Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time for Fun, shock-absorbs the bumps

Starting to get cold and in some parts snow is falling, so it is time to get ready to be a kid again.Get some friends find the smoothest, hardest packed, bump filled ice field and get crazy. If you are in Arosa, Switzerland, then you can go down the whole mountain and even at night on lighted slopes. Wow how nice would that be in the states. Well I guess you have the Poconos where they have a seperate slope for sleding, but not the same as using the whole mountain. Any way the Alu Sled, built from aluminum, the shock-absorbent silver slider has plastic runners, a handbrake, and packs up into a sexy little carry case. What more can you ask for, just get ready to pay a premium, but hey you could pass it on to your children, or not. Price $636
Have Fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wheeled into Fitness, The Power Wheel!

Less Technology and more core fitness is next years fitness trends. This means using natural surroundings to accomplish your goals. Pus-ups, chin-ups, remember being a kid, gym class. This was used to build character and also core muscle strength.
You have people like Jon Hinds who is building workable bodies and has a certification (can't wait to get signed up), Certified Natural Training (CNT).
Course Description
The Monkey Bar Gymnasium Certified Natural Training course will teach you how to properly align, stabilize, and then strengthen the entire body through the basic movements patterns and 4 levels of progressions.

All CNT courses are led by Jon Hinds - Owner/Founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, NBA Strength Coach, NFL & MLB Strength Training Advisor, Eischens Yoga Therapist, Senior Instructor for the NASM for 7 years, Inventor of over 40 functional training pieces of equipment for Lifeline USA and author of all the workout manuals for this equipment.

With techniques and equipment like The Power Wheel you have want it. Work like you were in College and use your body and the muscle for good not just show.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Real World Muscles - Natural Exercises

Remember being a kid, you played and played outside until your were called in for dinner. It was the best, your were building your core muscle group and you didn't even know it. You watch these reality shows and say to yourself I could do that. Well now is the time to put up or shut up. Get into shape the real way, use the muscle the way that you would in the real world. Climb ropes, pushups, monkey bars, rings, kettleBells, jump rope, Indo Boards (balance), no weight machines, no treadmills real world exercises with personal trainers that run you ragged.
Problem with machines and gyms as they are set up today is that you push and pull in a straight line. Well life does not come at you in a straight line. You want a body that can handle the abuse and when you need to cut it won't let you down.
Check out the wave that is coming on strong. Monkey Bar Gym, P.S. I am looking for investors so that I can open one up as well, please contact me email in the blog (spam).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whippet Self-Arrest Pole - Black Diamond

For those who like to ski off trail, Snow shoe, heli ski, or even the back country, this Self-Arrest pole will come in handy. The redesigned, sleeker Whippet now permanently integrates the pick right into the grip top and the upper shaft for increased comfort and greater collapsibility. Comes stock with our BD Pick Protector. The Price on the it is relative to most poles that won't help save your life. $99.95 USD, Mountain Gear has it for $89.95, so what are you waiting for go get one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

RFID, Bluetooth tags for Gyms

Let's start by saying that having a key fab or or swipe card to get into the gym is useless. Get real, trainers have limited resources at there finger tips when really tying to evaluate a client. If each machine was encrypted with a USB, smart card, login, then real information could be stored about each client and interpreted by a smart trainer, not one that just read a couple books, one that is really interested in changing a client and making things better. The idea of a skin patch one that you can apply before you work out and then trainer could keep track of you and what you have done even if you don't have and appointment. Recommendations then could be done off clients time and delivered to them via email or to a gym login on each member. The on going model of part of a membership or trainer could be reduced from sessions to a general improvement fee and consultant meeting once a month with weekly progress reports. So instead of having drop off because they would have value contiguously over a longer period of time. Gym's lets get this right before Obesity gets much worse.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Whitewater Research and Saftey Institute, Hail Mary

Things seem to change on a weekly basis for some things and others it takes years. Take the traditional rescue ropes, they have been the same for 40 years give or take. The WRSI, Hail Mary has taken the ole college try and applied a football shape to through the rescue buoy.
The Hail Mary can be thrown over hand like a football. The bag is complete with raised threads just like a real football. Many of us grew up throwing footballs and are much more accurate throwing overhand. Much too often people without practice, throw their rescue rope underhand and are wildly inaccurate. With the Hail Mary everyone can choose to throw the bag in the method they are most comfortable with and that best suits the rescue situation at hand.
Check it out, Available in January 2008! The Hail Mary