, donate or just start educated our children about eating right and staying fit.
Thanks Polar for taking the first steps.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Poalr ProTrainer 5

Well if you have an IrDA (infrared) Polar Watch then this new and improved software is for you.
"Polar ProTrainer 5 is a sophisticated software designed to provide you with deep understanding of your training. It ships exclusively with Polar’s high-end Running, Cycling, and Outdoor Sport products, and functions as a stand-alone Windows software in a PC.

Use the software to plan your workout in advance with multiple planning options, and transfer the settings to your Polar product. After your training, analyze the results with versatile graphs which you can customize according to your unique needs.

A customizable calendar provides a complete training log where each transferred exercise file automatically creates a diary entry with all your training data. Use different reports for long-term development follow-up.

Polar ProTrainer 5 professional software is compatible with:

• Polar CS600 (included in set)
• Polar CS400 (included in set)
• Polar RS800 (included in set)
• Polar RS400 (included in set)
• Polar AXN700 (included in set)
• Polar AXN500 (included in set)
• Polar S810i / S810
• Polar S725X / S625X (included in set)
• Polar S725
• Polar S720i / S710i / S710
• Polar S610i / S610
• Polar S520 / S510
• Polar S410
• Polar Team System"
You can even try it out for 30 days. The only problem that I had with the software is getting the IrDA to recognize the watch. I had to go into the startup (F2) when windows started up. For some reason Dell disables this function. Once I turned it on Vista downloaded the drivers and it now works seamless. So don't go and buy the USB IrDA from polar without seeing if you have infrared built in.
Check it out! Polar Watch

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Track Your Trips: Trackstick!

As components get smaller companies are able to do amazing things. Garmin just came out with a new watch Forerunner 50:
Jump start your training with Forerunner 50. This sleek sports watch is ideal for running, cycling and other fitness activities, and is available with a wireless heart rate monitor or foot pod or both. Plus it automatically transmits workouts to your computer so you can analyze, store and share data using our online community, Garmin Connect™.

So when the TrackStick released this new device, things are going to get interesting.

Check out specs:
"The Trackstick II is the perfect fit for personal GPS tracking. Bring it on vacation to keep a satellite scrapbook of all your travels and record your explorations. You can carry it along on all your regular outings from home to get a better sense of your daily surroundings through Google Earth’s cohesive 3D maps of your community. With Trackstick II a computer screen can guide your family and friends on a virtual tour of your vacation. Take it fishing and mark the catch spots to discover feeding patterns over time. Find a good camping spot and leave it to Trackstick to remember where it is and the path you took to get there. It’s a fun and immersive way to show others where you’ve been. You’ll even enjoy seeing the normal routes of your day breathe new life as you view them like never before with Google Earth’s 3D model of the planet. The possibilities are endless and our users are always finding new and interesting uses for the Trackstick."

Now go and get one, and get outside!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

iControl + iTunes = Perfection, well almost.

Well at first you have Nike plus which was a foot pod plus a connection for your iPod, all wireless. For true enthusiast what the iPod was missing was the connection to a watch that captures more than how far you ran.

The iControl™ watch transmits signals seamlessly to your iPod so you can control your music in a heartbeat. Change songs and volume without breaking stride.

Designed to work with your body and coordinate with your iPod, the iControl watch is sleek and comfortable to wear - with all the feature you need for running around the track or traveling around the world.
Check it out! Timex - iControl

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Time for some Summer Fun, Springfree

When I was a kid my summer camp had a gymnastics area, and a trampoline. The best thing that the camp did was dug a pit so that the tramp was at ground hight, allowing for the kids and instructors to spot much easier. I have always wanted a trampoline for myself but the round ones never did anything for me, plus they were dangerous without someone spotting you at all times. The benefits of trampolines are incredible.

"The aerobics associated with jumping on a fitness trampoline strengthens the heart in the same way as other cardio exercises like running and jumping rope. This increase in cardio rate encourages energy use and weight loss. Spending five to eight minutes doing trampoline exercise is like running a mile, only with less time and effort. Trampoline exercise tones muscles in the lower half of the body. The legs, thighs, hips, stomach, and abdomen are all used when exercising on a fitness trampoline. The trampoline workout can also be a fun activity for all the family, it is fun to watch and once you learn how to use it properly you can also contribute your opinion, and improve the workout altogether." John Furnem

So when I came across SpringFree Trampoline I did back flips. SpringFree has really done a great job of putting safety first and fun second. Now you would think those two would not be fun but seeing is believing. SoftEdge Technology
Over a period of twelve years, the Springfree™ Trampoline engineering team has created a unique softe-edge jumping system that has removed the traditional frame and spring system from the same height as the jumping surface. The frame has been lowered, well away from the jumper, with all-weather fibreglass rods , which extend from this frame into an innovatve connector system at the edge of the mat. The rods are angled on two axis, tensioning the mat to provide bounce, while also creating a soft edge that is deflected on impact. Only Springfree™ trampolines have an edge soft enough not to require safety pads.

As a parent, your family’s safety is a priority! Springfree™ Trampoline is safe by design, giving you complete peace of mind.

Child obesity is a big problem. Most kids spend too much time watching TV or playing video games, so it’s really important to get outside and active. Springfree™ Trampoline is great, fun exercise! Ten minutes of jumping is as good as a 30-minute run—and way more fun!

Springfree™ Trampoline isn’t just a notch above all other trampoline products—we’ve taken quality, safety and innovation to the next level. Lots of thought goes into our designs to make every Springfree™ Trampoline sturdy, strong and weather-resistant.

We’ve reinvented the trampoline without compromising the fun. Springfree™ Trampoline is hours of fun! No more “I’m bored” means more free time for mum and dad—and with the coolest trampoline ever, you’ll be a real hero!

Jumping is key to your child’s mental and physical development. Springfree™ Trampoline helps accelerate the progress of your child’s motor skills, balance, and coordination, making them more confident all round.

With minimal maintenance requirements, ease of use, and of course, fast and easy purchase options, Springfree™ Trampoline is as convenient to own as it is fun to use!
Check them out! SpringFree Trampoline

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfect Pushup, Navy SEAL's

Trying to perfect the one thing that people have been doing for fitness since 1905, the pushup, is not an easy task. That being said, The Prefect Pushup does just that, our Military (best in the world) does some pretty basic fitness routines to see if you have what it takes and have been doing it for quite some time. Stew Smith a former Navy SEAL and now fitness writer and trainer has outlined the standard requirements to pass the fitness test. Some of you will look at this and say hey I can do that, remember they are called on each on they do, all the way down and up, but not completed until the instructor calls it out.
So when the The Prefect Pushup came out, also developed by Alden Mills, a seven year veteran of the Navy SEALs, people tend to give it a little more credibility, I do.
"As a SEAL Team TWO platoon commander, LCDR Mills' platoon was chosen for a one year study to determine why SEALs suffered unusually high injury rates during their careers. (73% of SEALs were on disability after 20 years of service) After learning the injuries were linked to their training methods, SEAL trainers switched from age-old body building techniques to Functional Training.

Functional Training mimics the natural movement patterns a person employs at work, playing sports and in daily life so they become stronger for the things they do. LCDR Mills learned that many muscles have a natural rotation in their movement, and the more these muscles are allowed to rotate, the more fully the muscles get engaged and the better the results. Just as you rotate your arms when swinging a baseball bat, a golf club or throwing a punch, your muscles and joints want to rotate when you do a pushup. We like to say, “From Rotation Comes Power!”™

Very few people in the world do more pushups than Navy SEALs. The pushup is the primary exercise for all three phases of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. Even to earn the right to start BUD/S, candidates must meet minimum pushup standards. And long after SEALs graduate from BUD/S, they are tested semi-annually on their ability to perform a number of pushups in two minutes. It's a proven exercise, but it's one that can put undo stress on joints and prevents muscles from following their natural rotation. Thanks to Alden Mills and his BODYREV teammates, the code for the perfect pushup has been cracked. Which means, you get more muscles naturally engaged for better results faster."

Enough Said!
Now get out of the gym and build your body right. The Prefect Pushup

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Polar Cadence Sensor Set

A must have for all cyclist. You may feel as though you are turning in a good pace and the MPH is up in the 20+ but nothing is like tracking your Cadence. one of the best places to get triathlon gear has the Cadence Sensor set for $45.95 a great price for knowing your Cadence.
What is you Cadence you ask:

When cyclists talk about cadence they are referring to the number of revolutions that they crank makes each minute as the pedals are turned. This in layman’s terms simply is the speed at which the cyclist pedals or turns the pedals on the bike as they ride.

Most cyclists will have a certain cadence speed which they feel comfortable with when they are out riding. Today a lot of bicycles come with a large number of gears so it makes it possible for a cyclist to stick to a cadence that they prefer through a wide range of different speeds at which they are traveling. Normally a typical cyclist will look at having a cadence of between 60 and 80 revs per minute (rpm), whilst professional (racing) cyclists will look at theirs being between 80 and 120 rpm. However sprint cyclists will normally be able to manage 170 rpm for very short distances. Lance Armstrong one of the worlds well known professional cyclists is able to produce a cadence of 120 rpm. Read more at Ezine! So get into Cadence and ride faster for longer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

New York Triathlon is Upon Us!

With all that is going on how could one miss the New York City Triathlon, in my opinion this is right up there with New York City Marathon. I am really excited to be a part of the race and Toyota's Engines of Change team. The technology and effort to put events like this on are incredible. You have Nautica one of the main sponsors, Toyota's Engines of Change , Janus, Accelerade, GHI, ORBEA great bikes by the way, Lifetime Triathlon Series, Vitamin Shoppe and Ameriprise. With out all these sponsor and the money they put up events like this would never happen. Thanks All and get ready for the fastest swim in a Triathlon, I am not sure if that is current or the desire to get out of the Hudson!