Monday, February 26, 2007

Eolos: Breathe Better

All I can say is WOW this product from Eolos is great, I felt a change right off the bat. This product is weights for your lungs. I took 2 breaths with it right away and it felt like I had run a mile.

"The tried and tested Eolos training regimen is 30 breaths twice per day. Each session takes around 3 minutes and can be completed virtually anywhere.
Eolos = 30 x 2
Results are measurable in a little as 3 weeks, with almost full training benefits accrued within 6 weeks."

The device is small and easy to use, it fits into your mouth like a snorkel, sticks out about 3 inches and just twist the knob at the end of the device to increase/decrease resistance and breathe. It's that simple. I can't wait to introduce this into my regular training, why spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with other devices that only get in your way. This is great and am surprised that more people are not using the Eolos as part of their training.
Check it out! Eolos

Thursday, February 15, 2007

DefenseBand: Stay Protected

This is a low end solution to protect oneself. I got to have the DefenseBand tried out on me a couple years ago, I was doing Jiu Jitsu (Gracie) and while rolling around on the mat I hear this ripping sound then my buddies twist his hands, applies some pressure then "TAP, TAP". When he released I asked him what that was and he told me, the DefenseBand. I did not go out right away and buy it, 2 years later and countless hours on the road running got me thinking, we spend all this money to track our fitness and listen to music along the way, but what about ourselves! I do a little Jiu Jitsu and wish I had time to do it full time, job, training and family, something has to give. I can protect myself I feel but with the DefenseBand, it is that little extra security that will give you all the confidence to be able to defend yourself.
The DefenseBand is a velcro strap that attaches to your watch, it has a loop in the strap that allows you to get your fingers through the strap and use it to control your attacker.
Check it out! DefenseBand

Thursday, February 08, 2007

RFID-Active Billboards

This is a great idea too bad it takes MINI to put this together. Now I understand that there have been a couple companies to do this type of RFID messaging, but how cool would this be to lets say USAT or the NYRR for the New York City Marathon to band together and get this done for races. Imagine running through a course and be able to look up and see your splits, because the chip on your ankle is capturing the data, ChampionChip timing system.

The NYC Triathlon and Accenture have it so that you can track an athlete coming and going from a transition area, the send and receive antennas are cast in thin tartan mats. These antenna mats are placed at the finish line and other timing locations. They are connected to a Yellow Box at the side of the road, containing electronics and batteries. Each time an athlete wearing a ChampionChip crosses the mats, the chip gets energized and sends out its ID-number. This number and corresponding time are then stored in the Yellow Box and transferred to a timing computer for further processing. If you signed up with Accenture before the race then you can have data sent to your support teams phone/email for update on your progress, after the race log into Accentures website and see your splits and final time.
Now since this is possible the next best thing would signs set along the course and be able to see your splits, have this spread out throughout the course and you have a pretty spectacular viewing event. People that don't know anything about Marathons / triathlons / bike races can see how fast the pro's really are!
Another add on would be to have text messaging / motivational messages sent from your friends / support teams phone / email (granted you gave them your code) to signs along the course. What a way to pick up the pace. Just my thoughts, but remember you read it here first.