Friday, December 16, 2016

WANDRD, One Of The Best Packs!

We are passionate photographers, travelers, commuters, creators, and explorers, and we needed a pack that could keep up with our adventurous lifestyle. But we also wanted it to look incredible, and the perfect combination of style and function wasn't out there, so we decided to make it.

When we set out, our goal wasn't just to create a great travel and camera bag. We wanted to encourage others to stop focusing on the monotony of daily life and to really live.

A great bag does more than carry your stuff. A great bag evokes action and facilitates adventure, all while being so intuitive, you forget it's even there.

No matter what you're doing, we build each bag with one purpose – to help you focus on the moment.

And that is why we offer:

Limited Lifetime Warranty – We stand behind our products. If there is a manufacturer defect, we will fix or replace it for free!

30 Day Return Policy – We get it, sometimes you need to sleep on it. And we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why we have given you 30 days to change your mind and return what you bought. Just email us at and we'll have you send the items back to us (with the tags still attached).

High Quality and Innovative Gear – We promise not to be content with mediocrity. We will only use the highest quality materials and will constantly look for ways to improve. In fact, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas for making our products even better. Email us at


Friday, December 02, 2016

Sometimes a better mousetrap come along, with bike transportation, this happens every year or so. Everyone trying to make it easier, quicker and the ability to handle multiple bikes. I love roof mounted bike racks, they have their downfalls, mostly, garages. UpSide seems to have something pretty good. If you already have a factory roof rack or aftermarket, you do all the work on the ground, lift it up and twist to secure it to your car. 


white-icon-fastFolded to installed within 20 seconds
white-icon-weightWeighs under 2.0kg
white-icon-sizeAt 610mm folds shorter than most MTB bars
white-icon-strongSuits bikes up to 25 kgs
white-icon-infiniteUnlimited by frames, tyres or wheels