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Monday, May 04, 2009

Swim Guard Vest

Yanko has some of the best ideas around. Swim Guard Vest is a vest that is worn like a Chest Harness with a bit more support around the neck, keeping your head afloat. The device is form fitting and I could see this being built into wetsuits in the near future. The really cool feature is the GPS that is built in. I can see Triathlons offering this as an options to those a little hesitant of the water, like theNew York City Triathlon, the Hudson can be scary.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nu, Dolphin Water Proof MP3

This makes those long hours in the pool not as lonely. Listen to music while you do laps and get through those sets.

NU makers of drives MP3 sun glasses, clothing and video seem to be dipping their hands into the ocean and seeing what bites.

The new NU Dolphin is a Waterproof MP3 player tailored for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. The design concept is to create a portable & Waterproof music device that can be worn by swimmers and other water sport athletes while keeping the impact on their athletic performance to minimum. The NU design team come up with this ultra light weight, ultra compact player that weighs only 25g with a dimension of 60 x 20 x 20mm. Its cylindrical-shaped casing features a minimalist outlook with all control buttons located on one side, and the headphone jack on the other side. The Waterproof earphone attaches to the player via a special screw-in jack to keep the device water-tight.

Both the Waterproof earphone and the Waterproof MP3 player were tested to comply with IPx7 international water resistant standard. The Waterproof earphone employs a special non-woven fabric membrane to keep the speaker vibration plate dry while maintaining a high quality sound output. The earpieces are attached with a soft silicon earplug that fits snugly in the ears. The earplugs not only keep the earphones dry but also prevent the earphones from coming loose during vigorous activities.

Dolphin TOUCH, Guaranteed Waterproof quality level by the International certified IPX7, you can Share all the greatest fun from all kinds of outdoor activities, such as Swimming, Surfing, Snorkeling,SPA, Mountaineering, Fishing, Jogging, Biking…, with 4GB embedded Nand Flash Memory size allow you to play 960songs of MP3/WMA and FM radio for Free!!

  1. Plays MP3/WMA files
  2. FM stereo radio(87.5~108MHz)
  3. Build-in180mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery
  4. Dimensions: 66.4*21*21mm
  5. Accessory: Waterproof earphone/USB cable/ Clip / Fastening bands / Armband /Cleaning cloth/High-End stereo earphone/ User manual disc
  6. One year warranty

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LZR RACER, Speedo's new suit

The claim is "Worlds Fastest Suit", major break through. Since the last suit the Fastskin broke more records than any suit in history, one can only imagine what this will do. A fully bonded male performance bodysuit with an ultra low profile zip and silicone gripper at the ankle. Made from Speedo's ultra lightweight LZR Pulse fabric, the suit's LZR panels, core stabiliser and bonded seams all combine to reduce drag. Available in regular and longer body lengths.

Check out the video from New York

Friday, February 01, 2008

Bang Zoom - Swim Skins are FINA Approved

There are leader's in everything that you do and then there are the ones that play catch up. For most of us catching up is becoming easier thanks to products like Blue Seventy Swim Skin PointZero3. Now others make them ZOOTS, Orca and XTERRA and they all basically do the same thing, shed water like a wetsuit and have low drag coefficient.
The pointzero3 is the product of thinking about getting the best out of non-wetsuit legal swims. Like the blueseventy Helix wetsuit, the super slick surface layer on the pointzero3 has a drag coefficient of 0.032 which is over 50 times lower than skin and more than 4 times lower than other swim skins on the market. The fit and styling have been developed from the world’s fastest triathlon wetsuit, the blueseventy’s Helix, and features the double hoop of high stretch materials, that forms the helix shape after which the suit is named. This extra-stretchy band of lycra, in the pointzero3, works to mechanically decouple the arms from the rest of the suit. When you stretch into the stroke you are normally pulling against the non flexible material of the suit, but in the pointzero3 the lycra bands work to “float” the arm so it doesn’t have to work against resistance. Like the Helix, the pointzero3’s seamlines have been made for swimming, not running like most other wetsuit brands.
Hey everyone wants to be first and with advances like these coming to the sport of Triathlons, who can complain, oh yea the people that we are catching that's who.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Heated Wetsuit

A Heated Wetsuit! Hotsuits have come out with a way to keep you warm in the water, a kidney belt that emits heat for up to an hour. It seems as though Rip Curl has a heated wetsuit, and a pretty cool video to show it off, hey if you have the money to make a music video to promote your product go for it and YouTube has helped all sorts of inventor get their message out, but I digress.
Hotsuits claims that providing heat to the kidney region helps maintain core temperature, and warm blood flow to the rest of the body. The thing that I like the most about this is that it is portable, unlike Rip Curl's, it is not just limited to wetsuits, how about skiing, climbing, sailing, openwater swimming, you get the idea. Hotsuits is also the winner of ISPO, Brand New Award! I am sure Rip Curl has a great product, but a young inventor like this you have to give them a shot, plus they might be cheaper plus you don't have to buy a new wetsuit. Hotsuits Heated Kidney Belt + 16.50AUD worldwide postage (regular airmail)=$105.50 AUD or $91.73.
Check them out! Hotsuits

Friday, May 18, 2007

Speedo: FSII Triathlon Suit

I have been swimming with the Fastskin® Hi-Neck Bodyskin (I got it at the Speedo sale section, reg. $240, sale $72) and all I can say is that this suit is fast. Then to top it off Michael Phelps goes and destroys all records at this years FINA World Championships, in a new FS-PRO Hi Neck Bodyskin. So picking up last years model was a steal. It makes you feel like a seal, you cut through the water and it holds your body tight. So if the FSII Triathlon suit is anything like its parent then Triathletes take notice.
Here is what Speedo say:
1. Fastskin® FSII, the most advanced and lowest drag racing swimwear in the world to date, is now available for multisport activities.
2. Fastskin® FSII is a hybrid of two highly specialized Speedo® – exclusive fabrics, Fastskin® and Flexskin, to accommodate different flow characteristics across the body and reduce drag through the water, up to 4% decrease compared to original.
3. Fastskin® fabric mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag in key areas and features a Turbulence Management System.
4. Greater stretch for better fit and movement. Thread feels softer against the skin..
You can get the XD Skin model for $126 @ the Swim Outlet the best price I have seen.
Check it out! Speedo USA