Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Doctors Compensated for Online Consultations

All of us are trying to find extra time, if you are not running to drop the kids off, food shop, get out to swim, bike or run, then you are sleeping. Imagine if you could get a doctor to visit your house like in the olden days, that would be great. Well then use technology to get that accomplished, as busy as you are doctors are just as busy. Well now doctors are being compensated for online visists. The Wall Street Journal reports that Aetna recently took a three-state pilot project nationwide, and Cigna plans to start paying for Web visits next year, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Both companies contract with RelayHealth, a company that has built a system for secure, online consults for simple health issues. Patients typically pay the same co-pay whether they go to the doctor or have a Web consult. Insurers pay doctors less for the Web consult — typically $25 to $35, according to the Inquirer.

With these types of initiatives taking place you have to like where things are heading. Full article