Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cover the Noggin

In the winter the myth is that you lose 75% of the heat through you head and others studies show the cerebral blood flow is supplied via the carotid and vertebral arteries (4 in total) and is constant. The blood flow to the brain does not change as the demand for oxygen is constant. As a result, when you look at total heat loss, the head accounts for about 7% of the heat lost.
Any way that you shake it you lose some heat through your head and if you like wearing a hat and listening to music it seems as though we have another player to the game. The LimbGear® Noggin Net™ is an mp3 enabled skullcap that houses both the mp3 player and the earbuds. The soft, fleece textile is breathable and warm. The idea is not new but the interesting part is incorporating the mp3 player into the skullcap, hence hiding all the wires and the Nano in the cap itself. The downfall is that if you are like millions of iPhone users, putting one in your skullcap could be a bit heavy.
All in all it is a great idea, grab an old Shuffle and this is a great gift.