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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back Country Access, Stay Afloat on the Slopes

Safety on the slopes is important, first we all started to wear helmets, great move. Now if you are going back country and hucking yourself off cliffs, well BCA (Backcountry Access), they have what you need.

Preventing or minimizing burial depth is the key to reducing avalanche fatalities. That’s because the majority of time in an avalanche rescue is spent on excavating the victim. An airbag is designed to keep you at or near the surface, minimizing excavation time.
Our Float avalanche airbags are the first airbags that are both affordable and easily reusable. A wide network of BCA-authorized refill centers provide unmatched service to Float purchasers. A small 2,700-psi (186 bar) compressed-air cylinder, single-chamber 150-liter airbag, and super efficient venturi system make the Float systems easy to refill, light and affordable.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skis That Track Your Movement

Your skis can track your movement, compiles the results, Wagner and give you the feedback. Who would not like an actual representation of how you skied based on real number. Talk about improvement.
vLinks, which analyze every nuance of your form—from speed and turn radius to slippage and imbalances. The vLinks are essentially souped-up optical mouses that grab data 6,500 times per second to track movement spatially along X, Y, and Z axes and rotationally, capturing pitch, roll, and yaw. After your day on the slopes, Wagner runs the numbers through proprietary software and combines them with the results of an in-depth questionnaire to craft truly custom equipment.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Kids, who does not want to be one again.

Kelly Sildaru / Playground from Sildaru on Vimeo.

9 years old and tearing it up. What a life, and notice when she falls no pain. Gets right back up agian and goes at it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Want To Go Skiing or Snowboarding Now!

It might be the end of summer but with movies like "Come Find Us" who does not want to go skiing or snowboarding. Good things for kids like this, really shows how to push the limit and get you jazzed to get it done.

Monday, September 21, 2009

ABS-Avalanche Airbag

Fall is upon us and that means switching gears, mountain biking, trail running, and yes skiing starts to creep in the picture. Well feel a little more secured with the ABS-Avalanche Airbag system, wears like a back pack, then pull to inflate.

Once activated, the ABS equalizes the volume and density of the victim relative to the surrounding snow by working on the principle of "inverse particles" .

...and you are ontop within 2 seconds.

As with a life vest in the water, the victims swims on the surface of the avalanche. The added volume of 150 liters has been calculated to be needed for cold, dry and loose snow. If the snow is denser, wetter and heavier less volume is needed. The statistics show that all victims carried down by a moving avalanche stayed on top and survived the incident (see the statistics) .

So be safe get prepared and hey have an advantage if you are playing out of bounds.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

POC, Ski Boots For Comfort!

Season is coming to an end, so what better time to buy new boots. The POC seems to eliminate the need to crank down on buckles, you have laces very similar to snowboarders boots. Not sure why this has not be thought of yet and this is just a concept but lets get real. I know snowboarding is relatively new and when it started wearing a good ld pair of Sorels would do the trick. The POC Tarsus boots eschews buckles for laces connected to a tension wheel you dial in for the perfect fit.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

SKIGYM - A New Twist

Love the new twist, first you had a machine that was curved and allowed you to go side to side simulating skiing. Now with SKIGYM you can actually see yourself going down the mountain. This is very similar to the CompuTrainer, you need a PC and a flat screen, the kit includes 32 race courses from 18 real-world mountain. Cost roughly $2300, might be a tough sell in today's economy but you never know, hey at least the pictures look cool. Maybe this replaces the ski vacation, at least your feet won't freeze.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Innovations by Rossignol :: CHRONO METEO JACKET

When companies push the limit it should make you happy. Rossignol is one of those companies. It seems as though they took a good concept from Swatch, POP Swatch which just had the watch on it, but could be embedded in clothes. So it seems as though Rossignol is trying a similar approach but using high end technology to click in to its jacket.
It's not easy to check your watch when you're on the trail wearing gloves, a fleece, and a protective jacket . Rossignol has found the solution: The Gore Tex® stretch CHRONO METEO jacket with the Pure Mountain Station.
Used alone or slid inside a watertight thermoformed insert worn outside the jacket on the wrist, it combines all the vital features for skiers:
• Barometer mode providing atmospheric pressure, temperature, and weather forecasts
• Altimeter mode to display the altitude in real-time, calculate and record your vertical drop, and measure your performance using a computer
• Digital compass to determine your direction

As the watch is always subject to a fall or extreme conditions, it was designed to be shock proof and weather resistant. The intentionally oversized liquid crystal digits and numbers are easy to read at a glance. It includes a number of other practical features: timer, alarm, etc.
It comes with an accessory kit including leash, desk stand and clip for use in all situations, at home, touring, in the car, in the office, etc. More than just a watch, this is a genuine multi functional screen

Good Stuff Rossignol

Monday, December 01, 2008

ColdAvenger, Stay Out Longer!

Breath freely and without fear of freezing. Designed for a variety of winter outdoor activities where protection from cold is essential. Researched and developed in Northern Rocky Mountain winters and tested in snow and freezing weather, ColdAvenger™ keeps your face warm and dry while helping humidify inhaled air and allowing you to breathe freely. Hey it beat a snorkel and looking funny while skiing or snowboarding.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

IDEA Winner, Wed'ze RNS7 Helmet

Silver Medal winner, COOL, just plain cool. Safety enhanced "Recco" system that makes it easier to find you in case of an avalanche. Its exclusive goggle-fixing system is placed on the side for maximum efficiency; when not worn over the eyes, the mask is locked in place on top of the helmet. A fabric panel covers the ears and neck to keep the wearer warm and comfy, but is easily removed to be cleaned or if warmer conditions dictate.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inflatable, foldable Rescue Carrier

Now this is just an concept but can this save time getting to a broken person. Here are some stats from NSAA: National Ski Area Association:

Fatalities - According to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA): During the past 10 years, about 37.1 people have died skiing/snowboarding per year on average. During the 2006/07 season, 22 fatalities occurred out of the 55.1 million skier/snowboarder days reported for the season. Eighteen of the fatalities were skiers (15 male, 3 female) and 2 of the fatalities were snowboarders, both male. In two of the cases the equipment used was reported as unknown. The rate of fatality converts to .40 per million skier/snowboarder visits.

Serious Injuries - Serious injuries (paraplegics, serious head and other serious injuries) occur at the rate of about 43.7 per year, according to the NSAA. In the 2006/07 season, there were 40 serious injuries. Twenty-four of these serious injuries were skiers (20 males, 4 females) and 16 were snowboarders, (14 male, 2 female). The rate of serious injury in 2006/07 was .73 per million skier/snowboarder visits.

NOTE: A skier/snowboarder visit represents one person visiting a ski area for all or any part of a day or night and includes full-day, half-day, night, complimentary, adult, child, season and any other ticket types that gives one the use of an area's facility."

So the Inflatable Sled to the rescue, you wear it as a backpack then ski to the injured person, unfold and inflate and down the mountain to the hospital you go.
Designer: Janine Züst

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Myway Mapholder, get behind them!

If there is one idea that skiers should get behind this would be the first on the list, Mymap winner of ispo BrandNew Award.
"In today's complex ski resorts where the number of descents are increasing and the skier's need of finding the right path to explore the whole system is growing quickly, instant access to the ski map becomes a prerequisite. With myway map holder the skier has immediate access to the map, which can be viewed without any unfolding movements or hassle to avoid wind or rain. Myway map holder gives the skier a durable and waterproof map that is covered in a shell when not in use. The shell does not need to be opened in order to reveal the map; the skier merely pulls the map holder to the part of the map he wishes to view at the moment. When he is done studying the map, the map automatically returns into the waterproof shell. "
I can't see what the hold up is, big gloved fingers pawing at a folded map, impossible to open and once they get wet forget about it, shreds right away.

The best thing that I see with Mymap and you can say you read it here first, is once Electronic Paper takes off and you can power this little baby then it gets limitless. A GPS, speed, tracking, runs, altitude, decent, and even heart rate, you have to love technology, built in so that you can see where you are and not have to look for a sign on the trail head. Daylightagain, feel free to contact me anytime to use this idea.
Cheers and happy holidays!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whippet Self-Arrest Pole - Black Diamond

For those who like to ski off trail, Snow shoe, heli ski, or even the back country, this Self-Arrest pole will come in handy. The redesigned, sleeker Whippet now permanently integrates the pick right into the grip top and the upper shaft for increased comfort and greater collapsibility. Comes stock with our BD Pick Protector. The Price on the it is relative to most poles that won't help save your life. $99.95 USD, Mountain Gear has it for $89.95, so what are you waiting for go get one.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Airbag for Avalanche's, SnowPulse

Ever wondered if you could escape a avalanche, you've watch the videos, seen countless people escape by hanging onto a tree, you have the Avalanche Beacon, but still not sure you could make it. Well hang tight here come a airbag for snow! Works like you think it would, one you are in the "bad" situation you pull the handle and like if you where under water, the bag inflates and the cream rises to the top.

The Life Bag is an airbag for avalanche designed for all winter sport addicts, and professionals. The airbag is triggered manually by pulling a handle. Once the handle is pulled, the 150 Liters of the Snowpulse airbag inflate in only 3 seconds.

The Life Bag can easily be reused and refilled. Professionals and resellers have the possibility to refill the air cylinder themselves. Training is therefore possible since you simply have to refill the cylinder after trying your Snowpulse airbag.

The Life Bag is designed to bring you the best protection, while still remaining light, compact and user friendly. Snowpulse airbags are a set of innovative solutions.

Hey you never know! SnowPulse

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heated Wetsuit

A Heated Wetsuit! Hotsuits have come out with a way to keep you warm in the water, a kidney belt that emits heat for up to an hour. It seems as though Rip Curl has a heated wetsuit, and a pretty cool video to show it off, hey if you have the money to make a music video to promote your product go for it and YouTube has helped all sorts of inventor get their message out, but I digress.
Hotsuits claims that providing heat to the kidney region helps maintain core temperature, and warm blood flow to the rest of the body. The thing that I like the most about this is that it is portable, unlike Rip Curl's, it is not just limited to wetsuits, how about skiing, climbing, sailing, openwater swimming, you get the idea. Hotsuits is also the winner of ISPO, Brand New Award! I am sure Rip Curl has a great product, but a young inventor like this you have to give them a shot, plus they might be cheaper plus you don't have to buy a new wetsuit. Hotsuits Heated Kidney Belt + 16.50AUD worldwide postage (regular airmail)=$105.50 AUD or $91.73.
Check them out! Hotsuits

Friday, May 25, 2007

Black Diamond: AVALUNG, breathe under snow!

Find yourself in sticky situations while skiing or hiking, feel as though you could bring the whole mountain down. Using a beacon is helpful if you are trapped under an avalanche but only 50% of the time. Most of us today ski with a pack, we feel safer, we keep an extra polar fleece some Cliff bars, a first aid kit and whatever else you might find could save you in-case of an emergency. Well AVALUNG keeps the odds fair. It looks like a tube coming off of your Camelbak except you breathe through it! Once you exhale it expels the waste out the rear of the pack. Not sure how long it will keep you alive but anything is better than nothing.
I'm in! Black Diamond: AVALUNG

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

SnowSports Interactive: Tracking on the Slopes

Well it looks like technology is starting to catch on, we have seen theme parks, Legoland in Billund, Denmark, where they use RFID to track kids around the park. "Parents can pay 3 euros for a day’s rental of a tag for their child. Legoland attaches the Bluesoft AeroScout T2 tag, about 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches, to the child’s wrist by means of a disposable wristband. That tag is then registered to the parents’ mobile phone number.

The park will be able to constantly track that tag anywhere in the park. The Bluesoft AeroScout system uses a minimum of three location receivers and Bluesoft’s own AeroScout software to triangulate a tag’s position by recording the time of arrival of a single tag transmission at several receivers and using time difference of arrival (TDOA) algorithms to determine location. Parents wanting to locate their child will send a text message from their mobile phone and receive an automated response telling them the location, within 10 feet, of their child. The process takes between 10 and 20 seconds, according to Bluesoft."

So when more companies like SnowSport Interactive get into the game with no more than an idea, you know things are looking up. Now when you go to their site, very one demential, and lacking any real explanation of the product, but hey you have to give them credit for getting it going. For the Flaik Ski School the explanation says "Enables the real time location of students, instructors and other key school personnel." This would be cool if opened up too all that would like to purchase the device, very much like LegoLand. Then when skiing with all your friends and family if one would like to take the Double Diamond and the others the blue route, well then it would be easy via a cell phone to track where they are at, better yet use google earth and a smart phone and then you have a really interactive experience.
Check it out! SnowSport Interactive