Monday, November 05, 2007

Whitewater Research and Saftey Institute, Hail Mary

Things seem to change on a weekly basis for some things and others it takes years. Take the traditional rescue ropes, they have been the same for 40 years give or take. The WRSI, Hail Mary has taken the ole college try and applied a football shape to through the rescue buoy.
The Hail Mary can be thrown over hand like a football. The bag is complete with raised threads just like a real football. Many of us grew up throwing footballs and are much more accurate throwing overhand. Much too often people without practice, throw their rescue rope underhand and are wildly inaccurate. With the Hail Mary everyone can choose to throw the bag in the method they are most comfortable with and that best suits the rescue situation at hand.
Check it out, Available in January 2008! The Hail Mary

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