Friday, May 12, 2017

Kammok Thylacine Down Sleeping Bag™

From a successful hammock campaign that launched Kammock into everyone's mind. Now they have been awarded Gear Of The Year. One sleeping bag, endless options. The Kammok Thylacine Down Sleeping Bag™ is an innovative outdoor sleep system that adapts as your needs and environment change. Set apart from other sleeping bags, the Thylacine is tailored directly to your body with adjustments to control the width of your sleeping bag, minimizing cold spots and maximizing comfort. When equipped with a liner, the Thylacine base bag adapts to a range of temperatures and outdoor conditions without sacrificing premium performance or snuggly soft feel. On its own, the Thylacine Down is a 20°F rated sleep system. Combined with the Thylacine Liner, you can sleep comfortably at or above 0°F. This sleeping bag is built to last and is covered under our lifetime warranty.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Omega's Seamaster, 1957, Redone.

THE OMEGA 1957 TRILOGY LIMITED EDITIONS In 1957, OMEGA released three professional timepieces that would all go on to become absolute classics: The Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster. In 2017, OMEGA is paying tribute to these three mechanical masterpieces by releasing special 60th Anniversary editions of each model.

THE SEAMASTER 300 - 60TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION 39 MM Based on the CK2913, this new Seamaster 300 features a black aluminium bezel and retains the famous Naïad sign on the crown, which back in '57 was a mark of exceptional water resistance. Powering the 2017 model is the Master Chronometer 8806.


Friday, March 03, 2017

Redshift Sports, Game Changer! One Bike, Two Options. Tri/Road

This is amazing, one bike, two options. Tri bike then a road. All of us have had two bike and train on the road bike and race on the tri bike. Now you can do both.
Redshift Sports was founded in 2013 with the goal of making components that help cyclists and triathletes go faster on the bikes they already own.  We are a small group of mechanical engineers who happen to be avid (if somewhat average) cyclists and triathletes.
Prior to founding Redshift Sports, Stephen, Erik, and Scott managed (and still manage) Ripple Design LLC, an engineering consulting and product design firm in Philadelphia.  We work on a wide range of products, from medical devices to large-scale landmine clearance equipment.  We drew on this extensive design, prototyping and manufacturing experience to bring the Switch Aero System to market.
Red Shift - Switch Aero System. 

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Demons Need To Be Conquered!

Over a cup of coffee in the USFS building at Hermit Lake, the soon-to-be founding fathers of the Friends of Tuckerman Ravine, Al Risch and Brad Ray, were discussing government budget cuts and the potential devastating results these cutbacks would have on the maintenance and stewardship of the fragile Tuckerman Ravine region.
Brad mentioned that similar Friends groups had started up in other parts of the country and wondered whether we could find someone in the Mount Washington Valley to start a local group whose mission would be to solicit private sector funding and raise an awareness about the struggle to keep and maintain a program of stewardship over the Tuckerman Ravine area.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

RunIQ from New Balance and Intel

In my eyes it is never good to be late, in New Balance's and Intel, it might have been the best thing. Seeing the mistakes and bad UX/UI from other companies, they seem to have made a pretty good watch at a GREAT price point $300 is amazing.

JOIN STRAVA Track your workout and connect with a community of runners worldwide.
BRING YOUR MUSIC Sync, store and listen to Google Play playlists via Bluetooth™ headphones.
TRACK YOUR HR Monitor your heart rate in real time and stay in your target zone.*
KEEP THE PACE Track your run time and intervals with one-click lap functionality.
MAP EVERY WORKOUT Track your course, pace and distance with built-in GPS.*
STAY CONNECTED Get notifications from your phone and reply on the go.**
MAKE IT YOUR OWN Download apps and customize your dashboard. *RunIQ's activity tracking metrics (including location, distance, heart rate, pace and cadence) are estimates and may not be completely accurate. Accuracy is affected by factors including physiology, nature of movements and location of device.

**When connected via Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi. Reply feature supported on Android™ phones only.

***Additional bands available 2/1

pretty good selection for right out of the gate.

RunIQ, New Balance

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

CES Is Here, Casio Show's New Watch!

Coming from Engadget!
Casio's second watch doesn't look much different than the outdoor smartwatch it revealed at last year's CES. However, the software brains inside the ruggedized timepiece have been given a strong nudge forward. This is one of the first Android Wear 2.0 devices to surface, over half a year since we first got to play with Google's retooled wearable OS. The watch -- designed for outdoors types -- also comes equipped with low-power GPS and color maps that can be downloaded offline for true outdoorsmen and women. You will survive.
Yep, as we said earlier, the design is very similar to the original. Casio has, however, added button guards and a new protective bezel -- important when your outdoors watch costs a few hundred dollars. For usability while wrestling bears or kayaking for your life, the buttons are now different sizes to help differentiate while using it.
App-wise, Casio has further developed the things its Pro-Trek watch does best, with fishing, hiking and cycling features all well represented.