Monday, April 28, 2008

GPS Tuner - Offroad Navigation

If you send more time off road, via running, biking, walking, hiking, etc., and you have a watch GPS that keeps you data then you might want to look at this software.
GPS Tuner is an off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices. While most car navigation software gives you the possibility of planning your route based on a road network, GPS Tuner gives you the ability of navigation where the roads end.

GPS Tuner is an excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities, where the monitoring of duration, distance and speed can be important.

If you are in possession of our 'Geo license' with extended features, the Area Calculation function is available to you, which makes it easy to measure perimeter and area. All you need to do is activate GPS and walk (or drive) around the boundary. The created area (shape) can be saved, exported in DXF format and even reloaded.


English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Dansih, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovakian, Russian, Hungarian, Finnish, Afrikaans, Romanian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Units and National Grids
Selectable Metric, Imperial or Nautical units
24 National Grids are supported (like WGS-84, British (OSGB36), NAD27, NAD83…)

GPS Tuner supports JPG files as maps
Online map downloading from Google Maps, TerraServer, Open Street Map
Easy Calibration on Pocket PC or using Desktop Map Calibrator (free) program
Auto map loading feature
Zoom and Pan by pen or joystick
Flexible layer and track/route display
Distance measuring and route defining by drawing on map
Map image rotation according to your heading in 90 degrees steps
Blank map support

Navigation, Digital Compass
Real time rotating compass with big target arrow
Sun's direction
Custom target from entered coordinate
Any waypoint, trackpoint or point of map can be selected as target
6 different types of Compass views
38 selectable Compass tools
Voice navigation and next turn indication for routes

Trip Computer
Monitor your whole trip
Save, Load and Reset is possible
31 selectable Trip Computer tools
Graph for Altitude and Speed
Selectable tool window size
Push track data into Trip Computer to get a full track analysis
Speedometer with speed limit warning

Waypoints, POIs, Track, Routes
Waypoint, POI: GPX, LOC, KML, SDF files supported
Track, Route: GPX, TRK, KML, SDF files supported
Data exchange with Suunto X9i/X9Mi GPS watch (wristop computer)
Track recording by configurable Auto, Time or Distance interval
View your waypoints and tracks in Google Earth directly (KML export/import)
Flexible waypoint management
You can easily convert track to route and reverse the direction of route
Area Calculation feature is also available in our Geo version

NMEA recording
NMEA playback (with selectable speed)
You can jump to any position of NMEA file (skipping unnecessary data)

GPS Share
Share your position in real time with other users
See your friends position displayed in GPS Tuner
Monitor your (and your friends’) position on your web browser
Ideal for personal and vehicle tracking purposes
SMS interface

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Learn to Kayak

Kayak Paddling is a multi language, several chapters, just a wealth on information for the paddler in you from beginner to advanced. You would find a site like this on most corporate intranet sites, even Lynda but just for general knowledge, Kayak Paddling is incredible. Full flash based so it's just not one image to the next, the kayak actually bobs in the water. Each Chapter has many sub chapters that you can run right through. Explains boat dynamic, parts, nomenclature, even keyboard controls.
Just plain Awesome.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

SkullLink Hydro Pack

Some packs are good at carrying stuff, other hydrate you, the best ones do the both and then combine useful features. Finally, connect your music with your phone! With just a click of the button, find out which plug type you need and choose your headset style.
It has an iPhone connection built in as well as bluetooth. Hammering down a trail listening to music, the phone rings music dampens and the voice comes through. This pack is stylish and can be used year round. The best is that you can really use it for anything from the woods to the city, what a great pack.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not to say that it has come and gone but let do a couple things for the year a make a big difference.
1) lights in your office, go to motion switch
2) Pick up a Grocery Bag and use it every time you shop instead of paper or plastic (Ikea blue bags are the best and big)
3) Bike at least one day to work
4) Turn the background of your desktop to black, less energy used. Did you know that a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor uses about 74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page?

Easy and simple adjustments to all peoples life's. You don't need to be a tree huger or environmentalist to do your part. Simple less stand out changes make a bigger difference.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wooden Surfboards, a not so thing of the past.

With Clarks Foam stopping the production of the surfboard blanks, were will boards come from. Well a not so thing of the past, wooden boards. Hess Surf Boards are cranking out wooden boards and they are just as good and will last longer than foam filled (they can send me one anytime). The timeless art of making boards and the quality that goes into making a wooden board is not much different, once you get the pieces of different wood together. Once that is done shaping time. Technology can make many things better but the classic wooden board will make time stand still. Hey since GREEN is a hot topic well this meets all standards.
The weather is upon us.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A new way to see while biking at night, REELIGHT

Remember when you where a kid, a light attached to your front fork and then tilted in, rubbing against your tire, bingo light. Well finally someone has come up with a better lighter less drag, way. Reelight is Danish design and Danish technology.
The lights are based on the electrodynamic induction principle, and work when you screw two magnets on the spokes and fix the light to the wheel’s hub. Electric current is then produced when the magnets pass the light, which incorporates a spool of copper wire. The light then flashes every time the wheel rotates. Simple, effective and ingenious.
Check it out...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Specialized S-Works 2D helmet, SUPERLIGHT

It must feel great to be ridding like you were a kid again, nothing on your head screaming down your street or hill with not a care in the world for safety. This is the lightest helmet in the world and yes you will feel like a kid again. Specialized has something called, Kevlar Intermatrix, "patented uni-directional Kevlar fiber internal reinforcement holds everything together. This InnerMatrix with carbon bridges effectively supports the dual density foam, allows wide-open airflow to vents, and since it's bulletproof Kevlar, decreases overall weight without compromising strength." Whatever, it looks cool, makes it lightweight and changes how you once thought of helmets.

Now go be a kid again!

Running Correctly, Healus

Everyone is trying to find the correct running style, Nike with it's Free, Newton Running and Zoot Sports with its new running shoe. Now all are good and limiting runners from slamming their heels into the ground thousands if not millions of time over a season is smart. Healus is throwing it's hat into the ring, this video does a good job at demonstrating why heel strike is bad and this shoe could be changing all that.

"Revolutionary running shoe

European 5000m record holder Dave Moorcroft tries out a radical new running shoe.

It's been developed by marathon runner and physiotherapist Adri Hartveld who has over 25 years experience in dealing with sports injuries.

He came up with the idea of the Healus Running Shoe - a design comprised of a base shock plate and heel-less sole which minimises heal strike impact - based on his own experiences and from the athletes he has helped treat.

Dave Moorcroft is surprised with the results when he takes the Healus onto the track!"

Friday, April 04, 2008

Nike+ Sports band - the iPod

From waffle treads that started a sneaker boom to sports electronic, the athletic/exercise business is going high tech. Now Nike has made the move from Apple, coming up with a USB armband, called the Sportsband. Nike=Coach system will not only help you get to your goal, but once connected online and tracking you will go. has a full tracking, training, music, and competition function built in, it is not as robust as the Polar system but hey Nike is using Flash.
Check it out.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Doctors Compensated for Online Consultations

All of us are trying to find extra time, if you are not running to drop the kids off, food shop, get out to swim, bike or run, then you are sleeping. Imagine if you could get a doctor to visit your house like in the olden days, that would be great. Well then use technology to get that accomplished, as busy as you are doctors are just as busy. Well now doctors are being compensated for online visists. The Wall Street Journal reports that Aetna recently took a three-state pilot project nationwide, and Cigna plans to start paying for Web visits next year, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Both companies contract with RelayHealth, a company that has built a system for secure, online consults for simple health issues. Patients typically pay the same co-pay whether they go to the doctor or have a Web consult. Insurers pay doctors less for the Web consult — typically $25 to $35, according to the Inquirer.

With these types of initiatives taking place you have to like where things are heading. Full article