Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wheeled into Fitness, The Power Wheel!

Less Technology and more core fitness is next years fitness trends. This means using natural surroundings to accomplish your goals. Pus-ups, chin-ups, remember being a kid, gym class. This was used to build character and also core muscle strength.
You have people like Jon Hinds who is building workable bodies and has a certification (can't wait to get signed up), Certified Natural Training (CNT).
Course Description
The Monkey Bar Gymnasium Certified Natural Training course will teach you how to properly align, stabilize, and then strengthen the entire body through the basic movements patterns and 4 levels of progressions.

All CNT courses are led by Jon Hinds - Owner/Founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, NBA Strength Coach, NFL & MLB Strength Training Advisor, Eischens Yoga Therapist, Senior Instructor for the NASM for 7 years, Inventor of over 40 functional training pieces of equipment for Lifeline USA and author of all the workout manuals for this equipment.

With techniques and equipment like The Power Wheel you have want it. Work like you were in College and use your body and the muscle for good not just show.

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