Sunday, December 21, 2008

MotionX-GPS now on the App Store

iPhone has changed so much of what and how we work and play. MotionX-GPS takes it a bit further with an easy to use handheld GPS on your iPhone. You can use the virtual compass for navigation and the stopwatch to record time, distance, speed and average pace. Email your tracks and waypoints with your photos to share with your friends and family in Google Earth and Google Maps. Use MotionX-GPS while biking, running, hiking, walking, geocaching, in your car or on your boat. It has a stopwatch to time your ride, run, set way points and share with Google maps really great to see what in the next year the iPhone and others companies start to come up with.
Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy Spin Bike Design, We Can Only Hope

We can only hope that design starts to trickle down to the fitness industry. Having Frog Design or Mark Hagen a design student North Carolina State University College of Design, start to take a look at traditional exercise equipment would be a welcome change. Some people like CrossFit and some like more traditional almost surgical approach like Phrog Fitness. Places like Phrog could benifit greatly with a Apple design appeal. However the change is to happen it will and with forward thinkers like Mark Hagen the fitness industry should take notice.
happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cover the Noggin

In the winter the myth is that you lose 75% of the heat through you head and others studies show the cerebral blood flow is supplied via the carotid and vertebral arteries (4 in total) and is constant. The blood flow to the brain does not change as the demand for oxygen is constant. As a result, when you look at total heat loss, the head accounts for about 7% of the heat lost.
Any way that you shake it you lose some heat through your head and if you like wearing a hat and listening to music it seems as though we have another player to the game. The LimbGear® Noggin Net™ is an mp3 enabled skullcap that houses both the mp3 player and the earbuds. The soft, fleece textile is breathable and warm. The idea is not new but the interesting part is incorporating the mp3 player into the skullcap, hence hiding all the wires and the Nano in the cap itself. The downfall is that if you are like millions of iPhone users, putting one in your skullcap could be a bit heavy.
All in all it is a great idea, grab an old Shuffle and this is a great gift.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Expresso Fitness, A new spin on fitness.

Were not talking about coffee but we should be based on the ride that Express is going to put you on. As they put it "eye-popping virtual reality with a classic cardio workout". They really put their minds to it and re-thought some of the basic functions that got in the way on other bikes, like a real head phone jack and walk through design. Expresso talent really lies with in the computer system itself, bringing to life a true VR experience, motivate your members with over 30 Basic-to-Extreme rated interactive Tours – ride from the California Coast to the Peruvian Mountains, play a game while riding and where it really gets interesting, captures your individual workout data, allowing members to track and analyze performance online anytime, anywhere. Leader boards, personal trend reports and community challenges motivate riders to keep working toward their goals.

So if I were you demand one of these at your club, standard TV is so 2008.

This would be a great fit with Health Currency.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Innovations by Rossignol :: CHRONO METEO JACKET

When companies push the limit it should make you happy. Rossignol is one of those companies. It seems as though they took a good concept from Swatch, POP Swatch which just had the watch on it, but could be embedded in clothes. So it seems as though Rossignol is trying a similar approach but using high end technology to click in to its jacket.
It's not easy to check your watch when you're on the trail wearing gloves, a fleece, and a protective jacket . Rossignol has found the solution: The Gore Tex® stretch CHRONO METEO jacket with the Pure Mountain Station.
Used alone or slid inside a watertight thermoformed insert worn outside the jacket on the wrist, it combines all the vital features for skiers:
• Barometer mode providing atmospheric pressure, temperature, and weather forecasts
• Altimeter mode to display the altitude in real-time, calculate and record your vertical drop, and measure your performance using a computer
• Digital compass to determine your direction

As the watch is always subject to a fall or extreme conditions, it was designed to be shock proof and weather resistant. The intentionally oversized liquid crystal digits and numbers are easy to read at a glance. It includes a number of other practical features: timer, alarm, etc.
It comes with an accessory kit including leash, desk stand and clip for use in all situations, at home, touring, in the car, in the office, etc. More than just a watch, this is a genuine multi functional screen

Good Stuff Rossignol

Monday, December 08, 2008

SwitchBack, small, powerful and keeps you riding.

So since the gas prices have drop, Princeton Tech seems to want to keep them that way, introducing the Switchback 1 the smallest most powerful light. With lights like these coming on the market the only thing that will keep you from biking is yourself.
Burn time is 10 hours (of course on the lowest setting), that should get you to work and back and if not just charge up while at work. Working through all the setting on a ride will get you 5 hours, not bad. Hey is you are still doing the bike commute, training, riding the trails after 6 pm, this light will keep you out just a little longer and that is only a good thing. Put one of these on your holiday list.

Monday, December 01, 2008

ColdAvenger, Stay Out Longer!

Breath freely and without fear of freezing. Designed for a variety of winter outdoor activities where protection from cold is essential. Researched and developed in Northern Rocky Mountain winters and tested in snow and freezing weather, ColdAvenger™ keeps your face warm and dry while helping humidify inhaled air and allowing you to breathe freely. Hey it beat a snorkel and looking funny while skiing or snowboarding.