Thursday, December 06, 2007

Triathlon Shopping, tiss the season!

What a great place to shop for some of the most updated gear, to bring out the best in you. has all the new 2XU Compression gear. What makes so great is that it can be found on searches with just putting in a product code (example for 2XU WA1122a). There are many sites that come up if you type in Triathlon gear, but to put in a product code and find the new gear that is impressive. Try it!
2XU Compression
"Utilizing our exclusive 50D/CK fabric we have combined a 50 denier Lycra together with a revolutionary circular knit high gauge construction, which provides the most compressive fabric on the market.

Whether this garment is used on the slopes, or participating in active sports, the graduated compression of the top is fundamental to remove all the waste by products the body produces during high active sport, which causes fatigue. The extra push of blood from the lower arms and back towards the heart allow this top to give you another level of performance and will allow you to perform longer with less fatigue.

It will support the muscles and graduates the compression from the lower back and at the lower arms loosening in fit as it approaches the heart." makes shopping and finding gear easy and fast. Check out was great and well done. and if you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 5% off your next 5 orders, it covers the shipping. If you spend over $150 you get a free One Tri Transition Mat. Cool!

Now go Shopping!

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