Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time for Fun, shock-absorbs the bumps

Starting to get cold and in some parts snow is falling, so it is time to get ready to be a kid again.Get some friends find the smoothest, hardest packed, bump filled ice field and get crazy. If you are in Arosa, Switzerland, then you can go down the whole mountain and even at night on lighted slopes. Wow how nice would that be in the states. Well I guess you have the Poconos where they have a seperate slope for sleding, but not the same as using the whole mountain. Any way the Alu Sled, built from aluminum, the shock-absorbent silver slider has plastic runners, a handbrake, and packs up into a sexy little carry case. What more can you ask for, just get ready to pay a premium, but hey you could pass it on to your children, or not. Price $636
Have Fun!

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