Monday, November 12, 2007

RFID, Bluetooth tags for Gyms

Let's start by saying that having a key fab or or swipe card to get into the gym is useless. Get real, trainers have limited resources at there finger tips when really tying to evaluate a client. If each machine was encrypted with a USB, smart card, login, then real information could be stored about each client and interpreted by a smart trainer, not one that just read a couple books, one that is really interested in changing a client and making things better. The idea of a skin patch one that you can apply before you work out and then trainer could keep track of you and what you have done even if you don't have and appointment. Recommendations then could be done off clients time and delivered to them via email or to a gym login on each member. The on going model of part of a membership or trainer could be reduced from sessions to a general improvement fee and consultant meeting once a month with weekly progress reports. So instead of having drop off because they would have value contiguously over a longer period of time. Gym's lets get this right before Obesity gets much worse.

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